“Hey Alexa/Google, turn on the light”. Yes, it’s fairly easy to activate your light. Controlling a smart home is mainly focused on being capable of having it managed as simple and fast as possible, so the mobile app is admittedly used as the primary control way to help you control smart devices from the comfort of your smartphone. While voice control is an easier smart hands-free control entry point that allows you to directly speak to your connected home appliances to get them activated, from Wi-Fi smart devices to ZigBee smart devices.

So do you want to make your living-room lighted simply with your voice? Want to try to ask the smart voice assistant for the real-time temperature and the opening and closing status of door/window without reaching for a remote controller, even accessing the APP on your mobile phone?

Users who always give attention to SONOFF seems to notice that we have rolled out a bunch of different ZigBee smart devices a while back, and the ZigBee series provides a wonderful experience to them than other Wi-Fi smart devices in a smart home trip. Such as BASICZBR3, S31 Lite zb, ZBMINI, ZBBridge, SNZB-02, SNZB-03 and SNZB-04, S26R2ZB (coming soon). Before accessing voice control, the important thing is that you need a Alexa or Google Home which has a built-in hub that can directly connect ZigBee smart devices.

Here, there are some attention that you have to read for SONOFF ZigBee series.

  1. Only work with Amazon Alexa: SNZB-03 (Only check the status on Alexa app)
  2. Both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant: ZBMINIBASICZBR3S31 Lite zbSNZB-02SNZB-04ZBBridge.
  3. Neither work with Alexa nor Google Assistant: SNZB-01

BASICZBR3 DIY Smart Switch

This is the first SONOFF ZigBee smart switch that seamlessly works with Google Home and Amazon Alexa (including ZE39KL Echo Plus, Echo Studio, DW84JL 2nd Gen Echo Show & L9D29R 2nd Gen Echo Plus), directly pair with it via your voice, just say: “Alexa, find device” and it will connect with Alexa successfully.

Voice for Alexa: Hey Alexa, turn on/off the light.

Voice for Google Home: OK/Hey, Google, turn on/off the light.

S31 Lite zb Smart Plug:

After BASICZBR3 ZigBee DIY smart switch, a new US-type smart plug – SONOFF S31 Lite zb goes into ZigBee smart home system. This ZigBee smart plug is compatible with Alexa devices to achieve a voice-controlled home, like ZE39KL Echo Plus, Echo Studio, DW84JL 2nd Gen Echo Show & L9D29R 2nd Gen Echo Plus. Also works with Google home that when you say “Hey Google, turn on the light” and your light will respond to perform your voice command.

Voice for Alexa: Hey Alexa, turn on/off the light.

Voice for Google Home: OK/Hey, Google, turn on/off the light.

SNZB-02 Temperature and Humidity Sensor

SNZB-02 is a temperature and humidity sensor to measure and report the real-time temperature and humidity of your home. More importantly, you can set the temperature or humidity for your room, it will trigger your fan or humidity on or off once the preset value is reached, saving your time on manual control.

If you’ve invested in Alexa, you can install Alexa skills for the sensor to enable smart control using your voice. This means you can instantly know the temperature or humidity of your home through simple voice command -“Hi Alexa, what’s the temperature/humidity. Then Alexa will tell you about the current comfortable level of your living room, bedroom, etc. Plus, Google Home is also the best choice to start a voice-controlled home. Simply use the same voice command to ask for the temperature and humidity. (Humidity check is available for Google now and Alexa soon.)

Voice for Alexa: Hey Alexa, what’s the temperature of my sensor?

Voice for Google Home: OK/Hey, Google, what’s the temperature/humidity of my sensor?

Voice Control SONOFF SNZB-04:

SNZB-04 wireless door/window sensor is designed for users that want to increase home safety. The sensor specializes in creating a smart security system for doors, windows, drawers, and more. Whenever your door or window is opened and wherever you are, your mobile phone receives an alarm push notification. What’s more, you can check the opening and closing status of door/window on APP anytime, anywhere.
Another notable update in the sensor is voice control by working with Alexa and Google Home. These two smart speaker platforms answer your questions to control your smart-home devices and play your music on request. Integrating the sensor with Alexa or Google Home smart assistant, your door and window is always under smart control by your words. “Is my door open?”,“Is my door closed?”Just say simple voice commands to Alexa or Google Home which makes you know instantly the status of your door. With so handy and convenient smart way for your house, it seems that checking the opening and closing status of door/window on APP don’t matter quite as much.
Voice for Alexa: Hey Alexa, is my door open/closed?

Voice for Google Home: OK/Hey, is my door open/closed?


ZBMINI ZigBee Two-way Smart Switch

Besides supporting Amazon Alexa, ZBMINI is compatible with different hubs like SONOFF ZBBridge, Samsung SmartThings Hub and Philips Hue Hub. Voice control of your light is simple and fun for users, and this is one aspect of smart home that attracts homeowners to build their smart home. Integrate ZBMINI DIY smart switch with your home appliance that you will not have to find the button to tap on your mobile phone, and just with your tongue to control.

Voice for Alexa: Alexa, turn on/off the light.

Voice for Google Home: OK/Hey, Google, turn on/off the light.

As you see, with different types of ZigBee smart devices working with Alexa or Google Home, your smart home will no longer be limit to turn on and off lights, and you can also check the temperature, humidity and door/window status with a simple voice. And you will have the ultimate convenience in your smart home!

How to add SONOFF ZigBee devices into Google Home?

*SONOFF ZigBee devices that are compatible with Google Home: ZBMINI, BASICZBR3, S31 Lite zb, SNZB-02, SNZB-04

BASICZBR3 will be used as an example to add into Google Home. ZBMINI, S31 Lite zb, SNZB-02 and SNZB-04 can be also added according to the following instructions. (SONOFF ZBBride is required here.)

  1. Pair with SONOFF ZBBridge with eWeLink app. (You can refer to this article for ZBBridge pairing method)

  2. Access the ZBBridge page in the eWeLink app and tap “Add” to add BASICZBR3. Before accessing, be sure that BASICZBR3 is in the pairing mode.

  3. Wait until BASICZBR3 is found, go to next.

  4. Then you can rename it.

  1. Go back to the device page and you will see BASICZBR3 appears in the device list.

  2. Tap “+” and select “Link Account”, then tap “Link” on Google Home item.

  3. Go to “Link with Google”.

  1. Then you will be jumped to Google Home app and see a prompt “Account has already linked” at the bottom of the home page.

*All devices on your eWeLink account will be synced to Google Home after linking the accounts successfully.

  1. Refresh the device list and you will see BASICZBR3. Now you can control BASICZBR3 with your voice.

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