SONOFF ZBMINI Extreme Zigbee Smart Switch ZBMINIL2 (No Neutral Required)


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【Super Tiny Size】The tiniest Zigbee smart switch can be easily fit in the smallest EU-type/86 type/120 type mounting box.
【Support External Switch】 Work with different type of external switches to control your devices, like rocker light switch, push button wall switch.etc, no neutral wire required for easy installation & simple use.
【Simple and Reliable】As a Zigbee 3.0 switch, ZBMINI Extreme can combine with Zigbee hubs to form a home LAN,No longer worry about no internet, you are able to freely control the appliances normally even the light is as low as 3W, no anti-flicker module is required.
【Application Scenes】ZBMINI Extreme can achieve two-way control for your staircase light; set countdown/scheduled/loop timers to create your situational life; work well with Amazon Alexa and Google home to turn on/off your light by voice command; support setting the smart scene to trigger connected devices to make your life easier.

Note : ZBMINIL2 is a Zigbee End-Device.

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SONOFF ZBMINIL2 is 40% smaller than ZBMINIL, which will make it take up less space in the mounting box, suitable for most size boxes, and leave more space for DIY modification. Although ZBMINIL2 is smaller, it has many functions, no neutral wire required,  two-way control, smart timer/ scene, supports two types of wall switch,etc


Additional information

Weight 32 g
Dimensions 62 × 47 × 22 mm



Wireless Connections

Zigbee 3.0



Casing material



100-240V ~ 56/60Hz 6A Max


100-240V ~ 56/60Hz 6A Max

Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
Aleksandar Stojanovic
Just what I need

Finaly no neutrral wire, switch. Working fine, but sometimes is Offline until press switch manualy, after that it working again.

Very satisfied

It's working good.

Excelente produto zigbee

O SONOFF ZBMINI Extreme Zigbee Smart Switch ZBMINIL2 (sem neutro necessário) funcionou corretamente. Fácil instalação.

Bastian Schattling
Works as expected

Fits in all my wallboxes. Even if they are powered, they are no zigbee routers.

Servaas te Brake
Won't buy again

Looks promising and does fit in a EU wall box
But and that's a large but: there is a huge quality problem.
I ordered 5 and only 1 functions correctly, the rest constantly leave the network and/or reset themselves. The switch gets discovered, functions for a bout half a minute and leaves the network and this sometimes repeats itself, but most times it no longer joins the network without pushing the button
I made a small testenvironment containing a simpel wall switch and a bulb with the Zbmini-L2 inbetween.
This is about 3 meters away from my Zigbee coordinator (Sonof) and this behaviour still happens, so it has nothing to do with distance.

Gerardo Memije
Understanding house automation

I’m starting with this smart thing, the zminiL and L2 I got work well, want to check if working from ewelink app is Enough/ Alexa, which will keep away from HA, MQTT ETC.. on the other hand I still think that a esp32 board with some relays on it will be better but it mean to dive in that HA software, the maintenance is the problem, so the zbmini zigbee 10amp atre okay, got few z40tbp wifi by mistake and notice that those are faster than zigbee, want to get other s40 zigbee and do more testing, with the 10% discount offered few days ago I’m thinking in get a ns panel and ns panel pro to compare, and few accesories more thanks

Erik Martenson

Small enough to fit into EU switch wall box.

Kornél Takács
very good and small

Easy to install, does its job well, very small. It can be easily installed under HA.

Filip Vukotic

The thing is overall awesome. Wiring is very simple, and it’s really hassle free product providing it doesn’t require neutral wire.
The only thing which can be annoying to someone is when you turn it on/off, you hear loud relay click inside.
And also, second day after I installed it, it somehow unpaired from the bridge, so I had to re-pair it. It maybe happened because physical switch pushed button on zigbee or something, but didn’t happen after that.
Overall thing is really great for money that you pay and I would recommend it 🙂

László Bőszén
Great product

Small enough to fit into EU switch wall box.

SONOFF ZBMINI Extreme Zigbee Smart Switch ZBMINIL2 (No Neutral Required)