SONOFF DUALR3/DUALR3 Lite Dual Relay Two Way Power Metering Smart Switch


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【Roller Shades Motor Control】Let your electric curtains, roller blinds, etc become smart immediately.
【External Switch Two-Way Control】DUALR3 has 6 types of external switch detection mechanisms, making it suitable for most physical switch control.
【Power Metering】The 2-Gang detects voltage, current, and power values and counts the power consumption for you independently to allow for reasonable energy consumption control.Not available for DUALR3 Lite.
【With The Most Features】DUALR3 has three working modes that meet the needs of different application scenarios. Remote, timing, voice control, smart scenes, and other functions are all available.
【Safe And Reliable】TUV, CE, FCC, and RoHS certifications ensure a safer and more reliable product.

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DIY Your Automated Motorized Facilities

DUALR3/DUALR3 Lite can operate as a smart control module for a 100-240V AC motor, like the tubular motor for bi-directional motorized curtains, blinds, roller shutters, awnings, etc.
Note: 1. DUALR3/DUALR3 Lite is applicable to four wires(GND, neutral, Forward, and Reverse) AC motors, like tubular motors.
2. The motor connected to DUALR3 needs a travel limited function, otherwise, it cannot be calibrated. Click this link to learn more.

Schedule to Open and Close for Comfortable Life

Want to be awakened with the first ray of sunlight in the morining or adjust the percentage of curtain opening to avoid the light ruins you furniture? DUALR3/DUALR3 Lite can help you easily realize, just connect it with your motorized curtain to enjoy your smart life. Creating an Astomsphere, Actually Simple

DUALR3/DUALR3 Lite works with other SONOFF products like L2. Just tell Siri and it wil automatically close the curtain for you to create a romantic atomosphere.
Note: Siri voice control is a shortcut of Siri in eWelink, DUALR3/DUALR3 Lite does not support Homekit temporarily.

Multiple Control Methods
DUALR3 and DUALR3 Lite can be used as eWeLink-Remote gateways,both R5 and S-MATE can act as remote controllers, and they can be controlled locally through eWeLink-Remote signals by creating smart scenes.

Power Metering Helps You to Save on Electricity Bills

Want to turn off in schedule to save electricity bills?Want to check the real-time power of the appliances?
Want to view historical consumption?
Now you can enjoy two independent channels with power metering in all of three working modes!
Double Two-Way Control of Lights

To control the lights via downstair or upstairs switch? DUALR3/DUALR3 Lite helps you! The working mechanism of DUALR3 allows you to achieve two-way control for two appliances respectively.Keep Your Appliances always Be On-Meter Mode

DUALR3 has a special working mode called meter mode. In this mode, the electrical appliance loads of DUALR3 will always remain on, the relay state will not be changed by APP or external switches, Only focusing on power monitoring and metering!

Overload Protection

Set the maximum and minimum values of voltage, current and power. Once the appliance is in abnor-mal working state, it will automatically cut off power for safety.Compatible with Your Existing Various Switch Types
Check out the differences between DUALR3 and DUALR3 Lite:

SONOFF DUALR3/DUALR3 Lite Dual Relay Module Wifi DIY MINI Switch Two Way Power Metering Smart Home 2 Gang/ Way Switch

SONOFF DUALR3/DUALR3 Lite takes your home to the next level. DUALR3/DUALR3 Lite is a flush-mounted Wi-Fi smart dual relay switch module that is installed behind any standard switch to transfer it into a smart switch for wireless remote control with mobile devices or voice command. Unifying your home appliances into an integrated wireless network to make them communicate with one another which is convenient for you to manage and control, including lights, home appliances and motorized facilities like roller shutters, window shades, blinds, awning, etc.
Three working modes available. DUALR3 comes with switch mode, motor mode and meter mode.One of the typical features is roller shutter and window shades smart control in the motor mode. The switch module offers the ultimate flexibility for your roller shutter and window shades by app remote control and scheduling timed events no matter whether you are home or away.

Double two-way control. The double relay switch module distributes the load to two inputs compared to the simple relay, which this working mechanism lets you have two-way control for two devices independently.



Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Product Type

Dual Relay Two Way Power Metering Smart Switch

Power Supply

Power Supply

Resistive Load

3300W/15A/Total, 2200W/10A/Gang

Motor Load


Max Power

3300W(total) / 2200W(1 gang)

Product Dimensions





802.11 b/g/n

Security Mechanism



5%-95%RH, Non-condensing

Enclosure Material

Fire-retardant PC V0

Operating Temperature


Switch Channel


Certified Compliance


Works With




Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Giuseppe Giannelli

Lo uso da tempo per le mie tapparelle elettriche è sono molto soddisfatto

I can't recommend it for the system

The plan was to:
R3 dual all shutters.
Nsp panel displays the outside temperature via internet.
If the outside temperature reaches summer heat, then the shutters go down.
But unfortunately it does not work into the system!
Such a serious mistake that Sonoff does not notice when 5 years ago the cheap Blitzwolf bw-ss6 knows it.
Unfortunately, the outside temperature of the Nsp panel cannot be used.
An update is required.

I'll be honest. Until then, I use the Blitzwolf bw-ss6 shutter to move

I expected more from Sonoff's products.

For what you required, we replied you via the email , please kindly check.

Fedele Casini
Great products

Arrivati nei tempi previsti, installati e funzionanti

Filippo Figara
Good but to improve the form factor.

I recently switched from MOES brand smart devices to SONOFF ones.
SONOFFs have better software and this device in particular has a huge versatility that other devices from the other manufacturer DON't have.
- The software is great, much better than MOES's. There are some translation errors but not too relevant.
But there are two things at which it is worse:
- Connection terminal block. Please designed the device with all connections on the same side, inserting them into the electrical connection boxes is damn difficult with the connections on both sides. In addition, the terminal block must have fixed screws that cannot be lost. One of my devices arrived with a damaged terminal block, I will have to return it! To improve.
- It is too large, the size of the device must be contained as much as possible.


The best option to enable iot without changing the keys at home, and also has a power consumption log.
Either if you add it "as is" or using tasmota, it's a great option. Works in any country

Mirsad Sivro

Very good

Aleksey Stepanov
Very good, but didn't have Alice support

I was delighted to receive and unbox the device.The wall mount is very functional.
I decided to replace the miniR2 with a dualR3 lite and put two lighting points.

Differences with mini r2:
Slightly larger size
No delay (albeit not a large p2 had a delay)
S1|S2 work with Load(phase)
The most important thing is the lack of support for Alice

Mohamad Ali Baydoun
DUALR3 Lite Dual Relay Two Way

Worked fine at the beginning, then started giving me connection problems. Device is always showing offline on the application while in reality the part is online. Can't control it when outside the house. The MiniR2 is more reliable and functions very well.

We already contacted you via email, but there is no response. If you still have problems with the device, you can contact us via email:, we would be glad to help you.

Will C
Excellent Excellent Excellent

They just work and they are rock solid.

If I could give half star ratings I would give this 4.5 stars. I knocked half a star off because in the app, LAN control doesn't seem possible yet. As you know with all smart home devices, there is a concern that the manufacturer might go bankrupt or the device might no longer be supported in the app. Having LAN control means that you can at least continue to use the device (and with much lower latency).

For the money though, you really cannot do any better.

Fuad Valiyev
Very cool equipment

I really liked this switch. Connected easily and no problems. Thanks to the manufacturer. Delivery was very fast.

SONOFF DUALR3/DUALR3 Lite Dual Relay Two Way Power Metering Smart Switch