SONOFF B02-F Smart Wi-Fi LED Filament Bulb


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【Remote Control】Remotely turn on/off the bulb on App, bring the vintage and modern feeling to your home.
【Free To Dim & Tune】Adjust the color temperature for warm or cold, and can change the brightness for different occasions.
【Power Saving】Help save your electric bill with the smart LED technology.
【Voice Control】Works with Alexa and Google Assistant, SmartThings, speak out what you want.
  * Note: The input voltage of Sonoff B02-F-A60/B02-F-ST64 Smart Wi-Fi LED Filament Bulb is 220-240V, it’s not available in US regions. And B02-F-A19 input voltage is 120V, it’s only available in US regions.

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Want a quick and easy way to access a smart home and seek less energy consumption on your smart home system? SONOFF B02-F series smart LED filament bulb exactly pairs both modern intelligence and LED efficiency, as well as vintage appearance. They’re trustworthy enough to turn all of your ideas into reality.

What’s the difference among these three models? From the appearance, B02-F-ST64 is amber, B02-F-A60 is cyan , B02-F-A19 is creamy-white. The amber offers 700 lm with a color temperature from 1800K to 5000K, the cyan emits a brightness of 806lm and a color temperature of 2200K-6500K, and the creamy-white emits a brightness of 720lm and a color temperature of 2700K-5000K.

With B02-F smart bulbs, you can do more than remotely turn on and off using your smartphone and via your voice (connect with Alexa or Google Home, SmartThings ), a typical feature that is automated schedule can make the bulb automatically turn on and off which helps save energy and reduce your monthly electricity bill. The bulb is dimmable that you can cool down or warm up it to set the mood you want in a room. Just by its design with 4 preset mode which simply selects the corresponding modes and you can get your desired atmosphere for your space. Group control is designed to help control the specific lighting of an or more areas, saving much time on running them respectively.



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Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A



B02-F-A60, B02-F-ST64, B02-F-A19


IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz

Base Type

B02-F-A60/B02-F-ST64:E27, B02-F-A19 :E26


About 15000h


≥ Ra80


B02-F-A60/B02-F-ST64:220-240V AC 50Hz, B02-F-A19 :120V AC 60Hz

Luminous Flux

B02-F-A60:806Lm, B02-F-ST64:700Lm, B02-F-A19:720Lm


B02-F-A60:2200K-6500K, B02-F-ST64:1800K-5000K

Power Rating

B02-F-A60/B02-F-ST64:7W, B02-F-A19: 7.5W

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Jose Rodrigues
B02-F Most of time offline from cloud

Too bad it doesn't have LAN control.
Lan control should be a must!

B02-F Constantly loses contact with the cloud, Update

Unfortunately I could not find any documentation on cloud connectivity. Maybe there is somewhere, but I couldn't find it.
A possible cause of the problem could be HTTPS-SSL connection. Probably, when it comes to keeping in a connection, it works in a different way. Once the connection is established, it does not keep alive. No package dropping was visible.
I haven't had time to see exactly why it works differently from other smart devices.
Those with an advanced firewall should be prepared for this smart device to be a little different from the usual connectivity. The problem is certainly not the DNS connection. I already checked the DNS part at the beginning.
Now you can use the smart function at last. It took a bit of time to debug, which is a problem.
More and more homes have advanced firewalls integrated with AV,SSL,APP checking, this can be a problem.


Karoly Kovacs
B02-F Constantly loses contact with the cloud...

The light bulb has a nice brightness.
But the smart feature is a horrible thing.
Constantly losing contact with the AWS cloud. Actually the smart feature is so zero level I can use.
There is nothing wrong with your local connection that is on the wifi network.
Other sonoff products never lose connection with the cloud. I also have many Yeelight smart bulbs, never had a connection problem.

Two features would be good.
Recover the light status before power supply.
Turn on the light by default when power is supplied.


Aurelian Manasoi
Works as described

I am verry satisfy with The purchese. Works great, fast response. Overall I Think it s has a great report price/ quality

Works perfectly with Alexa

Works perfectly with Alexa,

I really liked this LED bulbs!

Great LED bulbs that work fine and energy-saving. Voice control with Google Home is very good. Very user-friendly installation and easy to use. Hear around me only positive messages.

SONOFF B02-F Smart Wi-Fi LED Filament Bulb