SONOFF NSPanel Smart Scene Wall Switch(86/EU Type/120 Type)


【All in One Control Center】 NSPanel can help you achieve the use of specific scene modes in different scenes with one tap. In addition to the scenario-based control, it is compatible with almost all sonoff devices and the central control function of the control group.
【Integrated HMI Panel 】SONOFF NSPanel centrally integrates HMI control, smart temperature control, and smart wall switch, turning your home into a convenient and smart place.
【Home Automation Thermostat】With a built-in powerful thermostat, you can set different indoor temperatures for different periods of time, and NSPanel will automatically trigger the heating or cooling equipment according to your setting conditions to keep the room at a comfortable temperature.
【Multiple Ways to Control】You can use the dual-channel switches, touchscreen, and eWeLink App to control SONOFF NSPanel; Besides, SONOFF NSPanel supports Alexa, Alice, Google Assistant, and even Siri Shortcuts, you can control your home appliances with simple voice control.
【Know the Time & Weather】 With built-in sensors and WiFi connection, NSPanel smart scene wall switch can real-time updates weather, indoor temperature, outdoor temperature, time, and date.


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Do you need one device to centrally control multiple electrical appliances in your home, from lights, heaters, coolers, curtains, doors, and windows? Inconceivable!! NSPanel can control all of these devices, offering an integrated HMI panel for home automation that is super convenient, all you need to do is -- one tap.

NSPanel Smart Scene Wall Switch is equipped with a built-in powerful thermostat and environmental sensors. You can set different indoor temperatures for different periods of time, and NSPanel will automatically trigger the heating or cooling equipment according to your setting conditions to keep the room at a comfortable temperature. What's more, NSPanel has a Scenario-based control function, you can set different modes for wake up, work, entertainment, and sleep, and can switch modes at any time.

Such a powerful panel, how to control it? There are three ways can control SONOFF NSPanel Smart Scene Wall Switch: use the dual-channel switches or touchscreen at a close distance, use the APP to control when you are at a long distance, voice control make your hand free.

SONOFF NSPanel is compatible with various devices of SONOFF, such as smart led bulbs, LED Filament Bulb, LED light strips, S26/S31 plugs, TX, MINIR2, POWR3!

Package includes :
1 * NSPanel-EU/NSPanel-US
2 * Screw
1 * User Manual


User Manual


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

100-240V~ 50/60Hz 4A Max


100-240V~ 50/60Hz 2A/Gang 4A/Total

LED Load

150W/110V/Gang, 300W/110V/Total, 300W/220V/Gang, 600W/220V/Total


IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz

Bluetooth Standard

4.2 BLE

TFT Screen Size

3.5" (Capacitive Touch Panel)

Screen Resolution


APP Operating Systems

Android & iOS

Shell Materials

PC V0+CRS+Toughened Glass


NSPanel-EU: 86x86x41.7mm, NSPanel-US: 120x74x41.7mm



Customer Reviews

Based on 79 reviews
Good for its purpose, but some should be improved.

I was prepared for it, read a lot of documents. Updated as soon as it arrived recently. Got US in EU region because of bigger screen.
One major issue to me - is temperature readings: its higher that ambient temperature. May be because of temperature sensor location (almost inside screen body), or lack of calibrations capabilities - it show temperature higher about 1.5..2 degrees Celsius. That makes thermostat function to work incorrectly.
Just as an example at the photos - NSPanel vs MIJia vs Oregon Meteo vs Saswell (current thermostat).

Rajesh Deogiri
Time Zone Sync Problem with NSPanel

: A Fantastic product and been lucky to receive it after a long wait. However, there seems to be an issue with the Time zone as its not showing the correct Time, though its logged on to the local Router with correct Time Zone. Any tips/fix from the Technical team at iTead/Sonoff is welcome.

Taysse Fabien

Deceiving product from sonoff...
Won't fit 60mm boxes for EU version, and the neutral requirement makes it unusable in most homes here in France
Even if you can install it, the rating of relays (2A) won't allow you to do much out of this product
Then, there's the screen and it's software... customization options are very limited, you can't hide the thermostat page even if you don't need it, widgets are quite poor with very little options, not even the label displayed on a 4 gang widget...
Even in DIY mode, the screen seems quite hard to customize, Nexion software requires a lot of work to get a custom dashboard working
Not impressed at all by this product at this point.

Good product

Great product needs some update, I'm confident for the future

Bello si!! ma con tanti difetti

Appena arrivato provato e messo nel cassetto. L'ho comprato per sostituire il mio termostato digitale, purtroppo mi sono reso conto che per
questa funzione è inservibile sono troppi i difetti, vedi l'elenco sotto (spero risolvibili con i futuri aggiornamenti di firmwar).
1. Misurazione temperatura errata + 4 gradi circa, manca la possibilità di correggere l'errore.
2. Non è possibile inserire il valore di temperatura desiderato con i decimali ES: invece di 12°C 11.4°C.
3. La possibilità di inserire la differenza di temperatura in accensione ES: spegne a 20°C voglio che si riaccenda ad un valore da me impostato
4. Le scritte dei Widgets non si leggono, i pulsanti devono avere l'etichetta sotto leggibile (stringa più lunga oppure personalizzabile)

zoran simoski

I relly love this item,design,functions,but I have bad luck.
So after succesfull pairing ,when I attempt to try in Ewelink app,and update,he stuck and dont work.Try to solve problem with support team ,but for now nothing. Must waithing China hollyday for new firmware.

We have submitted your feedback to the relevant departments, they will fix this issue in next version.

Brad Surette
Doesn't fit standard North American 1 Gang box / Currently only a glorified weather station

I was so excited for this product to arrive. So far my experience has been disappointing. Some core things should have been addressed before releasing this to the public:

1. It just doesn't fit a standard North American 1 Gang electrical box ... I tried it in multiple boxes and a newly purchased box from a hardware store. The back end is too large to fit without bending the metal in the box.
2. So far, I can only use 4 of my 20 hue lights, and the integration into Google Home and SmartThings is almost pointless as it just makes it another "smart switch". You don't pay extra money for a light switch with a screen to only control the physical devices attached / wired.
3. Outside of the Sonoff ecosystem of devices, its integration is still pretty weak

I had purchased a 2nd switch that I'm not sure what to do with now, as I damaged my wall trying to almost force the switch into the standard 1 gang electrical box. Some fixes could include:
1. Updated firmware of course - to actually support all hue devices at a minimum ... and eventually being able to control devices either integrated through Google Home or SmartThings.
2. For future models, make the back portion that goes in the wall a bit more narrow - to fit a standard box.
3. For those of us stuck with this oversized model, possibly creating a wall plate that would let us cleanly install this into a 2 gang box could be a decent solution.

Sorry for the inconvenience, our customer service team will contact you to help you solve this issue.

Happy and Looking Forward for the next updates

I really happy with this device and I must say that is a nice purchase.
I am not worried about what is not perfect, as the problems/suggestions that I see can be easily implemented with some firmware changes.
1- above the bar of the switch (grey/blue) we should have the name of what we are operating (eg. Light Room, Light Outside... etc.).
2- as mentioned by other users, the inside temperature has some offset... it would be nice to have this fixed.
3- really would like to have the full dark screen mode (possibly during some time window). I would like one of these in my room, but don't like the light that the display is sending. So by having a full dim on the display it would be great.

George MacLean
North American incorrect gang size

This unit does not fit my standard wall gang in North America. The device is approximately 2mm too wide. Not sure why they would make the unit quite so wide but as is, it is useless.

Sorry for the inconvenience, our customer service team will contact you to help you solve this issue.

José Luis Alonso Garcia
Buen producto

Como ya dicen algunos, no cabe bien en las cajas europeas, el termostato mide 2 grados más, espero un firmware que pueda controlarlos, y para mi gusto los iconos de los Widgets apenas cambian cuando están activados, deberían poderse cambiar. Por todo lo demás me gusta y es fácil de configurar.

SONOFF NSPanel Smart Scene Wall Switch(86/EU Type/120 Type)
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