SONOFF NSPanel Smart Scene Wall Switch(86/EU Type/120 Type)


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【All in One Control Center】 NSPanel can help you achieve the use of specific scene modes in different scenes with one tap. In addition to the scenario-based control, it is compatible with almost all sonoff devices and the central control function of the control group.
【Integrated HMI Panel 】SONOFF NSPanel centrally integrates HMI control, smart temperature control, and smart wall switch, turning your home into a convenient and smart place.
【Home Automation Thermostat】With a built-in powerful thermostat, you can set different indoor temperatures for different periods of time, and NSPanel will automatically trigger the heating or cooling equipment according to your setting conditions to keep the room at a comfortable temperature.
【Multiple Ways to Control】You can use the dual-channel switches, touchscreen, and eWeLink App to control SONOFF NSPanel; Besides, SONOFF NSPanel supports Alexa, Alice, Google Assistant, and even Siri Shortcuts, you can control your home appliances with simple voice control.
【Know the Time & Weather】 With built-in sensors and WiFi connection, NSPanel smart scene wall switch can real-time updates weather, indoor temperature, outdoor temperature, time, and date.

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Do you need one device to centrally control multiple electrical appliances in your home, from lights, heaters, coolers, curtains, doors, and windows? Inconceivable!! NSPanel can control all of these devices, offering an integrated HMI panel for home automation that is super convenient, all you need to do is -- one tap.

NSPanel Smart Scene Wall Switch is equipped with a built-in powerful thermostat and environmental sensors. You can set different indoor temperatures for different periods of time, and NSPanel will automatically trigger the heating or cooling equipment according to your setting conditions to keep the room at a comfortable temperature. What's more, NSPanel has a Scenario-based control function, you can set different modes for wake up, work, entertainment, and sleep, and can switch modes at any time.

Such a powerful panel, how to control it? There are three ways can control SONOFF NSPanel Smart Scene Wall Switch: use the dual-channel switches or touchscreen at a close distance, use the APP to control when you are at a long distance, voice control make your hand free.

SONOFF NSPanel is compatible with various devices of SONOFF, such as smart led bulbs, LED Filament Bulb, LED light strips, S26/S31 plugs, TX, MINIR2, POWR3!

Package includes :
1 * NSPanel-EU/NSPanel-US
2 * Screw
1 * User Manual


User Manual Certification


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

100-240V~ 50/60Hz 4A Max


100-240V~ 50/60Hz 2A/Gang 4A/Total

LED Load

150W/110V/Gang, 300W/110V/Total, 300W/220V/Gang, 600W/220V/Total


IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz

Bluetooth Standard

4.2 BLE

TFT Screen Size

3.5" (Capacitive Touch Panel)

Screen Resolution


APP Operating Systems

Android & iOS

Shell Materials

PC V0+CRS+Toughened Glass


NSPanel-EU: 86x86x41.7mm, NSPanel-US: 120x74x41.7mm



Customer Reviews

Based on 125 reviews
Aurelian Manasoi
Good item

The touch has a little delay but overall the panel does exactly what it suposed to do. I m verry happy with my purchese

Paco Hope
Super cool, a little odd sized

I love the functionality and the performance. I have had this in my bedroom for about a month and already I’m depending on it. I have the US one set up in portrait mode. Where it could be improved is based on its form factor/physical size.

If you mount it in place of a single light switch, it’s a little bigger but that doesn’t matter. Now, it has TWO electric relays so it can control 2 switches. None of the single-sized light switches in my house have 2 things wired to them. So in one room it took the place of a single switch, and one electrical relay is unused.

In my other room I replaced 2 light switches. I love it. But it doesn’t fill the hole in the wall where 2 light switches used to be. So that leaves me with a bit of a cosmetic problem. I want it to look neat and I haven’t figured out how yet.

But functionality-wise, it’s great! I might buy more.

Nice product

I use with Home Assistant with a custom firmware for MQTT. Works great and easy to flash.


A beautiful product, but I didn't find it very useful. It's not cheap either.

Paul Quin
Great product

Great product, love the look and feel.
Would be better if you could change the background.
I'm happy with my purchase and will definitely buy more.

Greg Smith
Temperature Accuracy is too high.

Temperature Accuracy
at +/- 1 is too high it needs to be a setting in the 0.1 range
i run the heater at 21deg so the heater won’t come on untill its 19deg
and won’t cut off untill it’s 23deg this 5 degrees is too big difference.
you end up turning it to manual cos it’s to cold and then
it getting to hot you end up off the variance is too high.

Thorsten Fröhlich
Amazing Gadget

As usual I use sonoff for my home automation system and flash it with a custom firmware to get mqtt and individual screen to control my entities in my house via Touchscreen and physical buttons. Work great and it's a real game changer in home automation.keep going !

Lila Isela Villanueva Canul
Calidad y aspecto fisico muy bueno

Aún no termino de instalar, pero de inicio no entran los interruptores en el frame, compré 2 frame 2 gangs y no entran los dos pero no estoy insatisfecha, acá en mi país lo solucionamos, mandé a fabricar otros frame de madera y quedó muy bien.
Los interruptores trabajan normal, así como el zeegbe
El NS Panel aún no lo sé
En general me gusta el estilo, color y calidad de los productos

David Calvo
Great Product but the software needs an upgrade

I've been using the NS panel for about a month now. Very easy to install, and configure. The only thing I would suggest it to have more options around what it's shown on the screen ie: changing wallpaper, adding/removing icons from the main screen, add the option to have more than just 3 screens to circulate trough, etc...

Will C
Great Product, Poor Software

This is quite frankly an excellent product and great value for money for what you are getting.

Unfortunately, the letdown of this device is the software. I understand that Sonoff want to build a walled garden and encourage people to use their own devices but even then the software isn't well thought out. LAN control for the moment doesn't seem to exist so the device relies upon being connected to the cloud and the potential ping issues that entails. A 1 second delay to control devices just shouldn't be, and isn't, necessary. Also, I purchased this device thinking that if I didn't connect both relays, I could use the second button as a soft button to control another device - this should be trivial but isn't possible using the stock firmware.

Also, don't expect the Home Assistant integration that is advertised through eWeLink to work. It just doesn't and there is no documentation to explain what is wrong and how to resolve any errors. Follow up customer support is also non-existent and the same issue raised by similar customers to me has been left unanswered for weeks.

The saving grace is that there is a flourishing third party firmware environment for this device and the software available is fantastic. If you are a tinkerer the hardware itself is an excellent base and it is amazing the leaps and strides that third party firmware can do.

SONOFF NSPanel Smart Scene Wall Switch(86/EU Type/120 Type)
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