【Chip Feature】215 chip has 540 bytes larger capacity, and can be read and written more than 10,000 times.
【Wide Compatible】Compatible with NFC-enabled phones (iOS 13 and above, Android with NFC technology)
【Metal Resistant Capacity】Built-in anti-metal layer for use on metal surfaces. laminated white PVC cards with glossy finish and waterproof PVC material, effectively protecting the NFC chip inside.
【Easy to Use】Tap the NFC Tag with your phone to turn on the smart devices with ease.
【Convenient】You can carry it with ease and use it wherever, or stick it on the wall or desk.
Note: We will have the NFC tag in stock in Aug 10th, you can pre-order now but it may be delayed to ship until then.

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Do you want to have a quicker way to control your SONOFF devices? For example, raise your smartphone. Now, we get you covered! You can use the NFC Tag to control SONOFF devices in scene. Each NFC Tag can be set to one smart scene. Tear off the NFC Tag and stick it on the wall. Tap the NFC Tag with your phone to turn on the lights with ease.
And you can carry it with ease and use it wherever you want, or stick it on the wall then you can see it at a glance.

Whatever demands you want, SONOFF NFC Tag will help to achieve it~


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Weight 5 g
Dimensions 85.5 × 54 mm
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