SONOFF MS01- Smart Soil Moisture Sensor with RJ9 Adapter


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Monitor Soil Moisture】Works with TH Elite/TH Origin to monitor your plants’ soil moisture.
DIY A Smart Watering Device】DIY your sprinkler to water automatically according to the setting moisture value.
【IP55 Waterproof 】IP55 waterproof assure you water flowers freely without taking the sensor out.
【Voice Control 】Ask your Google Assistant for humidity conveniently.
【Easy To Use】The package comes with an RJ9 adapter, plug RJ9 adapter to sensor, and then plug into TH Elite/TH Origin.

Note: RL560 is the new sensor extension cable with RJ9, can extend sensor distance. THS01, WTS01 can be extended to 60M, and MS01 Soil Moisture Sensor can be extended to 10M.

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MS01 is a accessory of TH Elite/TH Origin,work with SONOFF TH Elite/TH Origin to accurately measure soil moisture and send data to your mobile phone.MS01 can watering regularly, and check the soil moisture anytime and anywhere to grow your flowers healthier.
*TH Elite/TH Origin is a smart Wi-Fi switch with temperature and humidity monitoring.
Using MS01 and TH Elite/TH Origin DIY a smart watering device,When the moisture level of soil reaches to the setting value, the watering system connected to TH Elite/TH Origin will automatically turn on/off.
MS01 Compatible with Google Assistant, you can ask your Google Assistant for humidity conveniently.
MS01 has IP55 waterproof rating allows you to water your flowers without the need of taking the sensor out, even leaving it in the rain.
MS01 makes your garden more convenient and smarter.

Package includes :

1 * MS01
1 * User Manual


Additional information

Weight 28 g
Dimensions 145 × 32 × 16 mm




Humidity Measuring

0 ~ 100%RH

Operating Temp. Range


Waterproof Level


Maximum Extended Length




Cable Legth


Humidity Sensor Type


Power Supply


Flame Retardant Rating


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

El dispositivo funciona correctamente con buenos parámetros de medición, al principio tenía algunas fallas de lecturas del sensor de humedad de suelo, me contacte con soporte técnico y me enviaron un nuevo sensor que luego de instalarlo resolvió las fallas y ahora funciona correctamente, felicito al soporte técnico por su buena gestión y atención con el cliente.


Quality is good, checked in work. It's fine. Delivery month.

Benoit Lechasseur
Consistent with the description. Recommend.

Works perfectly and reports the moisture level via eWeLink to my Smartthings

Gilbert Chadefaux

Ma première sonde avait un problème de connexion au niveau de la prise jack , la seconde se comporte avec satisfaction .la réactivité de la mesure est compensée par une indication légèrement inférieure de la consigne ; en attendant une mise à jour logiciel et une bonne étanchéité de la connexion avec le prolongateur de 5 mètres.
Les indications sont fidèles et bonne finition du produit


Continuing on my previous review I did some trials with water/salt/mud mixture and eventually the sensor indicated 74%. I expected a full 100% but it improved. I use the reading in Home Assistant and I can calibrated it there (range 0-74% will become 0-100%). Now in the soil next to the plant it read 27% which is a fair value for moist soil as far as I know.

Stelios Mortopoulos
Measurement accuracy

Inside a damped cloth it only shows 44% humidity. Outside it shows 0%. It should have a way to calibrate it.

Sorry for the inconvenience, our customer service team will contact you to help you solve this issue.

Ed van Willegen
Doubtful performance

Just bought a number of ms01 soil moisture sensors.

Some remarks.
First it comes with a rather short cable. For in house that could be ok. Outdoors it will not work because it’s not likely to have your TH10/16 installed on 30 cm from your measuring point. You can extend the cable up to 10m with extension cables but I am worried about the waterproof connections of those using them outdoors.
Secondly the 0-100% scale doesn’t work. I don’t think they have calibrated it very well. Full dry is 0%. That’s at least something. Fully wet should be 100% but in a glass of water it only gives 46% in my case or at best in fully soaked soil 25%. So to use it as a irrigation switch you need to find the switch point between 0-25%. I am curious what bias it will have otherwise it will just not function properly.

Sorry for the inconvenience, our customer service team will contact you to help you solve this issue.

Konstantinos Akritanakis

After seeing the videos i was sure that i can control the pump only by the reading of soil moisture. In reality it is just an indication which most of the times is not accurate. Sometimes even on already irrigated soil the reading is stuck at 39%. I've cleaned it, reinstalled it in multiple points but always this inaccurate reading.

Juan Espinoza
Recommend it!

Would definitely recommend. Use it to track when to water plants. Definitely makes plants grow healthier.

SONOFF MS01- Smart Soil Moisture Sensor with RJ9 Adapter