Nextion Foca Max 5V2A Output USB To TTL Serial Converter Board


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Foca Max is a USB to TTL serial converter board. With a 8-26V DC external power input, Foca Max brings a stable power source and convenience of USB to TTL communication for all series and sizes of Nextion HMI display

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Foca Max is a USB to TTL serial converter board with maximum 5.5V2A output. For USB to TTL conversion, the Foca Max can be power supplied by USB only or USB together with external DC 8-26V, The USB and external DC power supplies are isolated by using a diode (SS34) to avoid the current backflowed between them.

Note: as for the Nextion HMI display size less than 4.3'', you can only use the USB for power supply, size large than 4.3'', a external DC 8-26V for power supply is recommended.


  • SILABS CP2102 chip, maximum baud rate of 2Mbps

  • High-power and energy-efficient DC-DC converter chip TPS54331 with 8-26V wide voltage input and 5V2A output

  • Solid capacitors, high Q inductors components

  • LED indicators for input/output power and TX/RX communication

  • Small voltage ripple within 100mA

  • Plug and Use, no firmware programming required


Model name: Foca Max

USB Voltage input: 5-5.5V

USB type: USB 2.0

DC Input: DC 8-26V

DC Power Socket: DC-005 (5.5*2.1mm)

Voltage output: 5-5.5V

Current output: 2A(maximum)

Voltage ripple: <100mV

Working temperature: -20°C ~ 70°C

PCB size: 50mm*50mm*1.6mm

Max baud rate: 2Mbps

TTL level: 3.3V


Additional information

Weight 100.7 g
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 12 mm

Model name

Foca Max

USB Voltage input


USB type

USB 2.0

DC Input

DC 8-26V

DC Power Socket

DC-005 (5.5*2.1mm)

Voltage output


Current output


Voltage ripple


Working temperature

-20°C ~ 70°C

PCB size


Max baud rate


TTL level


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Bernie Harrison
Easy peasy

The product provides a simple solution to provide power to the main card as well as to other relays and contacts. The USB input is especially important if the display is mounted to a control panel using the back cover. When mounted to a panel the input access to the micro SD card reader is virtually impossible to reach and thus a different access point has to be found. While there is an extender for the micro SD card, this also is useless when the display is mounted using the back cover.

Joe Gregory
Works gteat

Works great

Matej Koprivsek

Allows download to HMI with speed of around 1mbit / s.
As power supply it is quite efficient, it doesn't get hot even after long use.

Only bad thing is USB A connector which is normally on host not on device, so you need special cable (included) with 2 USB A connectors. Luckily included cable is long enough for me.
Why don't you use USB B or USB mini or USB micro or USB C (it will be much easier to get replacement cable in case if you need longer one or if you damage included cable).

Nextion Foca Max 5V2A Output USB To TTL Serial Converter Board