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High Performance Miniature SDR Dongle for All !

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High Performance Miniature SDR Dongle for All !

Airspy Mini builds on top of the successful Airspy R2 architecture to offer an affordable high performance receiver for the VHF and UHF bands. The coverage can be extended to the HF bands via the SpyVerter up-converter companion.

This new addition to the Airspy family is 100% compatible with all the existing software including the de facto scanning standard SDR#, but also a number of popular software defined radio applications such as SDR-Radio, HDSDR, GQRX and GNU Radio.

For a more complete list of supported software, check the download page.


  • Continuous 24 – 1800 MHz native RX range, down to DC with the SpyVerter option
  • 3.5 dB NF between 42 and 1002 MHz
  • Tracking RF filters
  • 35dBm IIP3 RF front end
  • 12bit ADC (80dB Dynamic Range, 64dB SNR, 10.4 ENOB)
  • 10, 6 and 3 MSPS IQ output
  • 0.5 ppm high precision, low phase noise clock
  • Up to 6 MHz panoramic spectrum view
  • IQ or Real, 16bit fixed or 32bit float output streams
  • No IQ imbalance, DC offset or 1/F noise at the center of the spectrum that plagues all the other SDRs
  • 4.5v software switchable Bias-Tee 100% Compatible with SpyVerter and High Performance LNA
  • No drivers required! 100% Plug-and-play on Windows Vista, Seven, 8, 8.1 and 10, and all Linux Flavors
  • Compatible with Raspberry Pi, Odroid, Pine64 and UP boards
  • Operating temperature: -10°C to 40°C

Typical Applications

  • VHF/UHF/SHF Radio Monitoring
  • Real Time Spectrum Analyzer
  • ADS-B, ATC receiver
  • Radio Astronomy
  • Satellite IF
  • Telemetry Receiver
  • Wide Band Scanner
  • Education
  • Ham Radio, etc.

Supported platforms

  • Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 (For Windows XP, please contact Airspy Team)
  • Linux
  • *BSD
  • OSX
  • Raspberry Pi, Odroid, Pine64, UP

Minimum hardware requirements

  • Core 2 Duo @ 2 GHz CPU or equivalent
  • 2GB of RAM (to run your own OS, airspy barely needs 1MB of memory)
  • High speed USB 2.0 controller

Developer API

  • Open source multi-platform libairspy and airspy host tools at github
  • Open source airspy firmware at github
  • Linux kernel SDR API (by Antti Palosaari) at github

Please click here to contact with Airspy Team, or go to Airspy forum to join the discussion.

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 77 × 26 × 10 mm

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
peter hillier
Excellent little receiver

Have been testing out the mini for a few weeks and it has exceeded my expectations.
Nice and small ,but very powerfull bit of kit..... highly recommended purchase.

Yoshio Anda
Small in size but big in performance

I had been using Airspy HF+ Discovery and very satisfied with its performance. Mini is just as good except that I had to recalibrate the device by using airspycalibrate.exe.

Reception of signals L-band Weather satellites.

AIRSPY Mini - очень хороший SDR с отличной технической характеристикой
very good SDR with excellent technical characteristics

Great small SDR

AIRSPY Mini is a very good SDR with great technical caracteristics (ADC, SNR, bandwidth, TCXO, bias tee, filters...).
I noticed improved reception for weak signals. It works great with improved SDR source integration in SDR# Studio.
The dongle is very compact, and heat dissipation could be improved for this product with perhaps external heatsinks option, and/or internal thermal pad.
For myself, I used two small DIL-IC heatsinks ("ICK 36 B" reference + thin dual side adhesive ) for coherent design and efficient result.

Robert Janecki
Very good

I exaggerated with my first opinion,
The switch inside Airspy mini was in the
wrong position, now Airspy mini works OK,
I think short instruction should placed in a box with device.
Now I am so happy that my Airspy mini works ok.
Last weekend I tested my Airspy mini,
I got signal from weather satellite Meteor M2,
flying maximum 9,4 degrees above the horizon
and I got good pictures of Northern Atlantic
with Iceland, Faroe Islands and small piece of Greenland
3000km from my house.
In the future I would like to get high resolution pictures from weather
satellite and much more.

Jose Vicente Campos
Great quality at an unbeatable price

I purchased this device along with others for an Nfc analysis tool, and it has provided the best result, no drivers, no configuration, only plug and receive!

You can find all the details in

Verry good product.

Verry good product. Works great with free SDR Sharp

good receiver

Much better than generic dongles but heat remains big question of life expectancy. I also have r2 and discovery hf+ there is bit difference in noise on lower bands

Worth it!

I got my Airspy Mini just days after the order was placed. The shipping was very fast! I received the package in 5/5 condition. The dongle is already in use, and I can notice its big difference as compared to other SDR in its range. The 12-bit ADC and high dynamic range of the Airspy mini really improved the quality of the signal reception. To add, it has a good noise floor, not that high and not that low. Its aluminum casing really helps on dissipating the heat, thus making the frequency more stable with the help of very stable TXCO. For portability, this will really suits your need, Airspy gives literal meaning to the "mini" for its small size. Compatibility with other software other than SDR# is not a problem at all, you just need to follow a process then it's good to go. However, there are several spikes that appears on the waterfall. Knowing that it is a Software-Defined, personally it is not a problem. The spikes issue is bearable and it is common on every SDR. Some has worst number of spikes compared to Airspy. Overall, My purchase is really worth it. Get yours now!

Airspy Mini - The High Performance Miniature SDR Dongle
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