SONOFF TH Elite Smart Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Switch


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【20A Max & Dry Contact Output】 Support to connect 20A Max high load, dry contact output.
LCD Screen】Real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity data, the screen refreshed every 5S.
【6-Month Temp & Humi Historical Data by Hours】 Support to review the temp & hum history data by hour, day and month. Past 6-month history data can be exported in .xlsx format and accurate to hour.
【Local Automatic Control】Support LAN control, automatic control is more reliable. You can set 8 automatic control programs for you to save electricity bills and create comfortable surroundings.
【Voice Control and Query】Work with Alexa, Google Assistant, you can query temperature and humidity values by your voice.

Note 1: THS01 and WTS01 are the sensors of RJ9 jack, just plug into TH Elite to use.  MS01 comes with a free RJ9 adapter to fit for TH Elite.
Note 2: The RL560 is the new sensor extension cable of RJ9, it can connect the SONOFF temperature and humidity sensors to extend your device’s distance.  WTS01, THS01 can be extended to 60M, and MS01 soil moisture sensor can be extended to 10M.
Note 3: If you already have the 2.5mm Audio jack sensor (AM2301/DS18B20) and want to use it with the new TH Elite, you can click to buy the RJ9 adapter.

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SONOFF TH Elite is a Smart Temperature and Humidity monitoring switch based on ESP32. With an LCD screen, TH Elite keeps monitoring the temperature and humidity in real-time, once they reach your preset threshold or the device's on/off state changes, you will receive the push notification on the phone. Support to connect 20A Max high load equipment like electric floor heating. You can replace your dry contact outputted traditional thermostat with TH Elite, to control the combi boiler or any other systems controlled by the ordinary switch. TH Elite support to review 6-Month Temp & Humi historical data accurate to the hour. In the smart scene, temperature, humidity, on, off support setting as the trigger, on, off, invert as execute actions. Support adding SONOFF devices to Home Assistant for control and automation through eWeLink add-on. TH Elite turns your traditional thermostat into smart, automates your irrigation system, and gives you an easy way to monitor the temperature and humidity.

SONOFF TH Elite supports three kinds of temperature monitor and humidity monitor sensors—THS01 Temp & Humi Sensor, WTS01 waterproof Temp sensor, and MS01 Soil Moisture Sensor. The sensor connector is upgraded to RJ9, supporting hot-plugging making the connection more stable and reliable.

The RL560 sensor extension cable can connect the SONOFF temperature and humidity sensors to extend your device's distance. THS01, WTS01 can be extended to 60M, and MS01 Soil Moisture Sensor can be extended to 10M.

THS01 Sensor

  • Sensor Type: Temperature & Humidity sensor
  • Connector type: RJ9 4P4C
  • Temperature Measuring Range: –40℃~+85°C
  • Humidity Measuring Range: 0~100%RH
  • Cable Length: 50cm

WTS01 Sensor

  • Sensor Type: Waterproof temperature sensor
  • Connector type: RJ9 4P4C
  • WorkigTemperature: -40℃~+115℃
  • Length: 150cm

MS01 Sensor

  • Sensor Type: Soil Moisture Sensor
  • Humidity Measuring Range: 0~100%RH
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0℃~60°C
  • Cable Length: 50cm

RL560 Sensor Extension Cable

  • Conductor resistance: max.10Ω
  • Insulation resistance: min.5MΩ
  • Length: 5m cable length & Max. 60m extendable length.


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
TH Elite

16A, 20A



THR316D Input/Output

100-240V~ 50/60Hz 16A Max

THR320D Input/Output

100-240V~50/60Hz 20A Max




IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz

Dry contact

5-30V, 1A Max

TH Elite Working Humidity


TH Elite Working Temperature

-10°C~40°C (14℉~104℉)

Supported Sensor

THS01, DS18B20, MS01

THS01 Working Temp


THS01 Humi Measuring Range


DS18B20 WorkigTemp


MS01 Humi Measuring Range


MS01 Operating Temp Range


RL560 Conductor Resistance


RL560 Insulation Resistance




Security Mode


Works with

Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant

Casing material


Product Size




Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
alan yelvington
Significant improvements everywhere

I am MUCH happier with this version! The most important feature is the improved electrical connections that will work for N. American wiring. Whoa. The LCD display gets high marks, and only needs a more reflective back surface to be more legible in dim light. The device itself requires a THS01 to be functional, and the THS01 is a reasonably accurate sensor.

All in all, high marks!

Well designed product

Din rail mount was a good idea. Happy so far with product. Still testing before I implement it to do something useful.
Have named it "laboratory" so I am able to use Alexa speaker by saying. "Alexa! What is the temperature of my laboratory" and it works but you need to use the Alexa APP to set Celsius or Fahrenheit.

Much improved

Improvements over the old TH models
1) temperature connector is solid. In old ones I ended up messing about with them quite a lot.
2) wifi antenna improved. Previous one would occasionally disappear.
3) temperature logging now present. Should have been in past ones.
4) wire connectors much improved

There are only 2 negatives and it still deserves five stars;
1: No Earth/Ground
2. No wire grippers

Given the display is so nice it seems a mistake to put it in a box but that seems like the design. I have stuck it on the outside of a box, drilled holes for 4 wires and then glued them so they cannot be pulled. As it sits in a locked cupboard this seems safe although I would put it fully inside a box were there to be kids etc.

Wayne Morris

My first one stopped working on the wifi after 6 months so ordered new and seems ok now. Connect to home assistant easy but temperature reporting slow. Was able to open up and easily flash with tasmota. Works so well. Controlling my hot water cylinder so great to have a 20 amp relay to handle the load. Great price and seems good quality.

Gabor Somlai
I really needed it

Much better than the previous version. It is worth the extra price and not necessarily because of the LCD, although it is also useful. Temperature and humidity measurement and control are more precise. Thank you.

Does what I wan, but...

After unpacking it I found that the LCD had a crack across it through the temperature display (underneath the covering glass layer).
After eventually installing it and figuring out the eWeLink app I got it to do what I want on my house heating boiler - turning on the pump above 35C and off under 20C.
I also had issues with installing, instructions, and gave feedback regarding the eWeLink app which I sent an email to [****] on Sun, 16 Oct 2022 17:23:07 +1100
which has not been responded to.
I am writing a review because of the recent email message prompting me to.

Thank you so much for your feedback on the THR316D, we have submitted part of that improvement to the product development dept, as for the problem with the hardware, we have contacted you thru email, please check your inbox and we will sort your problem out asap.

Alpaslan Pak
Wi-Fi disconnects

Great product and software is good too. Does exactly what is advertised. Setting up was fairly easy albeit it would help if I had known how easy it was with setting up the WIFI through the bluetooth. I would have started that way.
Loses a star because:
1. It loses WIFI connection once a week and has to be rebooted. (Access point 2 feet away)
2. Don’t know if the loss occurs because of software or hardware of device or if the access point loses connection to the rest of network, however even if it is a temporary network fault it should be able to reconnect when the network is back up. Don’t know if it tries to reconnect and isn’t able to or if it doesn’t try at all. (I have not tried with a static IP.)
I can’t comment on the actual accuracy and/or precision as I haven’t checked the calibration yet.

good product with some bugs detected

The device works ok, the user interface is intuitive and simple, but the soil moisture sensor makes measurements with very wide variations, quickly activating and deactivating the output, and to control a pumping unit, it would be affected. the error should be corrected by software so that the measurements are an average and abrupt jumps or false measurements are avoided

Thank you for your input; we have contacted you through email to learn more about the usage of this TH Elite and MS01 sensor; we hope to resolve this issue; please check your inbox.

Fine product with the following exception:

Package Configuration: It would be desirable to be able to mount this product in a standard US Electrical in-wall housing (rectangle), that would allow the user to place it INSIDE a wall not OUTSIDE it !! Only the display and the switch should be accessible to the user... all other wire connections should preferably be "hidden" in that electrical outlet box.

Fernando Blanco
Good product at a good price.

I am happy with this purchase.
They work well, and through the app I am informed of the temperature remotely.
The only thing, to comment that last week, the 4 THR316D that I have, lost Wi-Fi connectivity on the same day, at the same time it seems, although they depend on 3 different Wi-Fi routers.
I had to restart them to get them back online (off - on).
Now to wait for time to pass to confirm that it was just something specific.
That is why I give it 4 stars and not 5, which it surely deserves.

SONOFF TH Elite Smart Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Switch
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