SONOFF ZBMINI-L Zigbee 3.0 Smart Switch – No Neutral Wire Required


【No Neutral Wire Required】Single live wire Zigbee 3.0 protocol smart switch, fits all the situations of the electrical wiring for the home.
【External Switch Connected】Supported rocker light switch and push-button wall switch.
【Compatible with other Zigbee Hubs】Supports being added to any Zigbee hub developed according to the standard protocol, including Amazon Alexa Echo Speaker (Built-in Zigbee Hub), Samsung SmartThings Hub, SONOFF Zigbee Bridge Pro, ZBBridge, SONOFF Zigbee Dongle Plus.
【Two-way Control】By installing ZBMINI-L in one of your existing two- or multi-way control junction boxes to make the connected light smart.
【Safety and Reliability】In addition to the CE, FCC certification, ZBMINI-L has also passed the TÜV certification.

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ZBMINI-L is a 1-gang smart switch module that can easily make your existing wall switch smart even when no neutral wire is in the junction box. It is compatible with different hubs, including SONOFF Zigbee Bridge Pro, SONOFF ZBBridge, SONOFF Zigbee Dongle Plus, Amazon Hub, Samsung Hub. Supporting external switch connected, such as, rocker light switch and push-button wall switch. The small and compact smart switch is used for different kinds of switch boxes, even the smallest EU type switch box. It is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings, and Alice. You can tell your needs to your voice assistant. It has the same function as other smart switches like smart scene, APP control, timing schedule, power on sate...

ZBMINI-L works with motion or window/door sensors, like SNZB-01, SNZB-02, SNZB-03, SNZB-04, to achieve automation without manual control. ZBMINI-L allows for the connected light normally to work even as low as 3W without flickering and restart despite no anti-flicker module being installed to it. In addition to the basic CE, FCC certification, ZBMINI-L has also passed the TÜV certification, ensuring your safety in installation and use.

Package includes :
1 x User Manual
1 x DIN-Rail


User Manual

Additional information



Wireless connection

Zigbee 3.0


100-240V 50/60Hz 6A Max


100-240V 50/60Hz 6A Max



Casing material


Working temperature




Customer Reviews

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Jay Schieber
Really wanted these to work

I use ZHA with the sonoff Dongle 3.0 plus coordinator. Bought 3. The first one worked great for awhile, but after a couple of months, it can no longer b toggled remotely. It still reports the correct state. The other two dropped off the network completely a couple of days after installation.

We have basically fixed the problem you've mentioned! welcome to contact tech support if you have further problems with our products. Have a nice day!

Ricardo Oliveira
Be careful ! not compatible with HUE bridge !

Don't mistake these for the original ZBMINIs.
There are a few problems when using it with the HUE bridge?
1) It does not update it's status (on/off) on the HUE app, when you toggle the device with the physical button.
2) The switch does not respond to room controls - you have to turn on/off individually (very weird limitation)
3) The HUE bridge will not make it visible under HOMEKIT (apple)

Manufacturer will reply to this comment stating the problem is on Phillips Hue side, however, Sonoff's previous product (ZBMIINI) is compatible with hue.
Therefore, it is no excuse

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. We have forwarded your request to our developers. If there is progress, we will update.

Too big

Dimensions are too big making it really difficult (actually impossible) to fit into standard UK mounting boxes.
Because of this I have not been able to use these.

Works great

My home built in 1969 has no neutral wires so changing dumb switches to smart switches was not possible. All the switch boxes have just two wires with no neutrals bundled. Installing these was easy. I used a Zooz momentary rocker switch and changed the setting to latch. These do take up space in the box, but since the Zooz switches are thin and I used a deep plastic box there was plenty of room.
Including this in my Hubitat ZigBee mesh was easy.

High latency and huge dimensions

Really difficult (actually impossible, I had to dig an extra hole in the wall) to fit into standard European mounting boxes.
I'm also experiencing very high latencies (up to 10s) to perform actions to no actions at all, while state reporting is immediate. Forum threads are pointing towards faulty firmwares, so maybe this issue can be resolved by Itead.

Except the latency issues, it integrates smoothly with ZHA and Home Assistant.

The promises of this module are incredibles, the price decent, but they are not usable right now. Not in this size, not with the current firmware.
I'm willing to edit this review once Itead fixes these issues 🙂

Ian Mackereth
Solves a problem

If your house wasn't wired with neutral lines to the light switches, this is the solution. Much better than smart bulbs, because you can still use the physical switch. (Flipping the switch toggles the light on/off, so an "on" switch with lights off will turn them on when flipped to "off" Sounds like more of a problem than it is in practice.)
It's not big, but it is, too big to fit in a standard fitting with a light switch. Still working on how to fix that...
Works well with Google Home.

Easy to use

Perfect work

Mohammed M. N. Ayoubi
Sonoff zBmini-L

Hi, I normally bay sonoff products, this time a order zbmini-L
Sorry to say, is not working properly the momentt my iPhone is not close ro the bridge the switch turns ofline, till I turn the switch on manually. I have sonoff zbmini-L in the same 5mx6m room. 1 zb bridge close to my wf-fi every time It’s a other switch that goes ofline. And sometime 2 or 4 very strange.
I’m thinking to use sonoff mini instead and put a neutral wire.
Pity for the money spent.

Hi, sorry for bringing you inconvenience, this issue is solved in the latest firmware of ZBbridge, just upgrade the firmware of zbbridge to the latest version

Daniel Boyer
5 of 5 dead after 2 months

I bought 5 of these as soon as they came out... I was able to connect to them just fine using ZHA (Home Assistant with a conbee II), but they quickly started dying off one by one and now all 5 have completely died.
When they did work, they were very slow to respond (almost 10 seconds to turn on and about 5 to turn off.)
A complete waste of money and time.

Hi, sorry for bringing you inconvenience, this issue is solved in the latest firmware of ZBbridge, just upgrade the firmware of zbbridge to the latest version

Work fine !

All work fine with sonoff bridge 🙂

And also with external swtich

SONOFF ZBMINI-L Zigbee 3.0 Smart Switch - No Neutral Wire Required
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