SCSI2SD 3.5″ 50-Pin SCSI To SD Card Adaptor


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This is an improved version of the popular SCSI2SD. It’s smaller, uses less power, and can be powered by the SCSI bus in some cases.

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603 in stock

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This is an improved version of the popular SCSI2SD. It's smaller, less power consumption, and can be powered by the SCSI bus in some cases.

SCSI2SD emulates a SCSI-2 hard drive using a micro-SD memory card. Each SCSI2SD includes a fully assembled and tested circuit board, ready for use.

A SCSI2SD package does NOT include the followings:

  • Micro-SD memory card
  • Bracket for mounting within a 3.5" drive bay.
  • SCSI cables, power cables, usb cables, or any other accessory

Please visit the SCSI2SD page at, where you will find the GPL3+ software source code.

The hardware design for this new board is not currently open source.



  • In-built active terminator.
  • Emulates up to 4 SCSI devices
  • Supports sector sizes from 64 bytes to 8192 bytes
  • Firmware updatable over USB
  • Highly configurable over USB
    • Selectable SCSI ID
    • Selectable parity support
    • Enable/disable Unit Attention Condition
    • Artificial limits on the SCSI disk size (eg. limit size to 4G to avoid OS bugs)
    • Sector size (can also be set via the SCSI MODE SELECT command, as sent by SCSI format utilities).
  • External LED connector.

Technical Specifications

SCSI Interface SCSI-2 Narrow 8-bit 50-pin connector. Supports asynchronous transfers only.
SD Card Interface Standard SDSC (1GB maximum size)SDHC, SDXC
Power 5V via standard molex drive connector, USB, or SCSI BUS powered (requires the SCSI host to supply terminator power)
Dimensions 10cm x 5cm x 2cm


Computer systems

  • Mac LC-III and LC-475
  • Mac II running System 6.0.8
  • Mac SE/30
  • Apple IIgs using Apple II High Speed SCSI controller card (from v3.3)
  • Symbolics Lisp Machine XL1200, using 1280 byte sectors (from v3.4)
  • PDP-11/73 running RSX11M+ V4.6
  • Microvax 3100 Model 80 running VMS 7.3 (from v3.6)
  • Commodore Amiga 500+ with GVP A530
  • Commodore Amiga 500 KS 1.3 with Oktagon 508 SCSI-2 controller
  • Amiga 2000 (B2000 rev 6.4 ECS) with DKB RapidFire SCSI 1 card
    • May require bootloader replacement if it only starts up while on USB power.
  • Amiga 3000
    • May require bootloader replacement if it only starts up while on USB power.
  • Amiga 4000 equipped with CyberStorm PPC using 68pin adapter.
  • Atari TT030 System V
  • Atari TT running TOS 3.06 with HDDRIVER software version 9.06
  • Atari Mega ST 1; TOS 1.04; Protar ProFile 30 external hard drive enclosure (1GB size limitation)
  • Atari MEGA STE
    • needs J3 TERMPWR jumper
    • 1GB limit (--blocks=2048000). The OS will fail to read the boot sector if the disk is >= 1GB.
  • Atari Falcon, TOS 4.02, HDDRIVER 9.06 driver
  • Sharp X68000
    • SASI models supported. See for information on building a custom cable.
    • needs J3 TERMPWR jumper
    • Set to SCSI ID 3. ID0 will not work.
  • Compaq XP-1000 Professional Workstation
    • Alpha 21264 CPU, 667MHz, with a QLogic SCSI controller in a PCI slot
  • SCSI-based Macintosh Powerbooks (2.5" SCSI2SD)
  • AT&T 3B2/600
  • Sun 2/120 Workstation (Unit Attention disabled)
  • Sun 4/50 workstation
  • Data General MV/2500DC running AOS/VS
    • Requires changing deviceTypeModifier to 0x4c in XML config file. Configurable deviceTypeModifier is supported from firmware v4.3.
  • Applix 1616
  • IMS MM/1
  • NeXTcube + NeXTSTEP 3.3
  • NeXTStation
    • Modified geometry settings are required to avoid "cylinder group too large" errors while formatting. Configurable geometry is supported from firmware v4.3
  • Apollo 400/425s running DOMAIN/OS
  • Motorola System V/68 R3V7 and R3V8.
    • Since the installation have information about limited number of drives(most of them with custom commands) it requires a pre-installed disk image to be dd-ed on it. Works with MVME167 and MVME177
  • Motorola System V/88 R40V4.0 through R40V4.4
  • BBC micro/Master with Akhter host adapter


  • Roland JS-30 Sampler
  • Roland VS2480
  • Roland S-760, S-770
  • Akai S950
  • Akai S1000, S3200, S3000XL, MPC 2000XL, DPS 12
    • SCSI cable reversed on S3200
    • There are compatibility problems with the Akai MPC3000. It works (slowly) with the alternate Vailixi OS with multi-sector transfers disabled.
  • EMU Emulator E4X with EOS 3.00b and E6400 (classic) with Eos 4.01
  • EMU E6400 w/ EOS2.80f
  • EMU Emax1, Emax 2
  • Ensoniq ASR-X, ASR-10 (from v3.4, 2GB size limit)
    • ASR-10 Requires TERMPWR jumper (applies to pre. 5.0 SCSI2SD boards only)
    • ASR-X resets when writing to devices > 2Gb.
  • Ensoniq EPS16+
  • Kurzweil K2000R
    • See for size limits which a dependant on the OS version. Older OS versions have a 1GB limit.
    • SCSI cable reversed
  • Kurzweil K2500XS
  • Casio FZ-20M
    • Requires TERMPWR jumper. The manual shows the pin25 of the DB25 connector is "not connected".
    • May require scsi2sd-config --apple flag
  • Yamaha A5000, A3000, EX5, EX5R
  • EMU ESI4000 [1] [2]
  • Synclavier 9600.
    • Disable Parity. Max size == 9GB.
  • Waveframe 1000
    • Max size = 16GB


To get technical support, please leave a comment below.

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 15 mm
Operation Level

Digital 5V

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
PHan Hien Dat
Good support

The product is working fine but short of instructions including to product therefore it take time to installation properly.

JP Geersing
Works great on Roland DM-80 recorder

I needed two boards for this. Updated them to the latest firmware, built into the hard drive bracket and had it working right away.
Thanks Itead for this great product! JP

Worked to replace the SCSI in Simpsons Bowling

My Simpsons Bowling had been down for over 4 years. Finally bought this and fiddled around with it and the software for 45 minutes and my arcade games lives again.It's been working now fine for over a year.

Brought my Instant Replay by 360 systems back to life

If you are looking to replace your hard drive in your Instant Replay by 360 systems this is the item for you. There is a tutorial on YouTube that if you follow the programming down to the letter you can resurrect your instant reply too

Angel Torres
Great for Capcom CPS3

Great replacement for SCSI drive in Capcom CPS3 systems, only downside you still need to buy the ribbon cable on ebay for like 5 bucks. Would be great if you could purchase it here too.

jeronimo rivera
Added SCSI2SD to Nextstation turbo

excellent product, it took a while to configure the sd card, because next disks have a special way of configuring sectors and tracks. Working perfect


tutto perfetto da consigliare vivamente

Added SCSI to an Aksi S2000

After adding a header to the main board and scsi2sd guick arrival, the unit worked out of the box, used provided tool to partition sd card and was away, now i have four scsi drives tochoose from
Much much better than old floppies or floppy emulator.

David Kastrup
Works with default settings on Solton MS80

I put this in a Solton (Ketron) MS80 arranger which is basically the same as the MS100, just with a button accordion keyboard. You can see the Quantum Fireball on the right which it replaced (1280MB, about double the size described in the manual so possibly already a replacement). It's noisy (annoying for a musical instrument) and had become unreliable (started up only every other week, enough to get everything out eventually but nothing you would have wanted to depend on), and the arranger makes working with a "floppy" more painful than with the floppy-only arranger models.

Changing the default settings for higher speed (SCSI-2, allow disconnect) was not a good idea and led to eventual bad sectors: my guess is that the resistor networks are not good enough termination for SCSI-2 speed, at least when the ribbon cable is folded awkwardly. I put all settings back down to default and found a different mechanical arrangement: the card is now not in place of the old disk but rather piggy-backed on the Adaptec SCSI controller with two screw-in posts (the Adaptec fortunately has two screws just in the right place for that). There is no mass interface on the USB, and this arranger uses a file system of its own anyway, meaning that you cannot take out the mini-SDcard and hope to do anything in a cardreader other than backing up the whole enchilada with a low-level dump, so there is little point in trying to create a partition table (and reserve space for it) since no other device is going to make sense of the card contents anyway, and for interchange there is the "floppy disk" (a USB stick based floppy emulator in my case).

All in all I am glad to have got this. Let's one continue rely on the old gear. At least until the Eproms forget their contents...

Excellent product for replacing vintage hard drives.

After restoring two vintage computers (Macintosh LC III and DEC VAX 4000-200) I decided to replace the original hard drives that were too noisy and unreliable with a SCSI2SD card from ITEAD. Easy installation and works great. My VAX runs with this card since more than a year without any hassle. I recommend this product.

SCSI2SD 3.5" 50-Pin SCSI To SD Card Adaptor
603 in stock