Nextion Micro SD Card Extender


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Support FAT32 micro SD Card.
Work perfectly with all series Nextion HMI Display.
Great performance of data reading or writing.
Good solution for the case of an unreachable micro SD Card slot.

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Weight 7 g
Dimensions 17.1 × 41.48 × 2.5 mm





Customer Reviews

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Robert Smith
Thoughts on the Micro SD Extender

I found the extender worked in an development environment but for doing post production updates it is useless unless the top cover of the enclosure in which the Nextion display and supplied enclosure is mounted.
A more workable solution would be to have the SD extension use a flat cable so the SD card holder can be access at say 90 degree to the back of the display. A cable similar to that used to access the GPIO pins would be fine. That way any upgrades in the field are very quick and easy( no removing the display to get better access to the top of the display.

Bernie Harrison
Not so much

I bought one of these as I mounted my display to a panel using the plastic backer that is supplied with the display. When the display card is mounted to a 1/8" panel, access to the micro SD reader is very limited and so I bought 2, one for each of my projects.
While the theory is good... in practice I was not able to reach in to the SD receiver as the display sits high when panel mounted.
I think a good idea given the location of the SD receiver .. but for me... not as effective as the USB input.

Nextion Micro SD Card Extender