Admittedly, there are a number of appliances sitting in your house. A new need thereupon will arise – universal remote control. Most technical devices come with a remote controller. OK, could you tell me how many remote controllers in your living room? One for the TV, another one for the air conditioner, also another one for the projector… The list is endless. If you’re really tired of looking for such a crowd of remote controllers simultaneously, why don’t consider investing in a universal remote control to make it help you handle a bunch of tasks and even more? Here we will introduce the eWeLink support universal remote control to you, just toss away those needless remote controllers. It controls your appliances through transferring Wi-Fi into the infrared signal. Let one remote controller for all appliances! What’s more, you can also share it with your family and control appliances with them together just by one universal remote control.

How to pair with the universal remote control?

  1. Enable the eWeLink app, and tap “+”.
  2. Tap “All devices” on the top right corner.
  3. Find the “universal Remote Control” and tap.
  4. Tap “Next” to enter your account and password, then tap “next”.
  5. Name.

How to use it to duplicate other remote controllers? (Take the air conditioner as an example)

  1. Access the page of the universal remote control and tap “+” on the bottom.
  2. Choose the Type “air conditioner” and the corresponding brand.

  1. Tap the “Test Remote”. If the air conditioner doesn’t respond to the button press, tap “No” and press again. If it responds to button press, tap”Yes”.

  1. After the air conditioner responds to the button press, you should test all buttons on the device page according to step 3. If a certain button can’t respond to button press, tap “Next” and try again repeatedly until all buttons are available.

  1. Name the air conditioner for easy use and management.


  1. Available for Andriod V3.6.2. The supported iOS version will be announced soon.
  2. A hub is required if you want to use this function. It’s not yet clear when it will release, please follow the eWeLink Facebook page to stay tuned for the latest news.
  3. This function doesn’t support voice control so far and is expected to be available by the end of June.


  1. Raymond Wagenhauser

    When are we going to see an IR that is compatible with Ewelink?

    • jie.lai

      Once compatible, there will be notifications,thanks.

  2. Filipe

    can you please inform the device thar can be configured as universal remote control on ewelink?
    Thank you

    • jie.lai

      Sorry, this feature is not available at present.

  3. Karim rashad Refaei

    Is there a supported universal ir blaster yet p?

  4. Benrie Fourie

    I dont understand this post? What IR sender should we use? My entire home is Sonoff and I dont want to use another app that eWelink. How can we do this? I need to order asap.

    • Limcy

      When when when? It’s so long already. We need a IR remote.

      • Org

        Did you manage to find a solution for ir remote ?

  5. Henrique

    2 years after the post, is there any IR device that works on eWeLink?!


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