Turn Regular Switches to Smart with SONOFF ZigBee MINI

It’s easy to transform your existing lights & switches Into smart switches with SONOFF ZigBee MINI two-way smart switch, which allows you to control with your smartphone or voice to control your home. Its feature with two-way control even extends the control way to two different positions, for example upstairs and downstairs. Touted as a small and mini ZigBee MINI that can be used into almost all types of switching boxes. Accredited by ZigBee Alliance that ensures ZigBee MINI can seamlessly work with Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings Hub, Philips Hue and SONOFF ZigBee Bridge so that you can immediately run your smart home with just a voice command.

Now, there are a few steps to build your smart home with SONOFF ZigBee MINI:

Regular Switches

ZBBridge *1

eWelink App(Google Play Store, Apple Store)

Before you begin:

Follow the wiring instruction below to connect 2 SPDT light switches to ZBMINI.

  1. “Put ZBBridge into the pairing mode.” Long press the pairing button for 5s until the Wi-Fi LED indicator changes in a cycle of two short and one long flash. “Put ZBMIN into the pairing mode.” Long press the pairing button on the ZBMINI for 5s until the LED signal indicator flashes.
  2. Access SONOFF ZigBee Bridge and go to “Add” in the bottom.

  1. Wait for less than 1min until ZBBridge discovers ZBMINI. Tap “Next”.

  1.  After ZBMINI is added successfully and you will see ZBMINI appearing on the Sub-device page of ZBBridge.

  1. Go into ZBMINI device page and tap “…” in the top right corner.

  1. You can change the device name in the “Name” action.

  1. naming, tap “Save”.

  1. Now, you have added ZBMINI successfully.

  1. Now you can control your light with your smart phone or directly via the extra switches.

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