SONOFF July Highlights

1.【New Product Warm-up】

NSPanel Pro Smart Home Control Panel

2. 【Campaign】

Buy eWeLink Advanced Plan Get S40 Type B Free

3.【New Release】

3.1 ZBDongle-E Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus

3.2 L3/L3 Pro RGBIC Smart LED Strip Lights

3.3 POW Origin Smart Power Meter Switch( POWR2 Upgrade Version)

4.【Function optimization】

4.1 B05-BL V1.5.1 supports Rhythm Live and eWeLink-Remote Control

4.2 NSPanel supports external temperature and humidity sources, supports Home Assistant devices, SmartThings devices

4.3 Dual R3/Lite can be set Stop when the Working Mode is Motor as trigger

4.4 TH10/16 support on/off set as executive action in the smart scene

TH10/16 upgrade version:

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