SONOFF September Highlight

1.【New Release】 Desk Enclosure Stand for NSPanel & NSPanel Pro. 2.【Function optimization】 2.1 NSPanel Pro V1.3.2 is officially released. 2.2 S40 optimizes electricity statistics function, supports displaying power by... read more


Dear all, Mid Autumn Festival is coming, and ITEAD will have a 3-day break to celebrate. We would like to announce the holiday schedule for the 2022 Mid Autumn Festival as follow: The holiday will start on Sept 10th, 2022, and return to normal on Sept 13rd, 2022. Any... read more

SONOFF August Highlights

1.【Preorder】 NSPanel Pro Smart Home Control Panel 2.【New Release】 2.1 SONOFF NFC Tag 2.2 Nextion MIDI I/O interface 3.【Function optimization】 3.1 NSPanel V1.3.0 officially released... read more

SONOFF July Highlights

1.【New Product Warm-up】 NSPanel Pro Smart Home Control Panel 2. 【Campaign】 Buy eWeLink Advanced Plan Get S40 Type B Free 3.【New Release】 3.1 ZBDongle-E Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus 3.2 L3/L3 Pro RGBIC... read more

SONOFF June Highlights

【New Release】 1.1 TH Elite/TH Origin Smart Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Switch 1.2 POW Elite Smart Power Meter Switch 1.3 S40 Lite Zigbee Smart Plug 2.【Function optimization】 2.1 TH Elite/POW... read more