Integrate SONOFF LED Bulb with ZigBee Motions Sensor

As smart home becomes a reality in homeowners’ life today, smart devices based on Wi-Fi technology has been widely used in our home. Last few years, more and more homeowners have moved from a position of WiFi-centered smart home to a world with ZigBee wireless technology. ZigBee, as a low-power wireless technology, replenishes Wi-Fi technology to provide one more possibility to further improve and extend smart home market.

Superior to WiFi-centered smart home, ZigBee allows you to build a smarter safer and energy-saving home. Most importantly ZigBee smart devices can keep communication with Wi-Fi smart devices by ZigBee hub. SONOFF is here to guide you to approach to a ZigBee home automation solution that is to make Wi-Fi and ZigBee smart devices interact.


SONOFF WIFI Led bulb *1 ( Take B02-F-ST64 as an example here)

SNZB-03 ZigBee Motion Sensor1

eWelink App(Google Play Store, Apple Store)

Here, there is an introduction about how to build a smart home with SONOFF ZigBee devices. This will include 2 smart scene:

  • When SNZB-03 detects the movement, SONOFF led bulb is turned on.
  1. Launch eWeLink app, go to “Scene” and “Add”. Tap “Add” in “If this triggers action”, select “Smart Device” and then “Zigbee motion sensor”. Select “Motion detected” and save.

  1. Go on tapping “Save”. Tap “Add” in “Then that actions” action, select “Smart Device” and then “Zigbee motion sensor”. Select “ON” and then “Save”.

  1. Then you can name the scene. Now the scene has been created successfully.

  • When no motion is detected by SNZB-03, SONOFF led bulb is turned off.

Follow the above steps for “When SNZB-03 detects the movement, SONOFF led bulb is turned on.” to set up. Kindly note that you can set a schedule for it to make SNZB-03 to TRIGGER the led bulb OFF after the preset time.

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