Adopt Nextion as Remote Display Solution for Building Automation

Recently many customers ask us how to apply Nextion solution to building automation. For such a project, in order to save construction time and costs, usually the prioritized power supply for terminal equipment will be by POE (power over Ethernet). But Nextion use only one serial to connect, it neither supports Ethernet, nor supports POE. To solve this problem, we designed NA-01:this is the first Nextion accessory, POE enabled Ethernet to Serial. With the help of NA-01, we can easily adopt Nextion as display solution for building automation.

What You’ll Need:

Step 1: Connection:

1.Connect PC to swtich
2.Connect Poe injector to Network Switch by CAT5E network cable
3.Connect Poe injector to NA-01 by CAT5E network cable
4.Connect NA01 to Nextion Display by dupont cables

Step 2: Configurations of the NA-01

1.Download USR-TCP232 tool, which used for configure NA-01 (Please configure as tcp-client)
2.Configure NA-01 process

Step 3: Upload Nextion Firmware

1.Upload HMI project
2.Program firmware to Nextion Display

Step 4: Install Python

1.Python installation
2.Run program
3.Follow step 2 configuration process, set Python program accordingly(PC terminal be configured as TCP server)

Note: If you want to learn the connection between TCP Server and TCP Client, please refer to Learning about TCP servers and clients connection.

Effect Demonstration


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