The Global Energy Crisis Is Gripping, How to Save More with SONOFF Energy-efficient Light Bulbs

Global energy crisis

About the Global Energy Crisis

As the global economy recovers, world leaders have gathered and signed the Glasgow Climate Pact at the COP26 summit, the energy issue, an important aspect that we have to rethink and tackle on the global climate crisis has been highlighted.

The energy shortage is sneaking around the world and even already threatening our daily life, in consequence, a raising question that we have to think about whether we’re well-ready for the green energy revolution to enjoy the convenience that the energy provided to us when the energy is being consumed, which is hard to imagine that we’re having trouble powering ourselves someday.

How can we be prepared for the Global Energy Crisis?

We, firstly, need to switch ourselves to more efficient smart lighting – Reduce to use the older kinds of dumb bulbs. Unlike the oil from the ground, electricity is usually a non-renewable natural resource so we should reduce the electricity wasting to as lower as possible.

Proper insulation for leakage of energy helps save energy a lot. Things like turning off bulbs and fans when they are not in use, using low-power consumption bulbs or smart bulbs instead of traditional bulbs and more.

How SONOFF energy-efficient light bulbs provide you with more efficient lighting?

For good reasons, smart lighting, especially the smart bulb is often the first step into an energy-efficiently smart home because of its simple convenience. SONOFF smart bulb series, which includes the Wi-Fi Smart LED filament LED bulbs and Wi-Fi smart LEd bulbs, are separately divided into the warm-to-cool white and RGBCW light color.

Compared with the traditional bulb, SONOFF smart bulbs are dimmable and color-adjustable which means you can change the bulb brightness to the lower level in the usage as your preferences. SONOFF smart bulb with a power rating of being up to 7W helps you save 90% more energy than regular incandescent bulbs. At the same time, enjoy energy savings with them that lasts 15000 hours and provide at least 800 lumens of bright light.

SONOFF energy-efficient light bulbs

Timing schedule. For the smart bulb, you can plan it to turn on or off based on the preset schedule, to keep your electricity bill lower. If not sure whether the living-room bulb is off when you’re away, simply give a tap on your smartphone to turn off it, or even a group of smart bulbs. Control lights based on your presence. Movement is a smart way to turn on your lights automatically when you arrive home or leave. With SONOFF SNZB-03 ZigBee motion sensor, there is a feature that the smart bulb will automatically turn on or off when it detects your presence, giving you peace of mind on the electricity bill. Alternatively, you can activate the bulb with a portable wireless switch button anywhere. For instance, with SONOFF SNZB-01 ZigBee wireless switch button, you can use different button actions to make the bulb activate or inactive. What’s more, you can create the action that you open the door makes the light be turned on immediately using SNZB-04 ZigBee door sensor.

Energy efficient motion sensor light bulb

All SONOFF smart bulbs are voice-controlled and you can use Amazon Alexa or Google Home system to remotely control your lighting, change the brightness and colors.

In the hallway, basement, porch, bed-room and living-room, you can install the smart bulb in any space that you need.

Bluetooth pair enables you can quickly connect SONOFF smartbulb to your smart phone through eWeLink App. Easy to install smart bulbs. It takes you only a few seconds to install, screw into the base and immediately access smart and efficient lighting. Available in US and EU type (E26/E27 base), used for most countries and regions.

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With SONOFF energy efficient light bulbs, it’s time to start your efficient life in a manner saving energy. Will you get one to greet a green revolution to save more budgets on your target Christmas lights?

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