"eWeLink Smart Home" Alexa Skill

eWeLink works with Amazon Echo Plus, Echo, and Echo Dot. Some SONOFF devices, such as smart switches(BASICR2, BASICR3, RFR2…), smart plugs (S26, S55…), smart light(L1, L2…), home security (DW2-WIFI, SNZB-04…) can work with Amazon Alexa. With just a few simple steps, you can easily complete the setup of eWeLink and Alexa. Then you can control your SONOFF appliances with simple Alexa voice commands.

What Alexa can do to SONOFF devices

Video clips for SONOFF devices voice control with Alexa

Check your SONOFF DW2-Wi-Fi door sensor status by Alexa voice control.
Control your SONOFF B02-F smart Wi-Fi LED filament bulb through Alexa
Set up the Alexa routine to remind you when your door is opened or closed.

Simple to connect Alexa with eWeLink

1.Open eWeLink App, tap on “Profile” , choose Alexa icon.

2.Link eWeLink Smart Home with Alexa

3. Click “Link”.

4.Tap on “Devices” to discover devices to connect.

How to control SONOFF devices with simpler voice commands?

What SONOFF devices can work with Alexa?

DIY Smart Switches

BASICR2——Basic Smart Switch, 10A

RFR2——Basic Smart Switch, 10A, RF Control

RFR3——Basic Smart Switch, RF Control, REST API

SV——5-24V DC Input, Isolated Mode Dry Contact

TH10/TH16——Hum/Temp/Moist, Auto Trigger, 10A/15A

RE5V1C——Dry Contact Output, Inching/Selflock Mode

DUALR2——2 Gang, Inching/Interlock Mode

MINIR2——Mini Size, Two-Way, REST API

iFan03/iFan04——220V/110V, 3 Fan Speeds, Light Control

POWR2——Power Metering, Overload Protection, 15A

POWR3——25A, 5500W, Power Monitoring

D1——Dimmer Smart Switch, REST API

4CHR3/PROR3——4 Gang, Dry Contact, Inching/Interlock

Micro——5V USB Adaptor, Smart Control

BASICZBR3——Basic Zigbee Switch Module, 10A

ZBMINI——Zigbee 3.0, Router Role, 10A

DUALR3——2 Gang, Moter Mode, Power Monitoring

SlampherR2——RF & WiFi Smart Lamp Holder

Smart Plugs

S55——US/AU/FR/UK/DE/ZA, IP55 Waterproof

S31/S31 LITE——110V, Power monitoring, ETL Certification

S31 LITEZB——Zigbee Smart Plug, 110V Type B Standard

S26——Hot Sale WiFi Smart Plug

S26R2——EU/BR/UK WiFi Smart Plug

S26R2ZB——UK/DE/FR, ZigBee 3.0, Zigbee Router

Smart Wall Switch

TX—— UK/EU/US, 1/2/3 Gang, White/Black

IW100/IW101——110V, Power Metering, ETL Certification

T4EU1C——No Neutral Wire Required, 1 Gang

Smart Home Security

DW2-WIFI——No Gateway Needed, History Records Check

SNZB-02——Temp& Hum Sensor, Real-time Monitoring

SNZB-03——Motion Sensor, 6m/110° Detection Coverage

SNZB-04——Sync Status, History Records Check

Smart Lighting

L1——2m/5m, Waterproof, Smart Color Picker

L1 LITE——5m, Dance with Music, 16 million colors

L2——Waterproof, Bluetooth Control, 16 million colors

L2 LITE——5M, US/EU, Bluetooth Control, 16 Million Colors

B02-F-A60/B02-F-ST64——Filament Bulb, Dim & Tune, Voice Control

B02-B-A60/B05-B-A60——LED Bulb, 16 Million Colors, 8 Build-in Modes


Q1. Is there a fee to link my Echo to my eWeLink system?

No. If you have already purchased an Amazon Echo and you have an eWeLink system, you can link your Echo to your system for no additional cost.

Q2. If I already have an Echo, can I link it to my eWeLink?

Yes, as long as you have a “Works With Alexa” eWeLink device. Please read above tutorial to learn how the link the Echo to your system.

Q3. What features of my system can I control with my Echo?

With Echo, you can turn on/off any electrical devices that connect with our single-channel devices, such as turn your lights on and off. Or you can dim your LED and more.

Q4. My commands are not working, how to solve it?

Please check the following to resolve the issue.

4.1. Make sure you are using a valid command for your eWeLink system.

4.2. Make sure your network works normally.

Q5. How to connect Echo to Wi-Fi?

You may read the detailed tutorial from here.

Q6. Where can I find more information about and support for Echo?

Amazon has detailed support content for every aspect of your Echo here.

SONOFF can work with

eWeLink is fully compatible with the Google Assistant now, allowing you to voice control your SONOFF smart devices on Google Home.
SONOFF smart devices have been incorporated into Samsung SmartThings app for automated control in your home.

IFTTT(If This Then That) is a third party application which can works with SONOFF devices to trigger cases by specific conditions.