Sonoff Work With Google Assistant

eWeLink is fully compatible with the Google Assistant now, allowing you to voice control your smart home devices on Google Home, Google Home Mini . You can tell Google Assistant to turn on or off your eWeLink devices, dim or brighten a light, change light color and much more. Just start with “Ok Google” or “Hey Google” and your Assistant is ready to help.

Google Home is a voice-activated speaker designed for hands-free help from Google. Enjoy music, get answers from Google, manage your everyday tasks, and control smart devices including eWeLink. Take control of your lighting without lifting a finger. Let’s get started setting up and control Sonoff devices with Google Assistant.

What Sonoff devices can work with Google Assistant?

Almost all Sonoff models are compatible with Google Assistant. Here’s the list (updating): Sonoff S26, Sonoff iFan03/04,  Sonoff S31, Sonoff RF BridgeR2 433,4CHR3 & 4CHPROR3, Sonoff Basic, Sonoff RF, Sonoff SV, Sonoff Slampher, Sonoff Pow, Sonoff TH10/TH16.

Get started

First, download the eWeLink app for Android from Google Play or iOS from App Store and create an account. Add your Sonoff models to your eWeLink account.

Download the Google Home mobile app for Android or iOS and set up your Google Home device with your Google account before connecting with eWeLink.

Make sure the language you select on Google Home is US English, otherwise, it will fail to recognize your commands, fail to sync device status, and fail to recognize your device nicknames.

Make sure voice command is in English(US/UK).

How to connect Google Assistant with eWeLink?

  1. Launch Google Home app and tap the menu.

  1. Verify that the Google account that is listed is the one you used to set up Google Home. To switch accounts, click the drop-down arrow to the right of the account name

  2. Tap Home control.

  1. Under Devices, tap the + icon in the bottom right.

  1. Search eWeLink Smart Home.


6.Enter your eWeLink account email address/phone number, those phone number accounts need to select the right country code. Enter your password and tap Log In.

  1. After logging in successfully, it will display all the devices in your eWeLink account. Tap Done on the upper right.

  1. Tap GOT IT.

  1. In Home control, you’ll see all those devices supported by Google Home voice control.

  1. All done. Now let’s get started to voice control the devices.

Add a new eWeLink device

After linking eWeLink with Google Home mobile app, it will automatically display all those supported devices. If you add some new devices to eWeLink later or change the nickname of your devices, the Google Home mobile app doesn’t synchronize your new devices and new names. You’ll need to unlink “eWeLink Smart Home” and link again.

  1. Enter Home control through the menu. Under Devices, tap the + icon in the bottom right. You’ll see the linked “eWeLink Smart Home”.

  1. Click “eWeLink Smart Home”, it will prompt Unlink account, tap it.

  1. Tap UNLINK.


  1. After unlinking successfully, you can find “eWeLink Smart Home” in Add New. Tap on it and repeat the linking process. It will synchronize the new devices to the list.

Set nicknames for the devices or assign them to rooms

You can set nick names for the Sonoff devices or assign your Sonoff devices to rooms.

  1. Enter Home control through the menu. You’ll see the Devices. Tap the exact device you want to set nickname or assign a room for.

  1. Enter the device info. You can edit the nickname and assign it to a room.

  1. Tap Fan, enter a new nickname, tap OK.

  1. Tap Room. Select the name of the room you want to assign to. Then click <- to exit. Done.

How to control Sonoff devices with voice commands?

You’ll need

First of all, make sure you have added Google Home supported device in your eWeLink account. Those products with a “Works with Google Home” logo in our official shop support to work with Google Home.

Make sure the names of your devices do not contain any special characters. You can use a standard name such as lamp, kitchen light, bedroom light.

1. Use your voice to control light holders, sockets,1-4 gang switches and iFan03/04

Here are some ways to talk with your Google Assistant on Google Home when controlling light holders, sockets or 1-4 switches.

To awake Google Home, just say “Ok Google” or “Hey Google”, then..

To control 1 gang devices, just say:
Turn on/off the {device name}

For examples:
OK Google, turn on the bedroom light.
Hey Google, turn off the bedroom light.

To control more than 1 gang devices, like Sonoff DualR2, Sonoff TX , Sonoff 4CHPOR3 (if you don’t say the gang name, you/ll turn on/off all the gangs of the switch immediately), just say:
Turn on/off {device name}{gang name}

For example:
Hey Google, turn on dual switch light one.

To control Sonoff RF BridgeR2 (if you don’t say the button name, you’ll turn on/off all the buttons of the RF Remote immediately):
Turn on/off {RF Remote name}{button name}

To control control the iFan03, you’ll need to use different commands.

To control the light, just say:
Turn on/off {device name}

To control the fan, just say:
Turn on/off {device name} fan

2. Use your voice to control dimming LED or dimming bulb

Here are some ways to talk with your Google Assistant on Google Home when controlling dimming lights, like Sonoff Bulbs.

Note: you can use voice command to change from white to color, but not color to white. If you want to change from color to white, you should select White on App. In white, you can change the brightness and color temperature, but you can’t change in Color.

Turn on/off a light:
Hey Google, turn on {light name}
Hey Google, turn off {light name}

Change the color of a light:
Hey Google, turn {light name} green

Set a light brightness to a certain percentage:
Hey Google, set {light name} to 50%

Dim/Brighten a light:
Hey Google, dim {light name}
Hey Google, brighten {light name}

Dim/Brighten a light by a certain percentage:
Hey Google, dim {light name} by 50%
Hey Google, brighten {light name} by 50%

3. Use your voice to control a gang of devices

Turn on/off all the devices of the same type, like all the outlets, all the lights, all the switches, just say they type name.

For example, to turn on or off all the lights:
Hey Google, turn on all of the lights
Hey Google, turn off all of the lights

Turn on/off all the devices in the same room:
Hey Google, turn on lights in {room name}
Hey Google, turn off lights in {room name}


  1. How can I set up Google Home?

Please refer to this post from Google.

  1. My Google assistant often misunderstands me when I try to control specific lights. What can I do?

If you experience recognition issues, we recommend that you rename your lights to names which do not include numbers, special characters or color names since these can be misunderstood by Google assistant.

  1. Do I need a Google account to use Google Home?

If your device is not linked to a Google account, Google Home will only work as a speaker. You will not be able to use Google Assistant.

  1. Can I connect multiple Google accounts with Google Home?

Today, Google Home supports a single account on the device but you can use multiple accounts with your music services.

  1. Can I ask Google to activate timers like “wake up timer” or “sleep timer”?

This feature is not currently supported by Google Assistant.

  1. Can I control scenes or smart scenes with Google Assistant?

We are working to support scenes(one tap to turn on/off a gang of devices). Please keep an eye on our eWeLink Facebook news. But we don’t plan to support smart scenes(use conditions like temp. or hum. to trigger on/off).

  1. Can I ask Google Assistant to adjust temperature and humidity for Sonoff TH10/ TH16?

Not now. But we plan to realize this function.

  1. Why I can’t ask Google Assistant to control the Google Nest that has added to eWeLink app?

Sorry, “eWeLink Smart Home” doesn’t support to control Google Nest currently. You can directly add Nest to Google Home device list and control it.

  1. I can’t find “eWeLink Smart Home”, what to do?

Firstly, make sure your area supports the Google Home. If Google Home can’t be sold in your countries, maybe Google doesn’t provide the service in your country.

Secondly, you’d better log in Google Home App with a Google account that was registered based on America location.

  1. I can’t link “eWeLink Smart Home”, the Google home app prompts”Couldn’t update the setting. Check your connection.”

Please check if your network is OK. It’s mostly due to Google Home failed to be connected to the WiFi normally. If your network is OK, then please pull-down the page to refresh, hopefully, it will then display the devices.

Or this problem is caused by Google side. Once this happens, we would communicate with Google to solve it.

  1. The Google home app prompts”Couldn’t retrieve the settings. Check your connection.”

This is happening when setting up the Google Home on the app. To solve it, please go to setting to select the language “English (US)”.

  1. I shared my devices with my sister’s eWeLink account, she logged in her eWeLink account on Google Home App, but she couldn’t find any devices there and so that she can’t control any Sonoff devices I shared.  Why?

Sorry, shared devices can’t be controlled by Google Home App. Only by binding the devices owner’s eWeLink account to the Google Home account will all the Sonoff devices come on the list and be controlled by Google Assistant.


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