Smart Ways to Make Halloween Scarier

Halloween season is coming! It’s time to show you that using smart home decorations can deliver more fun and thrills.

Create Spooky Scene With Smart Bulbs

If you have SONOFF smart bulb like B05-B-A60, you can place the smart bulbs behind your monsters, skeletons, and witches, and choose different colors to illuminate. you can prompt Alexa to start an hour-long playlist of spooky sounds or music, while your smart bulbs will flicker with different colors, like ghoulish green, blue, possessed purple, or an occult red. Just say, “Alexa, make it spooky”.

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DIY Smart Scenes With L2 Light Strip


You can use L2 light strip to DIY scenes. Like “Fright Lights”, choosing a color like Blood Moon to set the mood indoors for your Halloween party, or while you watch a spooky movie. Or you can set a routine with DW2, when detecting the door is open, L2 turns on with spooky green or scary red. And it is now available at a 15% off discount on our Halloween Sale!

Power On Your Fog Machine With a Smart Switch


Try to plug the fog machine into the S26 smart plug. Then, attach the SONOFF PIR3-RF motion detector to the fog machine. With RF BridgeR2, you can create a routine to turn on the plug, whenever people approach your house, the fog will begin to pour out and you’ll be sure to freak out anyone who passes by!

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Staying Safe With Security Camera

Halloween is a lot of fun, but we’ll be the first to admit, all the scary decor can make us a little uneasy at night. We installed a SONOF GK-200MP2-B security camera in order to confirm whether the apartment surround has potential intruders. The camera is easy to install, and the peace of mind that comes with being able to monitor the outside of your home from your smartphone helps long after Halloween. Now order SONOF GK-200MP2-B security camera can Save 15% off money.