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【Supports adding up to 128 sub-devices】Zigbee Bridge Pro supports adding sub-devices increased from 32 to 128.
【Smart Home Security】Set up home security modes, such as home mode, away mode, and sleep mode. The bridge can be used as a local alarm.
【Local Smart Scene】Timing and scene linkage between Zigbee devices can be executed normally even if the network is disconnected.
【Wi-Fi & Zigbee Dual-protocol Support】Make communication between Zigbee devices and WiFi devices.
【Strong Connectivity, Limitless Possibility 】The Bridge supports to add ZigBee devices that SONOFF has released, like ZBMINI-L smart switch and S26R2ZB smart plug, making your home smarter.

NOTE: ZB Bridge-P can connect 26 sub-devices directly (10 end devices + 16 routers, or 26 routers). If you want to connect to 128 sub-devices, routers are required, and one router-device can expand to connect 20-32 sub-devices.

SONOFF Zigbee Bridge Pro can work with the devices below:
Router: ZBMINI smart switch,S40 Lite ZB smart plug, S31 Lite ZB smart plug, S26R2ZB smart plug
End Device: ZBMINI-L smart switch, SNZB-01 switch, SNZB-02 Temp. and Hum. sensor, SNZB-03 motion sensor, SNZB-04 door/window sensor

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SONOFF Zigbee Bridge Pro is the updated Zigbee bridge that enables you to manage up to 128 sub-devices with larger capacity and stability, plug-in devices can act as Zigbee routers to extend the network range.

SONOFF Zigbee Bridge Pro newly added features like smart home security, local smart scene, and easy arm and disarm. You can customize 3 modes by setting different arming devices. The local smart scene always works well even Wi-Fi is disconnected. Built-in high-precision local RTC, a short power outage will not affect the time synchronization. Time schedule can return work once power restoration. Note that the local scene is for Zigbee devices only.

SONOFF ZBMINI-L smart switch, S26R2ZB smart plug, SONOFF Zigbee wireless switch, and sensors like temperature and humidity sensor-SNZB-02, motion sensor-SNZB-03, and wireless door/window sensor-SNZB-04 can be connected with the Zigbee Bridge Pro to give you more possibility to create various scene linkages. It can also command Alexa, Google Assistant and SmartThings to voice control your home.


Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 64 × 64 × 35 mm

ZB Bridge-P


5V DC 1A

Wireless connections

Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHZ, Zigbee 3.0

Working environment




Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

Devices are disconnecting randomly. It is almost impossible to connect windows door sensors constant connection error. I was forced to use old no pro gateway for anything other than thermostat valves.

For the offline problem, please try to move the ZB bridge P near the router, and please also tell us the device id of the ZB bridge P, so we can double check.



Mihai Margineanu
Solid product

I used it for a little while, works as expected through the native app. No glitches, good radio range (works through two floors), maybe it's time to move to USB-C but probably the new version will get it.

Abdullah Alkulaib

Good product
Small size
Easy use
Wide range

Sven Badurina
Zigber Pro

easy to setup fast respond

earl Woody
Sonoff Zignee Pro a keeper

This is good hardware. I had the previous version, non-pro, and it worked pretty well. I have twenty five devices so I thought I'd upgrade. Not all my temperature/humidity sensors would connect to the new version with new firmware. Well, maybe some weren't Sonoff but I'm buying some replacements. I did have a limit sort of while connecting devices and had given up. However I read somewhere to try rebooting my router?! Yeah, well it is the link between the hardware and Ewelink, so I did reboot and voila! Motion sensors connect just fine. All twenty something are humming right along as well as a back yard switch on that manages the pump on my goldfish pond. So, yeah if you're having any problems try rebooting the router.

ZBbridge pro can only connect 11 end devices, not good enough

ZBbridge pro can only connect 11 end devices, not good enough. End devices we are using: SNZB-01, SNZB-02, SNZB-03, SNZB-04.

if we have a room, need door sensor, occupancy sensor, temp/humidity sensor, switch. Then 1 ZBbridge pro can only connect for 2 or 3 rooms. Not good enough to scale for a whole home though, currectly you will need at least 3 or 4 ZBbridge Pro for this project.

I would like to suggest Sonoff to redesign ZBbridge pro to accept at least 24 or 36 end devices such as the above.

We look forward to this ......

Produit super bien

Les résultats de ce produit sont très satisfaisante, il est super bien. J'encourage les gens à le commander pour rendre leur maisons smart.

Produto perfeito

O produto chegou perfeitamente conforme o esperado. Atendeu muito bem o esperado e já está conectado ao sistema ewelink e funcionando perfeitamente.

Marks Maboe
Good buy

This is good buy and easy to setup

SONOFF Zigbee Bridge Pro