SONOFF CAM Slim Wi-Fi Smart Security Camera


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Trigger Event Recording by Sensor】The sensor device triggers the recording of CAM Slim, such as SNZB-03 motion sensor, starts recording when detected the motion.
Motion Detection & Alarm】Alarm in your setting effective period, avoid frequent alarms in the low peak periods.
RTSP Settings】 RTSP protocol allows you to view the monitoring screen on your PC.
Two-way Audio】Respond to your family, and visitors anytime, anywhere.
Local & Cloud Storage】You can choose to save and share video with a free 30-day trial cloud storage of the Camera Plan or locally saved with SD card (sold separately).
Scene Linkage with SONOFF Device】Scene Linkage with DUALR3 smart switch, alarm when the garage door opens to scare away thieves.

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1 × SONOFF DC 5V/2A Adapter
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1 × Kingston Micro SDHC Class 10 Memory Card
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Want to monitor your home through your phone when away home? Wanna see your family, or pets and talk to them directly from your room? SONOFF CAM Slim smart home security camera is what you needed.

SONOFF CAM Slim smart home security camera offers 1080P HD resolution, night vision, motion detection & alarm to keep your home in a secure environment, day and night. Start recording as an executive action, CAM Slim starts recording as soon as the door opens to supervise your bedroom with eWeLink Camera Plan(subscription sold separately). RTSP protocol allows you to view the monitoring screen on your PC with eWeLink Camera Plan(subscription sold separately). Two-way audio always lets you communicate with pets, and family anywhere, anytime. CAM Slim supports max. 256G Micro SD card storage and mass cloud storage. Flexible and Easy Design provides you with many installation method choices, like magnetic mount, stick, and screw mount, you can also mount on tripods that screw 1/4 inch.



Additional information

Weight 195 g
Dimensions 139 × 87 × 51 mm
CAM Slim Bundle



CAM Slim

Video Compression Standard





IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz



Camera Plan

Working Temperature


Lens Aperture


Wide Angle Lens


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Kevin Bond
It’s not worth buying.

There is an issue with the quality definitely not FHD and having issues with recording. After sales service is non existing

There are better cameras out there. I asked to return mine but they just ignored me

For the recording problem, it may an internet problem, please open the recording function when your internet is stable.
May I know can you view the video normally via the phone?
For our camera, it is FHD, if you have problems, you can show us pictures to check.

Warren Hemple
Works however disconnects

Using whit NSPanelPro once in a while it disconnects and reconnects for un known reasons. Other than that video is good. Motion sensitivity is too sensitive even on low settings.

Peter Humphries
Sharp Images and Easy Configuration

This is a great camera for the price. The daytime images are really sharp, and the night-time images, even through a window, are clear with adequate street lighting. Configuring the network connection and RTSP is simple enough with the eWeLink app.

The current firmware is missing a couple of nice-to-have features: still image URL and night-time image without IR illumination would be great additions.

💯 Manage smart home & cameras in one application

The cameras work great if they are used correctly within their designed parameters. They are an excellent price, especially for the integrated features they provide. Hope to see a waterproof version in the future.

Good choice

Battery bower would be welcome.
Too many false alarms; the device is too sensitive or not well calibrated.


V good

Good products

Everything I bought from ITEAD so far worked very well never had problems, cameras, switches, controls and plugs, all smart home products works good and the lifetime for these products excellent, I do recommend these products to be used at homes for quality price.


I have tested 2 different Cameras from ITEAD . Both are "NO GOOD". I ask for & got cust. support. New firmware update (I had to manually flash) fixed some issues on slim, not all.!. The other camera worked for 45 days, then it stop working, will not re-connect again, I try every day for 2 weeks. I will not work... JUNK CAMERA. Want to return because both cameras have some similar defects, ITEAD will not RMA their defective equipment... I have Tested & Reviewed many DIY security cams, These cameras are on the "DO NOT BUY" list. Very disappointing... ITEAD , RMA YOUR DEFECTIVE EQUIPMENT AND STOP SELLING JUNK ...!...

Sorry for the bad experience; we discovered that your camera has been updated to the most recent firmware version and is now operational; we have also contacted you to learn more about the camera; please check your inbox and respond to us.

Kevin K
More painful than it should be

After a month of use, I can tell you that the pairing process is more painful than it should be. The process has been repeated a few times as I have had to repeat it after a few power outages that we have had.

That aside, in the past month, video and still quality had degraded to a purely pink tinted view.

I have tried to add pictures and video, but the site boots me back to the product page rather than allowing me to continue the review.

I would love for this to work well, as we have been testing them for use throughout our ranch and barns.

Sadly, these just do not have the reliability that we need

Please record the video on the SD card, then export it to the SD card and play it on the PC to see if the purely pink problem persists, we have also contacted you thru email, please check your inbox and reply to us.


A questo prezzo si trovano videocamere decisamente migliori e di marche note come Imou e Ezviz.
Impostato il sensore di movimento a bassa sensibilità, ma arrivano continui allarmi di movimento anche se il dispositivo è installato in un garage chiuso. Le scene nella app funzionano, ma proprio a causa del sensore mal tarato, le stesse sono inutilizzabili.
La qualità del video è mediocre, anche in HD...o altre telecamere e con la stessa qualità si vede decisamente meglio.
Il WiFi non è molto stabile anche se la velocità di trasmissione è adeguata (25Mbit down/up).
Compatibilità con Alexa è inesistente.
Conclusioni: delusione totale. L'unico "vantaggio" nell'usare il sensore di movimento nelle scene, è reso inutile dall'inefficacia del sensore stesso. Acquisto inutile!

sorry for the bad experience, we have followed up on your problem thru email, please check your inbox, and please don't worry, we will solve the problem for you asap.

SONOFF CAM Slim Wi-Fi Smart Security Camera