This post will show users an encrypted password input by full-screen keyboard. This project is very time consuming because it needs a lot of components to create.
Download the HMI project file here

What you will need?
1.Nextion display1
1(Or SD card)
3.USB cable1
4.Grove cable

First of all, we need to create the encrypted password full-screen input project in Nextion Editor. My idea is to make the password showed in one interface: by tapping the input box, we can jump to another interface that has a full-screen keyboard. Therefore, we should create a project that contains two pages.

The pictures must be prepared ahead of time, users can search on the Internet and deal with them in Photoshop. Adjust the picture size according to your resolution.

Create a new HMI file. Then users can add the pictures inside the picture library. Create the desired font and add to font library. Now add two pages. There are multiple components to be added and set, and a lot of coding needed in this project. If users want to check the details, just download the HMI project file above and open it in Nextion Editor.

Users can download the project file either from SD card or with a foca.

Demonstration Video

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