Previously we released software “ITEAD Bluetooth Robot Panel” to simulate the operation interface for remote control of intelligent car/robot, which provided eight directional buttons, four function buttons, a governor bar and a toggle switch. Users can set the data sent out when pressing and releasing each button according to their needs so that they can control the car/robot with a cellphone.

We received a lot of feedback after the software is released, and a lot of people like it. Especially for many engineers who are familiar with hardware and machinery, they will not suffer from cellphone software development anymore. From the feedback, we found that lots of users want to have wifi connection mode, as Wifi has a longer range than Bluetooth with stronger applicability.

According to the users’ requirements, our engineers made some modifications to the previous “ITEAD Bluetooth Robot Panel” and developed a WIFI version control software “ITEAD Wifi Robot Panel“. The user interface and the operation choices provided are exactly the same as the previous Bluetooth version. The only difference is that when you click the “Settings” button, you can also set TPC connection in the setting interface in addition to setting the data sent when pressing and releasing each button.

The software supports working as TCP server as well as running as TCP client. If it works as a server, you can set the port number used for communication. If you keep it blank, it will be randomly assigned, and the server’s IP address and port number will be displayed after pressing “Start service”. If it serves as a client, you need to fill in the connected server’s IP address and port number, and the server will be connected after pressing the “Connect” button.

Due to the limit of time and resources, we are not able to make it compatible with all Andriod cellphone models, thus this software may not be displayed properly in cellphones with some resolutions. If you have this problem, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can send us a screenshot of the problems with the cellphone model, and we will fix the problem in the next update. You can download the latest software HERE.

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