SONOFF MAY Highlights

1.【New Product Warm-up】
L3 Pro RGBIC Smart LED Strip Lights:

2.【Function optimization】
2.1 ZBMINI-L Zigbee 3.0 Smart Switch 1.1.1 Home Assistant OTA Image package released , fix the problem of delayed control and automatic shutdown in Home Assistant, third-party gateways can manually download the image package to update, tutorial:
2.2 NSPanel smart scene wall switch 1.2.1 firmware release, update functions as below:
Support temp. calibration and deviation setup
Widgets support adding DUALR3, DUALR3 Lite and D1
Converting between 12-hour and 24-hour format
Customized temp. range of ±5℃
Multi-channel device name changed
Location issue optimization
Indoor temperature icon display
Fix the device reboot issue after DST is enabled
NSPanel :
2.3 B02-BL/B05-BL smart bulb Supports DIY Mode
HTTP API documentation link:

3.【Tutorial Update】 Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus tutorial update configuration power instructions:

4.【Message from SONOFF】 My mission is to protect you, to keep you safe and comfortable

Star product recommendation of May: SONOFF Cam Slim Indoor Camera
Cam Slim:

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