ITEAD Logistics Efficiency is Improved!

Recently ITEAD STUDIO takes a series of measures to improve our logistics efficiency and hold down customer shipping costs as oil prices have surged.

ITEAD STUDIO introduced more priority lines for most of south-east Asia, Africa, Latin America, the EU, the UK, and the US, this unique option is called the Special Line method which is used in Standard shipping on ITEAD STUDIO. they sent this package through Air cargo to the buyer s country, after reaching the destination country, they use the local courier or the post office to deliver the buyer’s goods. this delivery package is used to quicken the shipping times, this method takes low shipping time and other processes they using to deliver the goods is undoubtedly deserve the praises, under a standard environment, shipping time takes about 10-15 days in conformity with different journey’s end country, In terms of delivery time in February on ITEAD STUDIO, direct parcel delivery from China to most countries can be done within 16 days, compared to the previous average time 20 days, the whole efficiency is increased by 20%, to further aid cross-border shipping efficiency in EU/UK/US area, ITEAD STUDIO will launch overseas warehouse in Spain, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, United States, etc.

In addition, shipping costs have risen in the last two years as a result of a combination of a couple of reasons. In most circumstances, the cost of transporting goods by road, air, and sea will rise further dramatically this year as global oil prices continue to skyrocket, these costs making international shipping even more expensive, despite high freight shipping costs, ITEAD STUDIO will keep shipping cost same, as ITEAD always advocates to provide customers with high-quality cost-effective products and services.

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  1. hermann.b.bischof

    still wonder about the european and german warehouse where it is and when it will start, cause I have not found anything about such warehouse.


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