SONOFF ZBMINI Extreme Zigbee Smart Switch ZBMINIL2 (No Neutral Required)


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【Super Tiny Size】The tiniest Zigbee smart switch can be easily fit in the smallest EU-type/86 type/120 type mounting box.
【Support External Switch】 Work with different type of external switches to control your devices, like rocker light switch, push button wall switch.etc, no neutral wire required for easy installation & simple use.
【Simple and Reliable】As a Zigbee 3.0 switch, ZBMINI Extreme can combine with Zigbee hubs to form a home LAN,No longer worry about no internet, you are able to freely control the appliances normally even the light is as low as 3W, no anti-flicker module is required.
【Application Scenes】ZBMINI Extreme can achieve two-way control for your staircase light; set countdown/scheduled/loop timers to create your situational life; work well with Amazon Alexa and Google home to turn on/off your light by voice command; support setting the smart scene to trigger connected devices to make your life easier.

Note: ZBMINIL2 is a Zigbee End-Device.

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SONOFF ZBMINIL2 is 40% smaller than ZBMINIL, which will make it take up less space in the mounting box, suitable for most size boxes, and leave more space for DIY modification. Although ZBMINIL2 is smaller, it has many functions, no neutral wire required,  two-way control, smart timer/ scene, supports two types of wall switch,etc

Additional information

Weight 32 g
Dimensions 62 × 47 × 22 mm



Wireless Connections

Zigbee 3.0



Casing material



100-240V ~ 56/60Hz 6A Max


100-240V ~ 56/60Hz 6A Max

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Gerwin Schüßler
Nice little Addon

Works well for resetting my ceiling lamps, which loose wifi connection from time to time. The only issue: I use home assistant with deCONZ addon. The correct ddf is not integrated in deCONZ at the time of this Review, nut should ne in the next because of an active github issue.

Milan K
Problems with LED bulbs

I've purchased about 10 pcs of SONOF ZBMINIL2 - very small, fitting well in mounting box in EU countries. Pairing with Home Assistant (ZigBee2MQTT) without problem. The light source are LED bulbs.

Other ZigBee devices are some Xiaomi and SONOFF door and PIR sensors (10 in total) - all working well. Controller is SONOFF 3.0 USB Dongle Plus-ZBDongle-E, repeater TUYA Plug.

Unfortunately, ZBMINIL2 tend to disconnect from and reconnect to network repeatedly every few minutes - when the lights are off. With five ZBMINIL2s, the network becomes unusable - also the door and PIR get kicked off from the network.

I do not have any classic wolfram bulb - so I cannot test ZBMINIL2 with them. However, with LED bulbs, this seems to be unusable.


Bought four of these to add to smartthings. One quit working, when I get a chance I'll reset power to see if it comes back. Shows in smartthings but unresponsive as is the wall switch. Appears to be a faulty switch.

Smartthings setup:
Regardless how I got smartthings to find these, they where added as a z-wave controller. I then went into smartthings online ide and change the device type from z-wave to ZigBee switch and all is good.

Joao Fadigas
Compact and works perfectly

Small and does the job perfectly

Jerome Rodrigues

Work fine. Do the the job perfectlly
I bought 8, and all work very well.
Very small, ideal for EU wall mount

Nick Hadden
Doesn't work for me

I bought 2 of these and could not get either of them to connect to my SmartThings hub. Customer service has not replied to me in over a month. They say they offer returns within 30 days, but no one has replied to me for this either. I probably won't buy another product from them.


všetko funguje ako ma, jednoduchá a ľahká inštalácia.

Diego Salafia


Great device!

Small, easy to install and works great with Zigbee2mqtt!

Great !

i just installed ZBMINI Extreme without neutral. Used with a 13w led lamp. It works perfectly.
Also discovered by my Home Assistant/SONOFF ZB Dongle-P Zigbee 3.0
I'm happy!
Will now create an automation to get the lamp on when SNZB-03 sensor detect movement 😊
Done... works well... Some residual light inn the led lamp when switch is off.

SONOFF ZBMINI Extreme Zigbee Smart Switch ZBMINIL2 (No Neutral Required)
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