SONOFF L3 Pro RGBIC Smart LED Strip Lights-5M/16.4Ft


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【Smart RGBIC Effects】Unlike RGB, SONOFF L3 Pro RGBIC LED strip lights can display multiple colors simultaneously, creating a colorful lighting atmosphere.
【44 Preset Lighting Effect Scenes】44 lighting effects are preset for your different scene needs. RGBIC strip lights always bring you richer color combinations and imagination.
【Music Mode】With the built-in, highly sensitive mic, the L3 Pro RGBIC LED strip lights can synchronize to various musical rhythms.
【Voice Control】 Our L3 Pro strips support Google Assistant, Alexa, and SmartThings. You can change the color and its brightness and temperature through your voice. Alexa even can switch the preset scene mode in one second.
【Local Control】Feel free to control your strip lights via local control,don’t worry about being limited by the Wi-Fi environment or mobile phone signal.

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The ordinary RGB light strip can only display one color simultaneously, which is monotonous. But our new release SONOFF L3 Pro RGBIC Smart LED Strip, every lamp bead on the L3 Pro has IC (built-in independent chip) control, and the strip lights can display multiple colors simultaneously, creating a colorful lighting atmosphere.
Whether you're camping, celebrating holidays, or decorating your room, RGBIC strip lights always bring you richer color combinations and imagination. 44 lighting effects are preset for your different scene needs. With the built-in high-sensitive mic, you can dance with the lights that can be synchronized with various music rhythms in the music mode.
Apart from these, L3 Pro can work with Alexa, Google Assistant, and SmartThings, you can adjust the brightness and color temperature through voice. With Alexa, you can even switch the preset scene mode in one second.


Additional information

Weight 308 g
Dimensions 251 × 189 × 18 mm


Input voltage


IP Rating





150 LEDs

LED Strip Length


Working Temperature


Wi-Fi Controller Input


Wi-Fi Controller Max. Power


Wi-Fi Controller Output

DC 5V 2A


IEEE 802.11 b 2.4G

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Good ambient light

Very good for ambient light. Easy setup and many options for light effects. Would not use it for main lighting, I could not find the Lan control in settings, I hope will work with IHost soon.
Overall great value!

Alex Lee

Easily setup and configured.

Loved them

Literally love these lights! They have so many settings and the brightness is adjustable and so many different colors as well. Definitely worth the money and theyre a nice addition to my room.

Great strip lights!

44 lighting effects are preset, got the great lights!! definitely worth it!

Works fine.

Excellent light strip, many funny modes, high sensitivity of the microphone in the controller

Terrence Plunkett
Good enough

Not hyper bright but far from dim (wouldn't use in a kitchen for example).
Also once cut, there is no way to buy more controllers to use the cut strips (I asked support).
The adhesive wasn't strong enough to keep the end of the strip from curling over but that is an artifact of it being coiled so tightly. I imagine going at it with a hair dryer would resolve it.
Worked out of the box really well, includes adhesive, USB-C is appreciated.
Great for mood lighting or the like.

Picture compares the brightness to outside on a winter morning.

Chady Ahmad

yes it does great combination of colors indeed but... the lights intensity is extremely low!!!!!
even when you set it on white, very very low. i places 8 of these together hoping i get some good light intensity. the result was very disapointing

limited and poor

All sonoff itead products I have bought are very good and of excellent quality.

Unfortunately it is way below average for the brand. The quality is good, but the features are ridiculously limited and poor.
It has fewer features than anything else you can find on the internet for less.

I know that taste is particular, but, for me only the Magic effect is acceptable. However, in order not to be subjective, I will list the features and the technicals reasons that I think is flawed.

1 - When power is restored, the strip always comes back with lights on. (hopefully this can be fixed soon with a firmware update)

2 - It is an addressable led strip, this means that you could choose the color of each single pixel on the strip, but this is not available. Only Solid color or non-customizable Effects.

3 - Effects Options: Only speed can be customized. No customized colors, movement or number of leds to soften the effect (blur).

4 - Flush, Marquee, Jump, Stoboscope Effects: Although extremely limited, they can even be useful in some very specific situations, but I can`t see anyone using any of these at home.

5 - Wave Effect: Like the effects of the previous item, but with non-smoothed color differences (without "blur") from one led to the other.

6 - Race effects, gradual: blinks completely off after a cycle of your races, very uncomfortable.

7 - Sound Effect: The only customization here is the sensitivity. All effects are completely OFF at some point, no matter how hectic the music is and not one of the effects is smooth, they all flicker uncomfortably. (I would be careful as it can cause eplepty or headache in some people)

8 - Magic Effect - Good

9 - Solid color - works

10 - Scheduling and Timer - These are the basic features and they work well.

Gentian Fetahi
Just bad sticking Tape

Everything is ok, ju can cut them a solder them again, amazing, but the sticking tape is horrible, L2 had a better one.

Vlatko Galev

I love these, great colors, easy to connect & use.

SONOFF L3 Pro RGBIC Smart LED Strip Lights-5M/16.4Ft