NX4832T035 – Nextion 3.5” Basic Series HMI Touch Display


Nextion is a seamless Human Machine Interface (HMI) solution that provides a control and visualization interface between a human and a process, machine, application or appliance. Nextion is mainly applied to Internet of thing (IoT) or consumer electronics field.

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Nextion Editor Overview

Nextion Editor is a free human-machine interface (HMI) GUI development software for Nextion Basic Series, Discovery Series, Enhanced Series, and Intelligent Series. The software offers an easy way to create an intuitive and superb touch user interface even for beginners. Add a static picture as a background, define functions by components, you can make a simple GUI in minutes. The easy Drag-and-Drop components and simple ASCll text-based instructions will dramatically reduce your HMI project development workloads and develop projects rapidly in a cost-effective way. The Nextion product is the best balance HMI solution between cost and benefit with a low and decreased learning curve.Nextion Editor Features

Versatile Character Encoding
With several character encoding, you are able to create the HMI project in your language characters and strings.

Fonts and Text Styling
The font creator allows you to generate the specific fonts applied in each component value or text attribute. e.g.Generate the font of "Arial" with Height "24" and Encoding "UTF-8"

25+Amazing WYSIWYG Components
Easy-to-use components to customized GUI at screen side allow you to develop projects rapidly in a cost-effective way

Component Attribute Setting
The component attribute setting gives you the options to design all the aspects of the component that you need.

Free Simulator Debug
Debug the HMI project at any time even without the Nextion Display.The instruction input area allows you to send any Nextion commands to check the feedback and interactions.

Nextion Operational Commands
The operational commands allow users to program the HMI interactions by coding in Events windows

Text-based Instruction Set
Simple ASCll text based instructions will dramatically reduce your HMI project development workloads

Support Simple Assignment Operators
To handle the calculation and assignment for the text and Numeric data, the simple assignment operators help.


Please visit our wiki page for more information about this product. Any suggestions for improvement, such as correcting errors, adding more demo codes or tutorials, will be highly appreciated.

Additional information

Weight 84.6 g
Dimensions 101 × 55 × 12 mm
Display Size




Touch Panel



48 MHz


16 MB


3584 Byte

Input Power

DC 5V 500mA


XH2.54 4P

Storage Temperature

-30 ~ 85 °C

Working Temperature

-20 ~ 70 °C

Nextion Editor Components

Text, Scrolling Text, Number, Xfloat, Button, Progress Bar, Picture, Crop, Hotspot, TouchCap, Gauge, Waveform, Slider, Timer, Variable, Dual-state Button, Checkbox, Radio, QRcode

Character Encoding

ascii, utf-8, iso-8859-1~15, gb2312, ks_c_5601-1987, big5, windows-874/1255/1256/1257/1258, koi8-r, shift-jis

Anti-aliasing font


Product Dimensions


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Stefan Gabriel Nan

Very good!

Good Support

The display stopped working after a week, support asked for details, they promptly reviewed the issue and send a replacement. Thank you, great support.

Hi! We determined that your equipment was damaged after the investigation, and issued you a replacement in accordance with ITEAD policy. Please check the email sent by tech support for the tracking number.

Peter M.

Great screen, easy to program.

Daniel C.
Buen display, aunque algo caro.

El display se comporta muy bien y es fácil de programar.
Por el precio que tiene ahora mismo la pantalla, podría ser de mejor calidad como IPS en vez de TFT, ya que los ángulos de visión son bastante malos. Antes el precio era relativamente barato pero ahora han doblado los precios sin justificación.

Gratuit thing but not for beginner

Allo je commence à peine à utiliser mon HMI ça fonctionne très très mais une chance qu'il y a YouTube pour les tutos car ce n'est pas facile niveau débutant. Évidemment, je recommande fortement ce produit car l'éditeur est très intéressant mais comme je disais ce n'est pas facile de s'approprier tout ça.. je vais en racheter pour d'autres projets car j'adore les produits N'étions à vous d'en juger..

NX4832T035 - Nextion 3.5” Basic Series HMI Touch Display
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