NX3224F024 – Nextion 2.4″ Discovery Series HMI Touch Display


NX3224F024 is a Nextion Discovery series 2.4” Resistive HMI touchscreen without enclosure and SKU is 6920075776799.
• 2.4″ LCD-TFT HMI Display
• STM32GO ARM® Cortex®-M0+ 64MHz Onboard MCU Processor
• Fonts Creator with Versatile Character Encodings
• Low Learning Curve Text-based Instruction Set
• Support 15+ Amazing WYSIWYG Components
• New Nextion Cost-effective HMI Solution

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Nextion Editor Overview

Nextion Editor is a free human-machine interface (HMI) GUI development software for Nextion Basic Series, Enhanced Series, and Intelligent Series. The software offers an easy way to create an intuitive and superb touch user interface even for beginners. Add a static picture as a background, define functions by components, you can make a simple GUI in minutes. The easy Drag-and-Drop components and simple ASCII text-based instructions will dramatically reduce your HMI project development workloads and develop projects rapidly in a cost-effective way. The Nextion product is the best balance HMI solution between cost and benefit with a low and decreased learning curve.

Nextion Editor Features

Versatile Character Encoding

With several character encoding, you are able to create the HMI project in your language characters and strings.

Fonts and Text Styling
The font creator allows you to generate the specific fonts applied in each component value or text attribute. e.g.Generate the font of "Arial" with Height "24" and Encoding "UTF-8"

25+Amazing WYSIWYG Components
Easy-to-use components to customized GUI at screen side allow you to develop projects rapidly in a cost-effective way

Component Attribute Setting
The component attribute setting gives you the options to design all the aspects of the component that you need.

Free Simulator Debug
Debug the HMI project at any time even without the Nextion Display.The instruction input area allows you to send any Nextion commands to check the feedback and interactions.

Nextion Operational Commands
The operational commands allow users to program the HMI interactions by coding in Events windows

Text-based Instruction Set
Simple ASCll text based instructions will dramatically reduce your HMI project development workloads

Support Simple Assignment Operators
To handle the calculation and assignment for the text and Numeric data, the simple assignment operators help.

NX3224F024 VS NX3224T024

Compared with Basic Series, the Discovery Series has a better MCU performance, with the new image compression technique, the Discovery Series allows more pictures in the same amount of flash compared to Basic and Enhanced models. The operating current of deep sleep mode is as low as 0.25mA which makes the Discovery Series displays more suitable for battery-powered projects.

NX3224F024 Certification and Documents

Nextion Technical Support


Additional information

Weight 53.5 g
Dimensions 74 × 43 × 11 mm



Display Size




Touch Panel



64 MHz


4 MB


3584 Byte

Input Power

DC 5V 500mA


XH2.54 4P

Storage Temperature

-30 ~ 85 °C

Working Temperature

-20 ~ 70 °C

Nextion Editor Components

Text, Scrolling Text, Number, Xfloat, Button, Progress Bar, Picture, Crop, Hotspot, TouchCap, Gauge, Waveform, Slider, Timer, Variable, Dual-state Button, Checkbox, Radio, QRcode

Character Encoding

ascii, utf-8, iso-8859-1~15, gb2312, ks_c_5601-1987, big5, windows-874/1255/1256/1257/1258, koi8-r, shift-jis

Anti-aliasing font


Product Dimensions


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Ronald Prosch
I Love these Displays

Easy to Use great Quality 1++++

Britto Shibi
High Quality Display

Amazed by the new nextion display & ease of use.
Delivery was on time & at affordable price

Ruud Kerstens, CombiTronics
Good quality!

Since we used a lot of the NX3224T024 (over 1000), we needed a replacement for our new production. We tested the NX3224F024 and we were amazed of the simplicity to move over to another compatible display!
Know that we only use genuine parts in our builds, and we appreciate the help and support form the itead-team. We also started to improve the screen now with more color.

Andrew Barron
Great but difficult in Python

The display is excellent, but I need examples using the instruction set with Python & Raspberry Pi. Almost all of the information is for Arduino.
I can write to the display but reading button events and text box variables is a big challenge in Python. I get timeout and connection lost errors every time I change pages on the display. An example with several pages that reads button events and the value of variables would be very helpful.

Steven Henderson
A great product.

An excellent price, for an excellent product.
Easy to use, and looks great.
The only change I would make is a template to assist with making a cutout for the screen and mounting points.

Gregor Zajec
big value for start with nextion

Good replacement for basic series, same dimensions,better price,good support in GUI designer. Maybe is touch force slightly high, to improve by producer.Recommended !

NX3224F024 - Nextion 2.4" Discovery Series HMI Touch Display