AL010 2.5mm Audio Jack to RJ9 Adapter


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【Adapter】2.5mm Audio Jack to RJ9 4P4C Adapter.
【Work with】
AM2301 temperature and humidity sensor, and DS18B20 waterproof temp sensor, MS01 Soil Moisture Sensor.
Note: If you already have a 2.5mm Audio jack sensor (AM2301/DS18B20) and want to use it with a new TH Elite/TH Origin, you can buy the RJ9 adapter.

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AL010 2.5mm Audio Jack to RJ9 4P4C Adapter, suitable for AM2301 temperature and humidity sensor,DS18B20 waterproof temp sensor.

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Weight 5 g

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hola cosmin

Hello, I need the pinout for this adapter, if anyone has it please add it here ,
The th origin has 4 pins for output and am2301 has 4 input pins on the pcb, but only 3 wires connected 1 3v3, 2 data, 3 ground , and the 4 pin is left unused the 4 pin is NC.
The output pins on the the origin are : 1 3v3, 2 data rx, 3 gdn, 4 data TX.
So please stead link some.schematics for the adapter
Thank you

Dobromir Chernev
It works!

The adaptor works perfect and you can use existing sensors with new version of TH10/16

Zoran Janchevski
Excellent quality and fast delivering!

I received it very fast and I'm very satisfied with it.

Everything went perfectly!

Everything went perfectly! This product is of excellent quality, and was delivered quickly!

Giles Baxter
Thanks for your help

I had ordered 2 x "AL010 2.5mm Audio Jack to RJ9 Adapter", but only one arrived. However, after contacting you, I've now reseaved the missing adaptor and I'm really happy with it, and how it all works. 🙂

AL010 2.5mm Audio Jack to RJ9 Adapter