How to Use New Components in Nextion Editor V0.26

We are happy that our Nextion Editor have been upgraded to V0.26. In this new version, there are two new components added. They are slider component and waveform component. In this blog, we will teach you to use these two components . We hope our examples will inspired you, we are looking forward to your project sharing on our Nextion forum. More components will be added to this software soon, we will keep updating our blog to share with you.

The demo refered in this bolg can be found here.

1.Slider Component

Slider component is very easy to use,simply drag the slider and then the slider value will change.(slider.val) default val range(0-100),you can set 0-65535 by yourself,but if you use slider to control the backlight,the min val should not be 0.

This component is used in many places required continuous adjustment. See the following pictures of code implementation (nextion library example).

2. Waveform Component

•Waveform is an oscilloscope that can display up to four waveforms.

•After creating waveform component, you can choose the number of channel in ch(as show below).

•When using it, you’ll need to continuously update the displayed value in order to generate a series of waveforms by the instruction below.

add cmpID,ch,val

•Here below is a demonstration picture of nextion library example.

3.bkcmd new system variable

•Set serial command successful execution or fail execution data return(Default is 2).

•Related parameter description are as below:

4.Rename the component: Touch Area -> Hotspot

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