Nextion Enhanced Display Real-time Clock and Password Unlock Project

The Enhanced Nextion series are coming! Let’s check it out why this series of models is called “enhanced”.

Compare to the basic series, you’ll find out the enhanced Nextion has added new great functions: support built-in RTC(Battery type: CR1220), support save data to flash, support GPIO(8 pins). Also we made the enhanced Nextion larger flash capacity and larger CPU clock. The enhanced Nextion series has 7 size covers from generic 2.4” to 7.0”. Same size, similar price, better functions, super configuration, you deserve to have one.

Now we have the 3.2” Nextion Enhanced HMI display for pre-order, a $5 coupon code ”EncNextion” is prepared for you. Nextion Enhanced NX4024K032 is a powerful 3.2” HMI TFT display, with 16MB flash capacity, 1024 byte EEPROM, 3584 byte RAM. With GPIO supported, now you can use Nextion to control external devices. We have created a demo (Real-time Clock and Password Unlock Project) for Nextion enhanced models: Download from here!

Download and open them with our upgraded Nextion Editor. Check out how we design the interfaces. Note: you may find out the real-time clock is incorrect, don’t worry, follow below operation you’ll calibrate the time: Make sure you have uploaded the project to Nextion device, and with Nextion device connecting to PC with a USB cable, click Debug in Nextion Editor you’ll enter the simulator. Click Operation and select Nextion Device RTC Calibration.

The demo demonstrates the latest RTC function and save data to flash function. Our idea is to slide to unlock and enter into another interface, which displays the real time clock, also you can enter the password to unlock. Once you enter the initial password you can enter to change the password to the one you desired. Enter a new password and save it, next time you can unlock with the new password. Of course, this is just a very simple demo. For DIY lover, you can use your creative ideas to improve or develop on the basis of our project.

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