134.2kHz RFID reader module : RDM660

RDM660 is designed for reading code from 134.2KHz card or tags . It support HTS-H32、HTS-48、HTS-56 type card and tag , compatible with ISO11784/85 protocol.

It’s similar to RDM630 125kHz RFID reader module , nearly the same pins and the same output protocol, user just need to read the UART serial port that you can get the card / tag ID. The 134.2kHz is widely used in pet tags , so if you want to make some project with reading out the tag information form the pet , that the RMD660 is you best choice.

Specification and Parameter

  • Decode IC : EM4095
  • Standard : SO11784/85
  • Support : HTS-H32、HTS-48、HTS-56
  • Frequency : 134.2KHz
  • Baud rate : 115200bit/s
  • Power : DC5V(5%)
  • Current : <100mA
  • Operation distance : >60mm( Depend on Card/Tag shape, manufacturer)
  • Size : 39*19*9 mm(DIP28)

We are trying to make the Sniffer Nano V2.0 compatible with both 125kHz and 134.2kHz , but it seems that it’s a hard job to decode the different protocol in the case of you don’t know the using protocol first..May be we could release 2 version firmware for Sniffer Nano V2.0 , then it can be used in 125k or 134.2kHz.


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