Creating a Yahtzee Game within Nextion Logic

A great electronic enthusiast called Patrick Martin created an interesting Yahtzee dice game and keep the game scoring all within the Nextion logic without the need for an external microprocessor. Are you also interested in this game? And want to make one by yourself?... read more

Creating a Nextion Piano within Nextion Logic

Did you remember Patrick Martin who created an interesting Yahtzee dice game last week? This great professional electronic engineer is coming again, and bringing us another interesting project, creating a two octave piano all within the Nextion logic without the need... read more

Nextion Music Player Project

Hello! Cheap Jerseys from china We have finished a cool Nextion project. It is very easy to create. Download the project file here: Nextion Music Player HMI Project File Download related codes of this project from this website:... read more

【Open Source】Nextion Intelligent Fish Tank Project

Our intelligent fish tank project has open source on github now. This post we’ll show you its effect demonstration. You can learn how to operate the interface and set the functions from our video. Download nextion_fish_tank. Note: this file has been converted to be... read more


This post I`m going to teach you to build a gradient progress bar project. Gradient progress bar has been widely applied to many places like refresh page, buffer zone. For HMI designing, I think it is a very important and practical project. Download the HMI project... read more