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very good product

nice device

excellent device. the nextion editor is a real added value. You can write you code and debug it. Once running on the simulator, it works the same once you flashed it. I am really impressed of the job this can do.

Arrived with a severely scratched screen, no reply from support.

The unit arrived completely scratched, It looks like it is a second hand unit that has been treated rough. I raised a support ticket immediately and have heard nothing for over a month

After 35 day we don't recive anithing

We don't recive items, neather comunication from transporter. I ask you to check this order. Thank you

Easy to install and use

The SONOFF ZBMINI-L has exceeded my expectations! It is easy to install and works perfectly with my Zigbee hub. I love it!

Highly recommend!

I have an older home with no neutral wire, so buying a smart switch that would work was a challenge. The ZBMINI-L was the perfect solution! It integrated seamlessly with my existing Zigbee devices and the ewelink app is user-friendly. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a reliable and affordable smart switch.

NX4832F035 – Nextion 3.5″ Discovery Series HMI Touch Display

Purchased ten NX4832F035 – Nextion 3.5″ Discovery Series HMI Touch Display for a project using ESP32. I am very satisfied with using Nextion displays for many reasons, including ease of interface development, and freeing use of primary processors from display tasks. The Nextion Editor facilitates quick, easy interface development and debugging; just wish there was a function to print out the code. Previously used the Nextion Enhanced HMI display, with RTC, for a standalone Real Time Controller Systems that have been very successful. My 1st choice for HMI Touch Displays are the Nextion, for the reasons given earlier. My next projects are with the Nextion 5" HMI Touch Displays.


The SONOFF ZBMINI-L is a fantastic smart switch for anyone who doesn't have a neutral wire in their home. The installation process was straightforward and easy to follow. Once set up, the device worked flawlessly with my Zigbee hub, and I could control my lights remotely via the app. It's a great value for the price and highly recommended!

Tiny & Easy to Install, but...

Easy enough to install, but you'll need to cut a small length of wire from the existing wiring to make the switch connections. But it failed to be found by eWelink software, despite repeated attempts & a strong WiFi signal. Strangely, Alexa saw it & set it up with no problems whatsoever, via a Studio speaker, so it works fine in Alexa world.


Easily setup and configured.

Loved them

Literally love these lights! They have so many settings and the brightness is adjustable and so many different colors as well. Definitely worth the money and theyre a nice addition to my room.

Perfect for north america.

This little masterpiece actually fits nicelly into our metal boxes which are smaller as the european boxes. Its easy to install - you can use it as a regular or toggle switch and it does not require a neutral wire. It is perfect for wall outlets or sealing outlets. Because ut is so small there was no space for the Zigbee repeater components which is why this switch is an end device.

I bought 6 and I need many more.


Awesome product

Delighted with the performance of this tiny SDR

Got two SNZB-02D

I ordered two mentioned sensors in December 28, 2022. Two attempts to send the parcel to Ukraine were failed due to the presence of a lithium battery inside of this sensor. So we had to split the parcels - thanks to Taylor from the Sonoff support team for the very good help and support!
After three months of waiting (the second (main) parcel with other Sonoff products, by the way, is still on its way to me) I finally got a chance to evaluate this new sensor at March 20, 2023.

The initial connection of the sensors went smoothly. Temperature and humidity readings are good accuracy. No questions about the assembly, design or plastic quality.

Now about the little downsides:
- the viewing angles of the LCD screen are quite small
- the magnet in the sensor body can't hold the weight of the device. I can't hang it on the fridge door, - it just slips down under its own weight. So U need to stick the creddle on top of the fridge and it will stay there forever due to the good 3M glue properties. 😉
- complete lack of support in and Hopefully, they will fix this asap.
- concerning power consumption, I think there will be no miracle due to a voraciousness of the LCD screen and its constantly on status.

Anyway, the SNZB-02D is good and usefull! Thank U Sonoff! Keep going!
Will wait for the Sonoff Water leakage Zigbee sensor 😉

Great strip lights!

44 lighting effects are preset, got the great lights!! definitely worth it!

Works fine.

Excellent light strip, many funny modes, high sensitivity of the microphone in the controller

A perfect light switch!

This little switch is a perfect choice for all Euro users. It is so tiny it can fit any circular light mounting box without a problem.

Too bad it doesn’t come with 2.5mm2 patch wires, so you have to cut and strip your own ones. But this is a minor work for anybody with electrician skills.

It supports Zigbee and no neutral wire. Unfortunately, because od no neutral, it can not be a Zigbee repeater.

All recommendations. You won’t find any better Zigbee no-neutral switch for EU lights.

Awesome devices!

Works perfectly and adressed my problems of having a very small socket and no neutral.
I saw some comments about incompatibility with a Hue Bridge. Just know that that is because of Philips only allowing certified „Friends of Hue“ devices.

My only wish would be a way to use two way switches with this device. I only have two wires connecting my two switches and I would need three wires to make it work.

Nextion Displays on Digital Bird Camera Motion Control Systems

I have been supplying Nextion 2.8" displays with the Digital Bird camera motion control system for the past year or so and have been very happy with there performance. I selected these displays for three reasons.
1) They allow me to graphically design the interface without the need for cumbersome C++ commands in the main code
2) By handling the display interface independently it frees up resources on the main CPU and only two UART pins are required on the interface.
3) The price point is very good.
I only wish Itead would offer capacitive touch options which operate in the same way. YouTube video placeholder
Superbe ruban led de qualité

Ruban led installé dans la chambre de ma fille . La pose du ruban est très facile car il est autocollant , puis il faut le brancher au boîtier et brancher sur le secteur . Pour la mise en marche , on peut utiliser la télécommande fournie pour gérer les couleurs , augmenter ou diminuer l'intensité de la lumière , choisir un des modes de fonctionnement . On peut aussi contrôler le ruban par smartphone via l'application " ewelink " ( pour Android et iOS ) Il est aussi compatible avec Amazon Alexa ( Amazon Echo/Echo Dot/Amazon Tap) et Google Home Assistant . Le ruban est très solide , il est de qualité et on peut aussi connecter un autre ruban au premier installé . J'aime vraiment ce ruban car il est facile a installer , a utiliser , un très bon ruban à leds donc je le recommande .

Puissance lumineuse, Etanche, télécommande indépendante

Très qualitatif cet ensemble est agréable à commander et les couleurs qu'il diffuse sont puissantes et très colorées. L'appairage est également très simple à effectuer, la connexion est immédiate et stable, il suffit ensuite d'associer la télécommande indépendante pour obtenir les premiers résultats. Outre le fait que le ruban de leds est étanche et de belle qualité la lumière est puissante. Les différents coloris s'obtiennent sans hésiter et les scénarios sont également très agréables. J'ai apprécié que les coloris soient intenses et les lumières vives et bien contrastées.

Easy setup, Good design.

Am happy with this remote. Easy to setup. Use it to control two 4CH-Pro Sonoff switches.
Didn't think I'll need it's wall mount holder. But Because it small and easy to misplace. I had to DIY a blank pattress cover to mount and hold it on the wall.
So when you order one, order with the it’s wall mount holder.

One of the cooler sonoff devices

This thing is pretty awesome. One of the cooler devices for the sonoff ecosystem. You can assign up to 3 different scenes per each button. One click. Hold click. Double click. Requires a device that works with ewelink remote devices......once its configured u can assign it to any device regardless of where it is

a nice product

I needed to find a very fast and tactile display at an affordable price: It is to make goodies for an association.
The Nextion displays are really easy to use and very practical
I got around the impossibility of using the gauges in transparency by tracing the hands of the clock
the program is written in Basic Bascom and the microcontroller is an AVR128DB28

Excellent quality and fast delivering!

I received it very fast and I'm very satisfied with it.