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Good product and good service!

It doesn't work

The device doesn't work with my Wi-Fi home network. Without connecting with a network the device is useless. The support doesn't exist. I only get an answer using the Twitter account, but the answer was that the device should be working.

More painful than it should be

After a month of use, I can tell you that the pairing process is more painful than it should be. The process has been repeated a few times as I have had to repeat it after a few power outages that we have had.

That aside, in the past month, video and still quality had degraded to a purely pink tinted view.

I have tried to add pictures and video, but the site boots me back to the product page rather than allowing me to continue the review.

I would love for this to work well, as we have been testing them for use throughout our ranch and barns.

Sadly, these just do not have the reliability that we need

Please record the video on the SD card, then export it to the SD card and play it on the PC to see if the purely pink problem persists, we have also contacted you thru email, please check your inbox and reply to us.

Not so enthousiastic

I am a little disappointed as the touch screen is not precise and the processor is clearly underpowered which leads to a slow response time.
My zigbee gateway is not recognized probably due to a too low signal but it might come from the gateway as out of 9 devices I always have 4 that are disconnected...
Configuration option are too little, it lacks flexibility but that can be arranged with a software update.
As I want to put the screen in place of an existing switch I'd like to be able to freeze on the screen a switch position.
This way my switch will always be accessible whatever screen page is selected.

There is still a lot of work to do...

1) I can connect the smart plug Sonoff S26R2ZBTPG and turn it on/off, but I'm unable to set the schedule. Sent a bug report. Not answered yet.

2) All my Sonoff sensors keep me sending low battery warnings every 2h. All of them are new, so the battery should be close to 100% charged and not close to 0%.
The eWelink app says the battery is full. The Sonoff team says the battery was drained out.

3) I live in a 60m² apartment. It was necessary to add one zigbee signal extender (like the S26R2ZBTPG) on each room, otherwise the connection is lost.

Looks like there is a lot of work to do...


I am satisfied with the product, I would like an update where it would be possible to add a camera to a command


I received both packages, thank you very much!
The packaging is excellent, the package was tracked.
I am very pleased with the cooperation, I will definitely turn to the great ITEAD store again!
Good luck, friends!
Kirill, Russia.

Я получил обе посылки, спасибо большое!
Упаковка отличная, посылка отслеживалась.
Я очень доволен сотрудничеством, обязательно обращусь снова в отличный магазин ITEAD!
Удачи вам, друзья!
Кирилл, Россия.

4 ch pro for more automation options

Like the LV input.
Like the independent dry contact outputs.
Like it only uses 1 Wi-Fi client.
Like the price.
Like that it plays nicely with Samsung and Google home.
Just needed some dry contacts to make my curtains "smart", and easy to operate from phone. Bonus was able to make them automatic at sunrise and sunset. Also linked it to a room light automation.
This piece of hardware opened up many options.
Have used the other outputs to automate my old air con unit.
Sorry no picture of a new box with many wires hanging out of it.
Now to my next project...

Fine but could use some refinements

The mini-l certainly fits a purpose that many other products currently don't fill. Specifically, they allow automation of devices without a neutral wire and in that way, they work exactly as advertised. My only wish is that they would act as a repeater which is one of the benefits of a Zigbee system. Currently, I have some of the mini devices from Sonoff as well as some of their Zigbee plugs and incorporating a repeater into their mini-l would only strengthen my mesh system even more.

Otherwise, installation was simple and setup and connectivity are good using Zigbee2MQTT in Home Assistant. I am currently using the Sonoff Dongle as the controller.


A questo prezzo si trovano videocamere decisamente migliori e di marche note come Imou e Ezviz.
Impostato il sensore di movimento a bassa sensibilità, ma arrivano continui allarmi di movimento anche se il dispositivo è installato in un garage chiuso. Le scene nella app funzionano, ma proprio a causa del sensore mal tarato, le stesse sono inutilizzabili.
La qualità del video è mediocre, anche in HD...o altre telecamere e con la stessa qualità si vede decisamente meglio.
Il WiFi non è molto stabile anche se la velocità di trasmissione è adeguata (25Mbit down/up).
Compatibilità con Alexa è inesistente.
Conclusioni: delusione totale. L'unico "vantaggio" nell'usare il sensore di movimento nelle scene, è reso inutile dall'inefficacia del sensore stesso. Acquisto inutile!

sorry for the bad experience, we have followed up on your problem thru email, please check your inbox, and please don't worry, we will solve the problem for you asap.

Best for it's price

I had the legacy zigbee controller before. It was unstable and slow. I thought that the technology itself is buggy but that was a mistake. Whet I got this one I got the full network of devices at high speed and zero error rate. Thanks, I trust the technolog again!

Not working locally

Have tried for 2 weeks to controll the device locally but no luck, also the data lines are disconnected trough the device

Bugs with zigbee 2 mqtt

Has a lot of bugs with zigbee 2 mqtt, devices get disconnected, can't get information from devices, interview process repeats for single device after each half an hour

We apologize for the negative user experience; to make sure we can completely fix the problem for you, I have contacted you thru email to gain info about the bugs, please check your inbox.

Allmost perfect

Only thing missing, is energy consumption. Yes it show up power consumption, but direct energy consumption in kHw would be perfect 🙂

works up to 3 months

I tested the ms01 humidity sensor. I watered my flowers remotely for 3 months. I am often away from home. You can get used to the operation of the sensor and water the plants manually when required. But after 3 months, the coating (paint) starts to peel off the sensor. The sensor first starts to go crazy, then stops working. Two Stars (**) just because it works somehow. Poor workmanship.

This problem might be caused by the device itself, please check your inbox and reply to our email, we will reply to it for you per the warranty item. hope to hear from you soon.

Please ask your developers to install your products at home first

When these work, they are excellent.

However, even with the firmware update, these devices will drop off my zigbee network (ZHA) intermittently. ZHA is configured perfectly because I have other zigbee products that are rock solid for months. When they do drop off, there is nothing you can do besides re-pairing them which requires opening up your light switches.

Even if a simpler pairing method was possible e.g. switch on and off 5 times in 5 seconds. My life would be so much easier. At this stage I cannot recommend them.

We apologize for the negative user experience; we have sent you an email to investigate this unknown disconnected problem, please check your inbox and we will solve it for you asap.

Great hardware and design

There are several dongles available out there but this one has a great design and most importantly has been very reliable (I have it since 2 weeks). The antenna and metal casing seem to really help the signal reliability, I had tons of issues with cheap CC2531s from Aliexpress. I'm quite impressed with the Sonoff zigbee line - they have been the easiest to integrate and configure with Homeassistant.


I love these, great colors, easy to connect & use.

Perfect product

Fast delivery and really good product

Thread firmware not available yet

Bought to use with Thread.. No firmware yet, so still waiting

Works with Zigbee2mqtt and Home Assistant

Fast response of my zigbee devices. Good signal strenght. Would like to have support for Thread.

Works perfectly after updating firmware

This device is working as expected and that's great. The only BIG minus for this device is size compared to ZBMINI. So none of my euro electrical boxes seems to fit it without squishing it in. Please make it in a smaller size.

We apologize for the inconvenience, we have sent you an email to gain more info about the junction box, and please don't worry, we will try to solve the problem for you asap.

L2 is worst LED controller ever!!

I have approx 25 SONOFF products linked to my WLAN and EWELINK but only with L2 I have so much problems as with no other products. I have a 2.4 GHz b/g/n WLAN but this controller is not able to switch to WLAN because of the supporters 2.4GHz "b" WLAN Mode. First I thought my controller is damaged and ordered a new one but there was the same problem with 2 other L2 controller. I can pair with Bluetooth but thats it. No WLAN - no Group pairing! Better SONOFF should bring back the L1 controller without Bluetooth but WITH WLAN b/g/n because they work perfect!!! The L2 controller are the worst products of SONOFF ever! 1 step further with Bluetooth but 2 steps back because of the supported WLAN Mode!! And: the products should use the WLAN a customer has and NOT the WLAN should be changed for the product!! Especially when the supported WLAN Mode is the oldest and most useless one!

For stand-alone and in the near of the mobile phone it is ok but if you cannot switch it to wlan it is not possible to group it with the other LED controller as I want!

I am not interested in this product controller as I know that the "old" one works perfect! Please bring back the old one without bluetooth!!!

We apologize for the negative user experience; this problem can be fixed by configuring the router setting. we have sent you the solution, please check your inbox and we hope to hear from you soon. meanwhile, we have submitted the request to update the light strip WIFI controller for you, thank you for your feedback!

Good item

The touch has a little delay but overall the panel does exactly what it suposed to do. I m verry happy with my purchese