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The latest update 1.2.1 Is quite nice, but it Is still not the full potencial that i would like to see. I would like to see temperature sensor And thermostat in decimal degrees like 24.5°C, 23.2°C etc.
Today I can only give Nspanel 3 stars, it has a lot of potencial I will give you that. Sonoff's products are great in hardware but it's limits are in firmware. The thermostat in this stage is pretty insuficient, after the future update that will implement this function, I'll be happy to give this product more stars.

Working well - delivery was quick

I ordered two of these, flashed one as a router and kept the other as the coordinator. It appeared to already have the latest firmware. As I previously had a CC2531 configured on my home assistant, it was just a matter of unplugging the old dongle, changing the configuration port to /dev/ttyUSB0 and plugging in the new one. The signal link quality across the entire network has improved. No more laggy behaviours or missing temperature reading. Have 30+ devices on the network. This week I put the second one as a repeater to make the signal stronger and the mesh more resilient. So far so good

again about the alarm

Hi again,
I did not find a link in the instructions anywhere. Where exactly is the alarm set, would you help me ?! In fact, I need to send printh 0xXX 0xXX 0xXX 0xXX (4 bytes HEX) at a specific time to the Arduino via serial port while in sleep mode.

Airspy HF+ Discovery
Suresh Varma

Worked straight out of the Box. Sensitive radio. Best value for money. I wished it only had a second input for VHF antenna to conveniently operate on HAM bands w/o frequently changing the antennas on the delicate SMA connector. Otherwise very satisfied overall.

Very Nice

I like Nextion HMIs very much. They are inexpensive and easy to use.

I have worked with the 2.4" Basic Series model, the 4.3" Intelligent Series model, and now the Discovery Series HMI built into the Sonoff NSPanel. I like that a consistent design has been used on the different sizes and series. I plan to use this brand of HMI in many of my future projects.

As for the '4.3" Nextion Intelligent Series HMI Touch Display with enclosure' specifically, I bought this unit expressly for two reasons: 1. Having the HMI already installed in an enclosure makes it easy to deploy (i.e. mount on a wall) without having to buy or 3D-print a suitable enclosure. 2. The Intelligent Series is capable of sound output (e.g. WAV files) via a speaker (which is built into the enclosure). Both of these features were selling points for me.

After finding out that the pre-existing wiring that I was using to communicate with the HMI was causing data corruption, I decided to build a "wireless" HMI using an ESP8266 (Wemos D1 Mini). Luckily, the HMI enclosure was easily openable, and there was enough empty space inside that I was able to mount the D1 Mini board on the back panel of the enclosure and then connect the HMI's power and data lines to the D1 Mini. After a little bit of extra programming effort, the improvised device was working very well, and I have decided to use this design for all of the HMIs in my establishment. I love it that I was able to retrofit an IoT microcontroller into this device. (And, after all of that work, I discovered the new Sonoff NSPanel, which is essentially a more professional version of this, with an ESP32 microcontroller driving a Nextion HMI as a wall-mounted IoT control panel.)

If I have anything negative to say about this particular unit, I find that the included mounting brackets and enclosure mountpoints are klunky and cumbersome. I wanted to mount the HMI on a wall, and was unable to do so without creating a 3D-printed mounting plate. In future, I would hope to see more / better mounting options for this model.

All in all, I think these HMIs are wonderful, and it has been a pleasure to use them in my automation projects.

Good upconverter

Fast delivery. Upconverter works very well with Airspy R2 to provide HF frequency reception.

Eccellente prodotto

Prodotto davvero fantastico, fa il suo dovere, unica pecca non poter vedere i consumi graficamente sia mensili che settimanali.

FW 9.9.1

Hi. today the device offers me the update FW 9.9.1. Can you tell me what the changes are? why 9.9.1 when it is now 1.1.1?

Thanks for you feedback, we have forwarded your question to our developers, they will check and solve it.


got several of those devices and they work great! flashed with tasmota ofc

works great

did firmware update (via terminal) and works with mqtt2zigbee

Brought my Instant Replay by 360 systems back to life

If you are looking to replace your hard drive in your Instant Replay by 360 systems this is the item for you. There is a tutorial on YouTube that if you follow the programming down to the letter you can resurrect your instant reply too

Doesn't fit

I have my whole house fitted with the T3 product (US) since gang boxes are the same size here in Japan and in the US. They fitted nice and everything was good.

Now I really wanted real buttons instead of touch-sensitive and this product came out so I ordered a sample of 2 switches. They're so tight that if there's even a millimetre of difference in the opening to the gangbox, the switch will not fit.

Also because of the new design, the screws that hold the gang box in place can't be used any more, the holes for those screw heads at the back of the switch are too small. The screws provided in the box are too short for walls that are slightly thicker (mine are wood for example).

I can't honestly recommend this switch to anyone due to the issue of them not having enough play to fit in a standard US gangbox.

Very good

It simply works

Plugged the dongle and USB-extension cable to my VMware host, did USB-passthrough to virtual machine and start Zigbee2MQTT Docker container. So far everything just works, as they should. Can finally change my home automation away from the previous proprietary setup.

Gratuit thing but not for beginner

Allo je commence à peine à utiliser mon HMI ça fonctionne très très mais une chance qu'il y a YouTube pour les tutos car ce n'est pas facile niveau débutant. Évidemment, je recommande fortement ce produit car l'éditeur est très intéressant mais comme je disais ce n'est pas facile de s'approprier tout ça.. je vais en racheter pour d'autres projets car j'adore les produits N'étions à vous d'en juger..

Airspy HF+ Discovery
Connor Walsh
Working well!

I live 500 metres from a 50 kW MW and 20 km from multiple 250 kW FM transmitters, and this sdr handles MF and HF way more cleanly than my portable radios.


an industrial equipment with lan connection... excellent quality and it works perfectly.

Step in the right direction, but...

I bought and installed four iFan-04s. I am using them in Mexico where the voltage is supposed to be around 127V. The devices work as advertised with the factory firmware, Tasmota, or ESPHome, and they can be managed with home automation software like Home Assistant. I have four brand new fans from Home Depot that came with modules like the iFan-04, and with remote controls for the fan and light. Unfortunately they are not home automation compatible, so I replaced them with iFan-04s. I am giving them a 3-star rating for two reasons. The first one is that the modules are too big and don't fit under the cover (fan canopy) that hides the area where the fans attach to the ceiling. The modules that came with the fans are smaller and fit in that area perfectly. I had to remove the iFan-04 modules from their plastic cases and insulate then, so I could fit them under the covers. The second reason for a 3-star review is that the remote controls that come with the iFan-04 are just crap! Yes they work, but they are not ergonomic at all. They are small and rectangular, which makes them hard to hold, and the tiny icons on the buttons are not intuitive or easy to read. We now use voice commands or the Home Assistant app on our phones to control the fans.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. We have forwarded your suggestion to our developers, they will check it.

Nice zigbee replacement for sonoff basic

It's basically a drop in replacement for the Sonoff Basic but with zigged support, Pairing with ZHA was easy and without trouble, I will be replacing all my wifi smart switches with zigbee whenever I can.

Be careful ! not compatible with HUE bridge !

Don't mistake these for the original ZBMINIs.
There are a few problems when using it with the HUE bridge?
1) It does not update it's status (on/off) on the HUE app, when you toggle the device with the physical button.
2) The switch does not respond to room controls - you have to turn on/off individually (very weird limitation)
3) The HUE bridge will not make it visible under HOMEKIT (apple)

Manufacturer will reply to this comment stating the problem is on Phillips Hue side, however, Sonoff's previous product (ZBMIINI) is compatible with hue.
Therefore, it is no excuse

Sorry for the inconvenience caused to you. We have forwarded your request to our developers. If there is progress, we will update.

Fully Satisfied

Worked out of the box with zigbee2mqtt and homeassistant. Due to the good documentation i was able to flash ist with the latest firmware to be 100% compatible to more vedors.

Frequent disconnects

Really love the design, but the devices frequently disconnect from my network. I am using the CC2531 for my mesh and 2 of these sensors on closets. This means that both are close to routers (the bulbs). Regardless, they are frequently reported as unavailable.

Too big

Dimensions are too big making it really difficult (actually impossible) to fit into standard UK mounting boxes.
Because of this I have not been able to use these.

Works great

My home built in 1969 has no neutral wires so changing dumb switches to smart switches was not possible. All the switch boxes have just two wires with no neutrals bundled. Installing these was easy. I used a Zooz momentary rocker switch and changed the setting to latch. These do take up space in the box, but since the Zooz switches are thin and I used a deep plastic box there was plenty of room.
Including this in my Hubitat ZigBee mesh was easy.

Hello, I would like to thank you for contacting me, I liked the purchase but I found the delivery to take a long time, in the most I'm buying to try the M5 here at my house in Brazil