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5.0” Nextion Intelligent Series HMI Touch Display

The product is basically good. The angle of view is only good in portrait format. This should be improved and an IPS panel should be used.

Can't get it to discover any devices

Can't recommend this product, I have tried ever tutorial to get it to work and still no luck.

Sorry for the inconvenience, our customer service will contact you to help you solve this issue.

Haven't received my order

37 days passed and still not received.

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Nextion BOX Speaker
Rian van Kessel
Compact luidsprekertje

Het is een mooi compact luidsprekertje dat een duideliijk signaal kan laten horen. Voor zo'n klein luidsprekertje is de geluidskwaliteit van muziek best wel goed. Ik gebruik hem vooral om een signaal te geven dus een wav. bestandtje met een enkele toon.

Small in size but big in performance

I had been using Airspy HF+ Discovery and very satisfied with its performance. Mini is just as good except that I had to recalibrate the device by using airspycalibrate.exe.

Works, but there is a trouble

Works, but there is a trouble
LED controller high pitch noise

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Finally, good news, there is a product made by a trusted manufacturer

Everything worked in HA, there was no need to reconnect the devices. Works without problems.

Efficient magnet sensors

They are small and blend in with our white trim. So far they have been working well with Home Assistant and my Zigbee bridge. They connected immediately to the system.


I got the screen broken after transport.

Sorry for this transportation issue, our customer service will contact you to help you solve this issue.

SONOFF Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus
Роман Елизаров
Прекрасное устройство (Perfect device)

Пришло быстро, работает на ODROID N2+, HAssIO и ZHA гладко, дальность сигнала увеличилась относительно deCONZ RaspBee I.
Fast shipping, working on ODROID N2+, HAssIO and ZHA smoothly, enhanced range comparing to deCONZ RaspBee I.

It works, but can be better

It's a good device to start you zigbee journy with, as it works with zigbee2mqtt nicely, but as stated in other reviews it has some disadvantages or weak places that can or even should be improved. Wifi coverage of this device is not great, it's same as you use usual CC2531 cheap with SLS project and delivery is very long. I got some goods i ordered from aliexpress 2 weeks later earlier that this product. But compatibility and price of this product is good and in overal i think, considering it's price, it's good starting point for newby that wants to build his first or second zigbee network.


Fast shipping. Great product. Works very well with Home Assistant - Zigbee2mqtt, ZHA. Quick pairing of devices.

Goed werkend scherm

Scherm werkt naar behoren. Makkelijk te programmeren. Je moet er niet te schuin op kijken want dan wordt het donker en de kleuren veranderen. Als je normaal recht op het scherm kijkt ziet het er geweldig uit.

Works as expected

Received the display within 2 weeks (Germany), additional taxes (18,60Eur) applied.
Resistive touch is unprecise and needs quite a bit of pressure, but this is expected.
Nextion software is a bit awkward sometimes, but still everything can be solved.

Great Display

I use this display on my Arduino-based Morse code keyer. It adds versatility with a big programming overhead. YouTube video placeholder

Bought a few to try around the house. So far very please with them. Easy to pair into the ewelink app and nice colour range as well as brightness, dimming capability. Highly recommended

Efficient & Versatile

The Nextion 4.3” panel does everything it says - but it takes form factor and versatility to the next level. I was most surprised by how sturdy the build quality was. I've used many panels in different forms over the years but never have I used one with such confidence that the tech will deliver - and deliver it does! If you are on the fence, you should go for it. You will NOT regret it.


Instructions for wiring the device is very small letters for this old guy. I went to wire it up but it has no instructions for my 2 wire system (old wiring) I got it to connect to wifi and the app but no way to get power to light. Will have to see if there is a work around.

Right now not working with IKEA FLOALT

I tried to connect IKEA FLOALT 30x30 cm (software version and IKEA FLOALT 60x60 cm (software version to this stick.
But it didnt work.

Connecting an TRÅDFRI control was possible. So the stick itself works fine.

I'm Using a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Rev 1.2 with Raspbian GNU/Linux 10.

Software component:
zigbee2mqtt: 1.22.0
npm: 7.19.1
node: 16.13.0
zlib: 1.2.11

I have tried with the preinstalled coordinator version from january and also with the version 20210708 from

Rested the FLOALTs several times. Used a USB extention cable and spend round about 6 hours to get it to work.

But no success.

Right now, i can't recommend this stick if you want to use it with IKEA devices.


Great with Espurna

I buy and use these extensively after putting Espurna on them. They work fine with the included software, I just like connecting to services they don't support and using one central app.

hello, to be honest I am satisfied with the build quality, but the software part is not satisfacence, in addition to being not very detailed the energy consumption part in the app, it is not supported by the ewelink dashboard, this is serious, your most expensive product has the most approximate software, it is not possible for example to see the total consumption of all 4 channels but you need to see each one separately, also the app displays the mail controller and the relay but with duplicate information, I don't know what sense all this makes .
Mine is a criticism only to explain to you what are the things that I think should be implemented immediately, otherwise it makes no sense to buy this product instead of having 4 pow 3 that have the same function, at least if there is a fault on the device it does not stop everything the plant

Best Zigbee stick

Good working with another devices from HA. Recommend to buy.

Good product

The dongle works great. Good range. Works in my Home Assistant through Zigbee2Mqtt. Pairs new devices without a problem.

SONOFF Zigbee 3.0 USB Dongle Plus
Сергей Васильевич Гресько
Топ за свои деньги

Стик получен в течение месяца, на стоковой прошивке работает без проблем с HA , качество связи выросло в сравнении стиком 2531. Топ за свои деньги