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back light the display

hard to read display in a dark cupboards need a touch to see
and sometimes loses connection i blame the intermittent NBN

Temperature Accuracy is too high.

Temperature Accuracy
at +/- 1 is too high it needs to be a setting in the 0.1 range
i run the heater at 21deg so the heater won’t come on untill its 19deg
and won’t cut off untill it’s 23deg this 5 degrees is too big difference.
you end up turning it to manual cos it’s to cold and then
it getting to hot you end up off the variance is too high.

Horrible. Ghost switches. Known issue. No help from ITEAD.

They know about this ghost switching issue.
It is easy to find many others with this issue.
ITEAD offers to sell you more defective junk.
DO NOT BUY anything from this company if you hope to get after sale service.

Product Reliability

Very easy to integrate in our application. Very nice product!

Amazing Gadget

As usual I use sonoff for my home automation system and flash it with a custom firmware to get mqtt and individual screen to control my entities in my house via Touchscreen and physical buttons. Work great and it's a real game changer in home automation.keep going !

Failed after 1 week

Installed and worked well for a week.
Then went Offline and am unable to connect to WiFi. Tried pressing and holding the buttons. Can't connect.
I loved it when it worked and am so sorry that it no longer functioning.
I would return it for a refund, but the courier costs from South Africa does not warrant the refund.

We have already contacted you via email; please check the email and confirm the solution; please do not be concerned; we will do our best to assist you in resolving the issue.

It works but!

I set up a bench test to see how they work and it works as described. But I have a typical installation for the UK and the ZBMINI Is too deep to fit, so will have try to sell on eBay.

Great product

It meets all my expectations, the only think I don’t like is the fact that it barrelly fits in my wall plate (im from mexico) the plates here are very narrow.


This is exactly what I always wanted!
HMI program takes a while to get used to, but plenty vids available. My display is bright, no dead pixels. Perfect for my chicken coop automation project.

Smart thermometer is... not smart when using with Alexa

The whole device itself is OK.

But for some reason is not fully compatible with Alexa.

It provide temp value for Alexa but it can't be used for creating routines !!!

Yes Sonoff Smart Thermometer can't be used to create Alexa routines !!!

Alexa will not recognise this device as device which can trigger actions !!!

This is weird as other Sonoff product which I have the motion sensor can do this.

Sonoff please fix this ASAP or I want part refund for my order !!!

We apologize for the trouble caused by the SNZB-02; because the SNZB-02 cannot be used to establish a routine in Alexa, we have already contacted you and offered another solution; please check your email and we hope to hear from you soon.

Oh My, RFR2 is the best Sonoff product

I've been a fan and deployed dozens of Basic and Dual Wifi Switches. I have a TX RF series wall switch in every room of my house, including each attic and the garage. BUT, the Basic RFR2 is absolutely the best product. Once I realized, I could use a 8 button Sonoff RM433 everywhere. I use it in conjunction with the wall switches RF version. I went back and replaced every Basic, Dual and S31 that I was using with a Basic RFR2 spliced into short extension cords. Everywhere. I use them to turn on/off my Samsung TVs, my computer monitors, my Echo Dots, (yes, I restart the Dots daily). I use the basic on my bed and table lamps, my coffee pot, my porch lights and on every one of my 11 Wyze V3 cameras. The RF function allows me to instantly turn something on and off without voice, without apps - everywhere. LOVE THEM.

Please try one. But one $10, get a remote, better yet, get the RM433 also for $8. You won't be sorry.

Excelente Producto

Buen producto, bien logrado en cuanto a diseño y funcionalidad con una interfaz bastante intuitiva, Felicito al soporte técnico por la rápida respuesta ante una falla aletoria en el firmware original que generaba el auto apagado del dispositivo sin que previamente se establezcan umbrales de desconexión, sigo haciendo pruebas y por el momento todo funciona correctamente.. Como propuesta de mejora estaría bueno que al momento de descargar el registro de consumos del servidor, el usuario pueda seleccionar desde que fecha, ya que por defecto te descarga desde el inicio del año siendo el usuario recién adquirió el producto y no registra consumos en todo el periodo anterior. .

Bon produit mais manque de documentation

J'ai commandé et reçu l'écran NX4832K035 - HMI Touch Display.
Il s'agit d'un très bon produit (performance et possibilité) mais NEXTION publie très très peu de documentation (et aucune en français). Il faut donc jongler avec les tuto et on n'utilise donc pas toute les capacités de l'écran.
Les exemples et démo sur GitHub ( sont obsolètes et ne fonctionnent pas avec l'éditeur 1.63.3

Revised Review - resolved most issues

Revised again, these sensors are not a good product. Simply not worth the trouble. A reall pain in the arce to keep working. Most are back in the junk box!

Sorry for the trouble caused by the SNZB-02; we have contacted you again with another option; please confirm it and see if it helps.

Smart Switch's

Real easy to set up and use. I have various Sonoff products and all work well and very useful.
Will buy more : )

Works well and integrated easily with zigbee2mqtt in home assistant.

Very good, but didn't have Alice support

I was delighted to receive and unbox the device.The wall mount is very functional.
I decided to replace the miniR2 with a dualR3 lite and put two lighting points.

Differences with mini r2:
Slightly larger size
No delay (albeit not a large p2 had a delay)
S1|S2 work with Load(phase)
The most important thing is the lack of support for Alice

Not very compatible

I bought this because I wanted the TH10 and I wanted to use it with, in local mode (my application should NOT connect to the cloud). Because the TH10 is no longer available, I had to buy this model, and it did not work out of the box. With a lot of debugging and code changes, it sort of works. The only answer I got from tech support (it was from JL) was "UIID 181 protocol document is not in the recent update plan, but if more users are used, we will also raise the priority."

If you need to use this in non-cloud mode, I recommend you wait until the developer docs at actually explain how to do so.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused by the unavailable feature at present - 'under the control of your company only, not cloud-connected', we highly value this problem and have submitted this request, and come up with another solution to you by email, thank you again for your feedback.

Great idea badly executed.

This product seemed to be exactly what I needed but the refresh rate is AWFUL. It updates every HOUR. For a battery device this makes sense, but for a powered device it is a STUPID DESIGN. I am also not convinced of the accuracy. The history is either daily or monthly, so if you want to compare two or three days, you have no chance, this is another dumb idea to not include weekly history chart. If anyone has found a product that does what this does but better, let me know so I can upgrade.


I have already transferred the second house to these relays, I am very satisfied

Excellent SDR

SDR performance is excellent. Works very well on LW, MW and SW bands. Small size makes it very portable for outdoor use. Sensitivity is very good for the price. Have been using a rtl-sdr previously, this airspy sdr is in a totally different performance level.


These sensors are inexpensive and I've heard the batteries last a long time.
However, they are highly unreliable. At least 10%, and perhaps as much as 25% of the time, the Sonoff bridge does not receive the signal from the sensor. The sensors are less than 20 feet from the bridge, open air.
That level of failure is unacceptable for a home automation system and especially for a security system.
As stated in other reviews, there is only a door open signal; no signal when door is closed or when battery gets low.
Though more expensive, I'm looking at the YoLink door sensors & bridge.

We've contacted you again through email and provided you with another solution to your problem; please check your email and confirm the remedy to see if it works, and thank you once again.

Nextion BOX Speaker

i used this product for sound alert.
maybe better put in some short circuit protection in the RX and TX system. or fail or error in conection with microcontroleitor.
my suggestion is because three screens of the basic model have damaged the tx system when connecting it to microcontrollers,
for this reason the screen receives data but does not send it,
we have made the same connection with other nextion screens and the same controller and it works normally sending and receiving data. but only on these three screens of the basic model. They receive but do not send data despite having done multiple tests.
If you could provide us with a solution. (change a component of the screen).
I would be very grateful.

this product is fantastic for my equipment

D1 ghost switches.

I have had 4 of these trying to solve this problem. The D1 turns its self on at random times. It's a known issue. Support will waste a lot of your time and act as if it's a problem on your end. Again, known issue. All you have to do is search a little. I was on with support for more than 30 days and they just kept asking the same questions. What a shame, I have to remove all of my other Sonoff items and go with a new system.