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Good support

The product is working fine but short of instructions including to product therefore it take time to installation properly.

Not good

The switch worked for a short time but failed. It was OK when it worked.

Could you show us a video to check the problem?
Please try to change a new battery to check if it would help or not.

Central control

Looks good, seems well made, easy to install. Great to have access for everybody to all my Sonoff devices without needing to access the eWelink app. Good to be able to choose which devices are displayed. Very happy with the product, quite likely to buy another.

Good produt

Good product and quality increase

Thermo Relays

This product is excellent, packaged amazing and quick delivery, used for our Thermo Relays and work fantastic.

Very good LCD

This is perfect to interface with Arduino.
Easy to use IDE.
Fully recommended.

Excelente and great

Im happy

They are HUGE

I haven't been able to use these yet. The problem is they are too big to fit in my electrical enclosure. Ended up using the smaller relays driving the existing contactors instead. Lost the power metering function but can''t be helped.

For the size problem, did you check the dimensions on our website before you buy it?
Do you mean there is no power metering on the app? Please show us pictures to check.

the best for ADS-B

Yes, it's far more expensive than other SDRs (especially the ubiquitous RTL based ones), and it doesn't even include a filter and LNA. But it is so much better than the RTL based SDR, it's pretty amazing. Expect significantly higher message counts and more planes over all - but do keep in mind that you may need a filter and LNA as well. It's a lot of money. But to me it is worth it.

The included nuts do NOT FIT in the holes 🙁

I ordered four of these IP66 cases. The included nuts do not fit through the two holes of the case. I've watched videos and pictures online of how this is supposed to be assembled - but if I try to do it like this I will definitely break something. I feel silly.
Am I doing something wrong? If so, what??

For the IP66, you need to tighten the screws from the inside to the outside, please try again

Very BAD Humidity Readings!

I used to like these sensors. I used to like them so much that I bough eight of them!
In my view they offered good quality, decent battery life (if not too far away from the Zigbee hub) and reliable temperature readings.
However! I've only recently realized that the humidity reading from these sensors are horribly wrong. They consistently all show too high humidity values. I've compared them to the new Sonoff T/H sensors as well as professional monitors I borrowed from work. Many other people on the internet have confirmed this. And here I was, worried about my house getting covered in mold. Turns out the now old Sonoff temp/humidity sensors are just bad at showing it.

Sonoff needs to remedy this somehow, maybe with an option to calibrate them or set an offset in eWelink.

I've included a screengrab from my iHost where you can see the readings from the new and the old Sonoff T/H sensors, both next to each other in the same room.

May I know how many pieces have the humidity problem?
For the problem, we will apply you a replacement of our new temperature and humidity sensor SNZB-02P. You can send us your shipping address and phone number via our email.

Airspy R2
Harry Callaghan
Very nice receiver

Played around with 2 sdr's for luse on NSW GRN in Australia as the frequency spread is from 413 to 422mhz. This covers the spectrum very good. I also have Hackrf but it is as deaf as my wife.

Great concept, hardware needs work

The lights look nice, the power consumption is very reasonable (about 0.3 W), the swappable front plates are a nice touch.

But unfortunately there's also a lot wrong with it:
- The touch panel does not differentiate between top and bottom. So "top=on, bottom=off" is impossible. "Top = dim up, bottom = dim down" is impossible. "Blinds up, blinds down" is impossible. Four different scenes in the four corners is impossible.
- The touch panel is also not quick enough to detect a double-tap. It barely registers a quick tap. Also after 5 seconds it will erroneously report a release. There is also no specific multi-touch, only "more than one finger".
- The vibration does not feel like haptic feedback at all, more like a phone on vibrate.
- The speaker is not very loud.
- Currently the normal white cover panels cannot be purchased, which would allow to change the number of switches.

For what you talked about top=on, bottom=off; Top = dim up, bottom = dim down, 'Blinds up, blinds down'. It would be a request for the device, we will forward it to our technical department, and they will check if in the future or not.
And we also send you an email to confirm the device problem, please check your email.

Great Quality & Functionality

This switch has been a pleasant surprise. It feels sturdy and is well built.
The LED ring looks great and overall the product adds a lot of functionality to a smarthome setup.
I only wish one could set up scenes for specific LED patterns. For instance, "party" for doorbell, "nightlight" at night time and when a motion sensor is triggered etc. I wouldn't be surprised if this were added in the near future.

eWeLink Advanced Plan
aquivi aracena

excelente servicio


It works. I have not yet used it in home automation.

SONOFF DC 5V/2A Adapter

It works OK.


Nice design. It measures well. I can't rate the battery life yet.

Airspy R2
John Thomas
Exellent kit

Superb quality and excellent price. Delivery was fast and without problems.
It is versatile, reliable and worked straight out of the box. Its an incredible piece of technology!

Works good, hard to setup

It takes many tries to get it paired/connected to the system and battery holder is just bad. Range is also really small. But after proper setup, no problems encountered.

Could you please tell us the problem when you pair the device?
And what's the problem with the battery holder, please tell us more details, so we can improve our devices in the future. Thanks much for your advice.

recensione trvzvzb

Descrizione e recensione della valvola termostatica Sonoff TRVZB

It’s not worth buying.

There is an issue with the quality definitely not FHD and having issues with recording. After sales service is non existing

There are better cameras out there. I asked to return mine but they just ignored me

For the recording problem, it may an internet problem, please open the recording function when your internet is stable.
May I know can you view the video normally via the phone?
For our camera, it is FHD, if you have problems, you can show us pictures to check.

Not received

I received an email asking for my feedback since they have fulfilled my order 35 days ago.

Unfortunately, I cannot provide a feedback as I did not receive my order that was actually placed 3 months ago and I was never informed the product was backordered until I asked where was my order.

For your parcel, the tracking number is:UH577882107YP, the parcel already arrived in your destination country, please follow the shipment to pick up the parcel in time.

2023-09-06 13:55:00 [GMT-04]

[MISSISSAUGA] Destination Country - Arrival

2023-08-09 17:12:53 [GMT+08]

Batch delivery to carrier

2023-08-09 17:12:53 [GMT+08]

Pick up by local carrier at destination port

2023-08-07 06:10:00 [GMT-05]

Port of destination - Arrival

2023-08-07 06:01:00 [GMT-04]

Custom Clearance in process - Import

2023-08-06 20:20:00 [GMT+08]

Port of departure - Departure

2023-08-06 09:44:04 [GMT-04]

Electronic information submitted by shipper


These small solutions and accessoires can be purchased from Sonoff. It just makes a proper installation so much easier


Top. Stabiler als der Vorgänger. Bin sehr zufrieden.