SONOFF POW Origin Smart Power Meter Switch( POWR2 Upgrade Version)


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【Power Metering】Track of power, current, voltage, and cumulative power consumption of your appliances in real-time.
【16A】Support maximum 16A load, compatible with more home appliances.
6-Month Consumption History Data by Hour】 Power consumption data (accurate to hours) can be kept for up to 6 months which can be exported to excel on your phone.
Overload Protection】You can set power, current, and voltage threshold. Once any condition is met, the POW Origin will be turned off to protect your appliances.
Fully Functional】POW Origin has all the most basic functions, like App control, voice control, LAN control, timing schedule, inching setting, power on state, etc.

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SONOFF POW Origin (the upgrade version of POW R2) is a power meter switch, a newly upgraded ESP32 chip 200% faster than the previous ESP8622 chip. It can track your appliances' power, current, and voltage in real-time and cumulative power consumption. POW Origin supports to check 6-Month power consumption historical data accurate to the hour, the data can be exported to excel on your phone. You can set daily/monthly power consumption thresholds when the consumption goal is reached, you will get a push notification.

Support adding SONOFF devices to Home Assistant for control and automation through the eWeLink add-on. What's more, to better help you save energy usage, POW Origin joins Alexa Energy Dashboard, you can centrally view the overall or individual device energy consumption in the dashboard. If you subscribe eWeLink Advanced plan, POW Origin is also compatible with IFTTT and eWeLink Web control.

POW Origin with the highest flame-retardant grade V-0 enclosure, upgraded terminal wirings, and more amounts of tin minimize every security risk detail.


Additional information

Weight 130 g
Dimensions 104 × 62.5 × 33.5 mm

Product Type

Wi-Fi Smart Switch with Power Monitoring


100-240V~50/60Hz 16A Max

Product Dimension





802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz

Casing Material


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Andrea Brandini
Very Good

Great product, modified with esphome works great.

It keeps track of all the consumption of the washing machine.

Great after the update

SONOFF POW R2 proves to be an excellent product, distinct contacts and accurate measurement of the electric current.
They crashed a few times on the first few uses and I was forced to update the firmware, but then I haven't encountered any more problems.
I think they should study to make it smaller without sacrificing quality.

Jyoti Bahadur Shrestha

Great product and build quality. Loved it.

Super produit, marche très bien

Très bon produit, je contrôle un chauffe eau avec. Je l'ai flashé avec esphome pour qu'il s'intègre bien dans mon installation home assistant.
Dommage que le cache bornier ne soit pas un peu plus englobant, et qu'il ne cache pas aussi les entrés de cables.
Mais pour le reste c'est parfait.

Very good. Only minor gripes

Just installed two of these. I have several of the R1 and R2 to compare this newer one to. The wire attachment is much improved. Previously it could be a PITA. Also the aerial seems improved. Previous versions would disconnect even though a phone worked. These seem fine so far. I think they’ve also added push notifications for when the usage goes above a certain amount (daily or monthly).
The two things which are negatives;
1) No earth anymore so you have to either leave the earth wire intact or use a connector.
2) No physical grab of the wire separate to the connection anymore.
Given that these are nice looking and you’re less likely to want to put them in a box having to use an outer box seems a mistake. I like the grab attachment though. It means you can stick the grabber into the box and then when wiring is complete click the device into the grabber.

Markie Becker

Excellent device. Bought a couple. Have lots of the R1 Version. The R2 has better connectors for wiring up the device, looks a bit sleeker, and is easier to install on the wall with the snap in mounting. I use ewelink and Alexa to control these, and both work perfectly with the R1 & R2 devices. The power usage reporting for the R2 seems to be a step up on the R1 also, but I haven't spent much time playing with that yet.

uno sakk
no problems, easy to install

bought 10. all working.
Did not get them working with Home Assistant Add-on. (used Tasmota instead)

Valter Isander

We use several, works fine. Use OOPS for security too.
Would like export as csv or other format.

Mark Brincat

Best price quality automated devices.