SONOFF MINI R3 Smart Switch

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Max. 16A Load Current】The maximum load current of MINI R3 can be up to 16A that making it a powerful solution to smarten your appliances.
Open Device REST API】Connect and control the MINI R3 with your existing home automation system like Home Assistant via LAN.
“eWeLink-Remote” Control】MINI R3 is a smart switch with the gateway function of “eWeLink-Remote”. If you want to use the “eWeLink-Remote” control function, you need to use it with the S-MATE or scene switch R5.
No Neutral Wire Required Solution】If your switch box does not have a neutral wire, a collocation of MINI R3 and S-MATE can be installed and used.
Safe And Reliable】TÜV, CE, and FCC certifications ensure a safer and more reliable product.

Note: MINIR3 has been discontinued. If you want to buy a switch with eWeLink-Remote control gateway, you can click to buy MINIR4 with smaller size and more powerful features.

Click to learn more about different between MINIR2, MINIR3 and MINIR4.

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What’s the “eWeLink-Remote” Control?


Have you ever met these similar situations when you consider a simpler way to set up and control your smart home? Smart lights are offline when the switch is off? No neutral wire in the mounting box? Now, S-MATE can help you solve this issue.
MINI R3 is a small body with powerful functions, the maximum load current can be up to 16A that making it a powerful solution to smarten your appliances. MINI R3 is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri shortcut, and Alice. Just say your needs out, the smart device can do what you want to do. With the sync status on eWeLink App, your worry about leaving the appliances on at home is no longer a concern. Just pull out your phone and tap on it.

S-MATE is battery-powered, so it does not require a neutral wire in the mounting box. S-MATE is fit for almost any switch type, change your existing switch into a smart one. S-MATE can connect the ordinary 1/2/3-button wall switch which acts as a remote controller. After pairing with MINI R3, MINI R3 can be controlled locally by S-MATE through "eWeLink-Remote" signal, and trigger other smart devices in the smart scene. "eWeLink Remote" working distance is Up to 50M in open space.

MINI R3 and S-MATE have been tested for safety and comply with the requirement of international regulations, as TÜV certified and FCC&CE certification ensures high trust, quality, and safety.

Package includes :
1 * User Manual


User Manual


Additional information

Weight 63 g
Dimensions 64 × 50 × 32 mm


MINIR3 Input

100-240V~50/60Hz 16A Max

MINIR3 Output

100-240V~50/60Hz 16A Max

MINIR3 Max. load


MINIR3 Operating systems

Android & iOS


IEEE 802.11/b/g/n 2.4GHz

MINIR3 Shell material


MINIR3 Dimension


S-MATE Power supply

3V button cellx1

S-MATE Battery model


S-MATE Work temperature


S-MATE Shell material


S-MATE Dimension


Customer Reviews

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Stef M.
Association idéale pour modifier son installation en conservant ses interrupteur d'origine ou pas...

Le SONOFF MINI R3 est idéal pour commander une lampe ou un appareil si vous n'avez pas la possibilité d'y raccorder un interrupteur et surtout avec une puissance de 16A.
Associé au SONOFF S-MATE cela devient l'idéal car on peut rajouter une commande domotique en gardant ses interrupteurs d'origines. Avec la pile intégré dans ce dernier, pas besoin du fil neutre. Un plus !!

S-MATE purpose


the S-MATE does not have to be connected to the MINI R3 with wires at all. The purpose of the S-MATE is to make your ordinary wall switch into a device that you can add in the eWeLink app to trigger scenes. Such a scene can be simply to toggle the MINI R3 state or any other scene that would you would imagine: e.g. switch all the SONOFF WIFI switches on in all your house. Only in this way, the S-MATE is a super gadget what was missing in the ITEAD portfolio.

The S-MATE seem to communicate with the MINI R3 on the 433 MHz frequency, the MINI R3 is used solely as the bridge to send the 433 signals from S-MATE to the clould so that the scenes can be triggered.

What I am not sure about is how and if the local control with S-MATE works, when the cloud is not available (e.g. Internet down or running it locally on purpose).

Kind regards, Jan

You gave a "very informative" answer to the question above

1. The answer to the question above was "super informative" !! For this, only 1 star. 2. As far as I understood from the description, this is a completely useless thing for $ 18. Here you "jumped over yourself"))) In the end, Mini R3 still works only with a neutral wire, the entire connection through the S-Mate is also only wires. And in the end, the S-Mate only plays the role of connecting wires. 3. In the local network mode (without access to the Internet) R3RF and R2RF work perfectly, which are several times cheaper and with an RF switch do not require wires throughout the apartment)))) Conclusion: I, for example, will definitely not buy a pointless thing for $ 18. It would be better if they came up with something really useful (for example, wireless pushbutton switches for 2 and 3 gang in the form of panels for installation anywhere).

Sorry for the inconvenience, our customer service team will contact you to help you solve this issue.

What is the S-Mate for?

Good time of the day. I didn't understand the purpose of the S-Mate at all. Does it connect to MiniR3 with wires? Then what is its meaning? Can you ask for a more detailed description of the purpose of the S-Mate?

S-MATE is battery-powered, after S-MATE pairing with MINI R3, MINI R3 can be controlled locally.

SONOFF MINI R3 Smart Switch
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