Din Rail Wiring Terminal Universal Din Rail Compact Mini Push-in Connectors Blocks


【Safety and reliability】 The terminal block is made from insulated PC material, which is flame-retardant, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, 4KV and shock resistance, strong structure firmly locked to DIN guide, long service life.
【Easy to use】The patented design, different from the ordinary rail connector, does not require the tedious tightening of screws, just insert the rail terminal into the 35mm iron and aluminum DIN rail
【Compatibility】This Din Rail Wire Connector is suitable for solid and flexible wire. connect any combination of solid, stranded, and flexible copper wires., can be mounted on the DIN rail which simplifies the wiring progress.
【Widely using range】 Widely used in distribution boxes, control cabinets, switchgear, complete sets of equipment, machinery and home improvement, suitable for a variety of electricity scenarios like the power distribution system, industrial equipment, family home, etc

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Quick Wire Connector 211 Din Rail Type Press Terminal Instead Of UK2.5B Compact Splicing Conductor Cable Terminal Block SPL
Rated Current:32A
Solid/Stranded Conductor:0.2-4mm²/24-12AWG
Fine-Stranded Conductor:0.2-4mm²/24-12AWG

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10Pcs/30Pcs/50Pcs Din rail terminal block

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211 Rail type Connector



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