Using ESP8266/ESP8285 to Blink an LED

Author: Pengfei Wu Date:2016.8.3 Overview This tutorial briefly introduces ESP8266 and ESP8285, and how to develop a simple LED blinking applications based on the official SDK. Following contents will focus on how to download the generated firmware to ESP8266/ESP8285.... read more

Hacking the Sonoff RF Bridge 433

This blog is originated from Tinkerman, written by Xose Pérez. Itead Studio has been releasing interesting gadgets for the Home Automation community based on a low price tag and extreme hackability. You can google “sonoff” (the main brand for Itead Studio home... read more

What is LAN Mode?

For the green hand, “LAN mode” can be a jargon difficult to understand. Check the explanation of LAN mode and which SONOFF devices support LAN control in the infographic. read more

Sonoff Works With IFTTT

If This Then That, or IFTTT, is a free online service that integrates your favorite products and online services together to establish conditions among apps and other devices. Now EWeLink has seamlessly integrated with IFTTT. By connecting “eWeLink Smart Home” on... read more

ZigBee vs Wi-Fi, Which is Better?

Connectivity is something that every smart home owner is used to and has to use. When you think of build a complete connected smart home system, there is one thing you have to consider firstly – How well does each of connected device in your home you want it to... read more

eWeLink App Permissions Explained

When installing eWeLink app on your phone or update a new version, it requires certain permissions in order to function on your phone. For example, the app might need to use your phone’s camera, or track your location. You can view and manage the permissions and... read more