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    “Hi, NSPanel Pro is designed as a powerful smart home control panel, and it is our first time publishing our development plan for the product, we sincerely appreciate your support of this project and are open to hearing any function and feature ideas from you”

Note : NSPanel Pro V1.4.0 is Released, you can explore the new function in below updates tab.

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SONOFF NSPanel Pro is a smart home control panel. Your smart lights, switches, heaters, coollers, curtains, and all your smart devices can be controlled. An unlimited number of control devices, all in one panel.

NSPanel Pro can quickly add Zigbee devices on the screen in batches. Standard Zigbee 3.0 protocol makes the connection more stable and the coverage wider. Support all SONOFF Zigbee devices such as Zigbee Sensors, ZBMINI, and BASICZBR3.

NSPanel Pro can be used as a display, supports adding the following four types of cameras for live monitoring. Viewing the real-time monitoring of living room, garage, bedroom, etc on the panel at any time.

Power Consumption Graph, Customize Wallpaper, and Call Intercom...It will update more features and support HA, Matter in the future. NSPanel Pro will be your wonderful choice.

Package includes :

1 * NSPanel Pro
1 * User Manual


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Additional information

Weight 226 g
Dimensions 91.5 × 91.5 × 50 mm

IEEE 802.15.4 (Zigbee 3.0)


IEEE 802.11 b 2.4GHz


100-240V AC 50/60Hz

Max Power Consumption

5W MAX; 150mA

TFT Screen Size

3.95" (Capacitive Screen)

Screen Resolution

480 x 480




4-cores Cortex-A35






8GB, eMMC 5.1



Shell Materials

PC V0+CRS+Toughened Glass




1. Does NSPanel Pro have US Size?

No. You can use NSPanel Pro on a desktop with the Enclosure Stand.
We plan to design a frame suitable for the US mounting box to install on the wall. Welcome to discuss it in the comment section.

2. Which Zigbee sub-devices can be added to NSPanel Pro?

It supports all SONOFF Zigbee devices and other brands devices with standard protocols. Philips Hue lights and IKEA lights will be supported in 1.2.0.

3. Does NSPanel Pro have relays?

It doesn’t have the relay. NSPanel Pro is a smart home control panel.

4. How is it works with Home Assistant?

Sync the devices from Home Assistant to eWeLink App through add-on, then add the Home Assistant's devices to the panel by adding widgets. It will be available in V1.5.0.

5. What kinds of cameras does NSPanel Pro support?

NSPanel pro supports adding four types of cameras: SONOFF Camera, RTSP Camera, ESP32 Camera and eWeLink Camera app.

6. Does NSPanel Pro support Matter?

It will support Matter in 2023. Please wait for our future update.

7. What new features will be supported in the future?

We plan to update features such as Power Consumption Graph, Customize Wallpaper, and Call Intercom. HA, Matter, and eWeLink-Remote will also be supported in the future. You can check the feature updates in the future plan timeline.

8.The difference between this project and other products on sale

It is our first time publishing our development plan for the product (NSPanel Pro), we sincerely appreciate your support of this project and are open to hearing any function and feature ideas from you.

9. Will there be updates to it in the future? will you keep updating and optimizing my devices?

Yeah, We'd like to have your suggestion and comments to keep updating for NSPanel Pro, the device updates notification will be sent to the backers

10. When will I get my pre-order?

The dim gray version of NSPANEL Pro is set to ship at the end of August and the white version is set to ship at the end of Sep, generally speaking, it takes about 15-30 days to arrive with Standard Shipping and 3-7 days with Expedited Shipping, you'll get them sometime between Sep. to Oct.

11. What payment methods can I use?

You can use Paypal or a credit card associated with Visa, Mastercard, or American Express, as well as Discover and JCB cards.

12. How to track order?

You can go to ITEAD STUDIO official order track page to enter your tracking number or type in your order number for details.

13.Can I change/update/delete/add to/message my address/order?

Yes. Your address should be linked to your ITEAD account, you can contact us via to modify your info.

14. Can you lower my shipping costs?

We're working on getting shipping costs as low as possible for everyone all over the world, but we can't promise anyone special exceptions (even though we love you, yes you, the most). We will keep everyone updated on any reductions in shipping we're able to get you.

15. Why do I need to pay for the value-added Tax

As of the 1st of July 2021, goods valued at €22 or less that are imported into the EU will no longer benefit from exemption from VAT. This means that as of this date, all goods will be taxed, regardless of their commercial value. Above the €150 threshold, international customers are still obliged to pay customs duties upon importation into the EU. The VAT rate is the one applicable in the customer’s EU member state.

Meanwhile, to ensure a smooth transition to the new VAT system, the EU has created the Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS), for IOSS transactions, customers will not have to go through another procedure to pay the VAT or customs clearance fees when their goods under €150 enter the EU, IOSS-registered goods will speed through customs thanks to the standardised system, because it can greatly improve customer satisfaction, ITEAD STUDIO begin to enable IOSS transactions on August 19, customers from EU can pay additional value-added tax(VAT) directly on ITEAD STUDIO, although VAT is charged throughout the EU, each EU country is responsible for setting its own rates, you can learn more about VAT rates applied in EU member countries here.

16. What is your refund policy?

You can find the refund policy here:

17. If I have other questions, who should I contact?

For all other questions, please email


NSPanel Pro V1.4.0 Release!

Dear customers,

In V1.4.0, you can make a voice call to NSPanel Pro from the eWeLink APP! (eWeLink APP need to update to V4.27.0). Let's take a look at the new features and changes.

1. Support voice calls to NSPanel Pro via eWeLink APP
2. Support SONOFF NSPanel Smart Scene Wall Switch
3. Support all models of SONOFF light strips
4. Optimize RTSP camera screen display, the screen ratio can be set to 4:3 or 16:9
5. The manual mode of the thermostat adds the function of locking the swipe bar, and the temperature cannot be changed after locking
6. Optimize mDNS function

With love,


Better stability and compatibility for NSPanel Pro Zigbee Networking in V1.3.3!

Dear customers,

The new 1.3.3 version optimized the Zigbee framework for better compatibility and stability, improved device control and simultaneous pairing of multiple devices experience, and is compatible with more Zigbee sub-devices from other manufacturers.
What tests about NSPanel Pro's Zigbee ability did we do? Which Device Types can be added in NSPanel Pro? This post will show some of our test results and the possibility to add third-party devices.

With love,


Sync Zigbee sub-devices from NSPanel Pro to HA, as well as sync lights and switches on HA to NSPanel Pro!

Dear Customer,

In the latest version 1.3.2, you can sync Zigbee sub-devices from NSPanel Pro to HA, as well as sync lights and switches on HA to NSPanel Pro.

When you install the eWeLink add-on on HA, you can visit the WebUI of the add-on after starting by tapping ‘OPEN WEB UI or the ‘eWeLink smart home’ menu in the left sidebar and log in with your eWeLink account to pull the devices here, such as the Zigbee sensor be added to your NSPanel Pro. And you can sync eWeLink supported devices to Home Assistant entities and dashboards.

Also, you can sync your Home Assistant devices to the eWeLink ecosystem, and then control them via eWeLink APP and NSPanel Pro.

Learn how to install and use eWeLink add-on on HA:
Watch the video about Two-way Sync Between NSPanel Pro and Home Assistant Devices:

With love,


Attention: NSPanel Pro V1.3.2 Upgrade

Dear customers,

In this upgrade, We urgently fixed a high-risk vulnerability of the access of SSH and ADB remote permissions. Now we turn off the SSH and ADB permissions by default in V1.3.2.

The ADB function enabled by default allows you to install third-party applications on NSPanel Pro, greatly expanding the application scope of the device. However, most consumers do not understand the potential risk and consequence of installing third-party applications as the SSH and ADB access permissions are enabled by default, the third-party application may access your private data, share your data with other parties, etc., or even install apps without your permission which will lead to situations in which data loss, system instability, and even malfunction.

After internal discussion and evaluation with the legal department, it is necessary to protect the safety of most consumers' devices, thus, we urgently upgraded the firmware. In version 1.3.2, we decide to turn off the SSH and ADB permissions of the system by default to ensure NSPanel Pro can not be accessed directly in the local area network.

On the other hand, we also understand that some users still want to be able to install third-party apps and perform various independent system configurations, so we have added a hidden developer mode entry, and you can choose to enable the ADB function for NSPanel Pro when you enter the developer mode.

*Quickly tap the Device ID 8 times to enable developer mode in APP Device Settings.

We need to remind you that once you turn on the ADB function, it means that we cannot guarantee that any operations you perform on the device are safe, reliable, and legal. SONOFF and any other related partners will not assume any legal responsibility for the consequences.

After the ADB function is turned on, we can no longer guarantee the reliable operation of NSpanle Pro, so we will not admit any legal responsibility for the device in the future, and users who turn on this function are deemed to have waived the warranty service. Therefore, before enabling the developer mode and ADB functions, please evaluate and be aware of all possible risks.

With love,


Thanks for your massive support for NSPanel Pro campaign!

Dear Customer,

Thank you so much for all backers supporting NSPanel Pro to help us achieve the goal and for all advice from you. We're beyond grateful to you all. now we can fully focus on improving NSPanel Pro in the upcoming months. We will do our best to keep you guys updated with new features and the overall progress. NSPanel Pro is coming better and better and can’t wait to share more info on this!

Stay tuned, we're just getting started : )

With love,


NSPanel Pro V1.3.1 Release!

Dear customers,

Now you can upload your picture as the wallpaper in V1.3.1! Besides, some new features are coming too.

1. Added the custom wallpaper function, which supports uploading pictures in the APP as the wallpaper of NSPanel Pro.
2. Added the Device Consumption function, you can view the weekly power consumption.
3. Support manual configuration, in the Screen Settings, you can choose whether to display the Smart Scenes, Thermostat, and Device Consumption page on NSPanel Pro.
4. Optimized the thermostat function to support more temperature sources.
5. The group you set will display the group icon on the panel.

Thanks for your waiting and support. We will continue to update NSPanel Pro to meet your needs.

With love,


Choose your favorite image to be the wallpaper!

Dear customers,

It has been half a month since the last version, and we are ready to release version 1.3.1. This version has a long-awaited feature that supports uploading your wallpaper. Let me show you this feature in advance!

You just need a 480×480 pixels image and connect NSPanel Pro to the same Wi-Fi as your phone. Upload the image in Device Settings via the eWeLink APP. Then you can find the image on the last page of the theme in NSPanel Pro. Look at this cat, what's it thinking?

Also, you can set the beautiful scenery you meet or your precious memory as the wallpaper. Even draw and DIY a picture to be the wallpaper for NSPanel Pro.

Hope you will like it and make your NSPanel Pro unique.

With love,


NSPanel Pro V1.3.0 Release!

Dear customers,

NSPanel Pro V1.3.0 is released today. What's the new function in this version? Let's check it out.

  1. Support viewing Zigbee sensor temperature and humidity data for a day/week
  2. Compatible with YEELIGHT two-color, RGB, and five-color lights, you can sync the YEELIGHT lights added in eWeLink APP to NSPanel Pro
  3. Support SONOFF iPlug Wi-Fi Smart Plug - S40, you can check the devices power consumption recorded by S40
  4. Preview the volume while adjusting the system volume
  5. Added four new languages: German, Polish, Swedish, Ukrainian

    Thanks for your waiting and support. We will continue to update NSPanel Pro to bring you more useful and convenient functions.

    With love,

    SONOFF Team

The solution of US mounting box installation for NSPanel Pro

Dear customers,

Do you remember we mentioned in the FAQ that NSPanel Pro doesn't have a US version? So we plan to design a frame, to be suitable for the US mounting box and install NSPanel Pro on the wall.

Today we have two solutions for NSPanel Pro to suit the US mounting box. One is a frame, and the other is a plate cover. We're going to show you the demos and listen to your suggestion. Welcome to fill out the survey after reading:

We used to show you the frame in the FAQ. It makes the surface of NSPanel Pro the same thickness for a consistent decoration.

The plate cover is thinner and lighter. And also very easy to install!

Which solutions do you like best? Do you want to buy it separately or 3D print it following the drawing? Hope you can take a minute, to fill out our survey:

Thank you for your support!

With love,


Let NSPanel Pro act as a thermostat! Keep you at a comfortable temperature

Dear customers,

Today we want to introduce the thermostat settings in version 1.2.0 and hope you will like this function.

It is easy to set. Choose an external temperature source such as TH16 which will accurately display the room temperature in NSPanel Pro. Then add execution devices such as MINI, Basic, etc. to control heaters or coolers on/off. And your home will keep at a comfortable temperature.

In Manual Mode, you can adjust the desired temperature on the panel at any time.

In Auto Mode, you can set the effective time and temperature for the temperature. When the effective time is reached, your execution devices will automatically perform cooling or heating.

NSPanel Pro can be set up to 10 thermostats. Enjoy a comfortable temperature in each room!

In the next version, NSPanel Pro will support more types of external temperature sources, and display temperature and humidity charts. Of course, we will keep updating. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon and help us spread the word by sharing our campaign on social media.

With love,


Control your Philips Hue Bulbs! NSPanel Pro is compatible with Philips Hue now!

Dear customers,

Thank you so much for your support and patience. We have received your valuable advice and we'll keep updating NSPanel Pro to make it better match your expectations. Today we share the latest progress of NSPanel Pro.

NSPanel Pro supports adding Philips Hue Zigbee bulbs and controlling them now! You can turn on/off and adjust brightness, color temperature, and colors in the device settings. Warm light? Red light? Adjusting your Philips Hue bulb by NSPanel Pro right now

Not only Philips Hue but we will also support more third-party lights in the future. Which brand of bulbs would you like to control by NSPanel Pro? Welcome to drop us a line in the comments section and if you can, please help us spread the word by sharing our campaign on social media.

With love,


SONOFF NSPanel Pro now has more than 800 backers! Thank you all!

Dear customers,

Huge thank you to all our customers supporting us! Only 1 week NSPanel Pro 600 units have sold out during the recent flash sale session, we have more than 800 backers supporting our campaign now.

The NSPanel Pro was launched on 8 Aug 2022 with a flash sale of 42% off pre-order that offered a free gift eWeLink Advanced Plan worth $9.9, and it was eagerly snapped up by fans.

Those who miss out can still get the NSPanel Pro smart panel during its early bird sale at 34% off, 500 units limited, with free standard shipping and free gift eWeLink Advanced Plan also offer.

More Updates Coming...

As always, We will consider all suggestions from you and keep updating you guys. Stay tuned for more updates coming soon and help us spread the word by sharing our campaign on social media.

With love,


NSPanel Pro is live! Grab the limited offers now!

We’re super glad you are here and want to thank you for the support we have already begun receiving. we are so thrilled to announce that after NSPanel, the new version with new UI and new performance NSPanel Pro is now live! NSPanel Pro will provide you with a simple way to centrally smart control for intelligent scenes and multiple appliances to make your smart home life better and safer.

Why Flash Sale Preorder?
In 2021, we launched NSPanel on Kickstarter to understand if our users wanted a smart home panel. Our backers helped us understand what function our audience wanted and how to get a better experience. we are overwhelmed by the love and support we have received so far so we promise to keep improving our products and services to meet your expectations, so we decided to launch a Pro version with a flash sale discount to thank those who supported us the first time and for newcomers who want to discover innovative features with a massive discount compared to retail channels.

Tell Us What You Think
Do you have ideas for NSPanel Pro that you want to share, questions you want to ask, or something you’d like to see more of? Please feel free to drop us a line in the comments section or reach out to us on Facebook or Instagram!

Shipping Plan
We will ship from china to worldwide from the end of August (Dim Gray version) and the end of September (White version) with Free Standard Shipping, You will receive your tracking number after the products are delivered

Help Us Share
We are extremely grateful for your support. One of the best ways you can continue to help the campaign grow and reach our stretch goals is by sharing the campaign with someone you think would love what NSPanel Pro has to offer.

With love,


Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Enrique Arnao
A lot of work to do! Todavía le queda mucho trabajo por hacer!

I’m sure will be a very good product but in this point a lot of bugs needs to be solved!
Será un gran producto pero en el punto en el que está tiene un montón de fallos que necesitan ser solucionados.

Sean McEvoy
Disappointing lack of actual integration

Was supposed to integrate with home assistant. Home Assistant EWELink add-on is very clear that it isn't supported.

Tech support was of absolutely zero help.

Expectation was an integration that shows a homeasssistant dashboard. This doesn't

Touch screen is very unresponsive. Dissapointed with the user experience

Mario Franco
It doesn't work

The device doesn't work with my Wi-Fi home network. Without connecting with a network the device is useless. The support doesn't exist. I only get an answer using the Twitter account, but the answer was that the device should be working.

David Foret
Not so enthousiastic

I am a little disappointed as the touch screen is not precise and the processor is clearly underpowered which leads to a slow response time.
My zigbee gateway is not recognized probably due to a too low signal but it might come from the gateway as out of 9 devices I always have 4 that are disconnected...
Configuration option are too little, it lacks flexibility but that can be arranged with a software update.
As I want to put the screen in place of an existing switch I'd like to be able to freeze on the screen a switch position.
This way my switch will always be accessible whatever screen page is selected.

There is still a lot of work to do...

1) I can connect the smart plug Sonoff S26R2ZBTPG and turn it on/off, but I'm unable to set the schedule. Sent a bug report. Not answered yet.

2) All my Sonoff sensors keep me sending low battery warnings every 2h. All of them are new, so the battery should be close to 100% charged and not close to 0%.
The eWelink app says the battery is full. The Sonoff team says the battery was drained out.

3) I live in a 60m² apartment. It was necessary to add one zigbee signal extender (like the S26R2ZBTPG) on each room, otherwise the connection is lost.

Looks like there is a lot of work to do...

Devair Del Pintor

I am satisfied with the product, I would like an update where it would be possible to add a camera to a command

Simply; it does not work

I wanted to use this panel to bridge my zigbee dimmer light switches (since Sonoff does not have dimmer with wire) to my Sonoff system, but screen switched off after zigbee dimmer switch pairing. Restart necessary but zigbee devices disappeared so I paired them again and display switched off no response if I touch it. I see the zigbee dimmers in my Sonoff Phone app but brightness (light power) bar to set up dimmer light power does not work, Sonoff panel cannot send the good command to the dimmer to change light power I guess. Immediate firmware update is necessary!

No options to add the dimmers or switches to the main screen.

I use Sonoff 4ch modules, I see the devices in menu, but I need the channels to switch on/off only. For example I have 4x 4ch modules for my 1st floor, I have to go to the module list first then in the module I have to know where is the switch and select the switch. Why ? I would like to use all the 16channel in one list or as a button list my wife don't care about the physical device in the background she would like to use it as a standard light switch.

All in all it does not work as a Zigbee bridge, it is a shame to sell halfly developed panel like this !

We apologize for the negative user experience; we have contacted you via email to gather more information about the bug; please check your inbox and we hope to hear from you soon.

Kevin K
Not ready for prime time

The concept is fantastic, but first impressions (and those post update) quickly cue you into the fact that this product should never have been released to the public in its current state.

Weather (no, you do not get a forecast) is definitely not for the area specified.

Touch screen is sloppy, with buttons responding sporadically based on time of date, their mood, who knows.

Display often needs a reboot to change date to the current one,...

And the list goes on.

Not only does this contain less than half of the integrations marketed, but those included work poorly at best.

The only saving grace will be taking advantage of the android operating system and loading useful apps

We apologize for the negative user experience; please make sure you have updated the firmware version to date(1.3.3), if the problem did not fix, please get back to us as we have contacted you via email to gather more information about the bug; please check your inbox and we hope to hear from you soon.

Lance Harvie
Need more on the software

Great product, but it needs software to evolve. The CPU and GPU are a little underpowered - overall, a great start.

Rob K
Good start, but lots of work to do

I'm a big Sonoff customer, so I was excited to get this new panel. After testing it with my devices and struggling to get it fully configured, I realize it's a nice idea, but there's a long way to go before it's a truly useful product. The touch interface is very fiddly-- sometimes it scrolls, sometimes it doesn't. And the inability to set time in 12-hour format is a big drawback. The documentation is almost completely nonexistent. Overall the personalization options are very limited, and UI control for some Sonoff products (like the Camera 360) is lacking (no movement control). Lastly, I don't see the reason for requiring the device to operate on mains voltage-- I can see this for the wall mount scenario, but for the desktop scenario? I had to buy a separate mains cord just to get the product to work inside the desktop case. In short, I'd recommend waiting for the next major revision.

Got something to discuss?

3 months 24 days ago

Hi, What about using a battery pack into the desk enclosure stand? So we can move around freely.

3 months 22 days ago

Hi Jesus, that’s a good idea, I have forwarded your suggestion to our product department, they will evaluate your needs according to the upgrade plan

Ricardo Rodrigues
3 months 21 days ago

Its compatible with homeseer hs4 home automation software?

3 months 21 days ago

Hi Ricardo, sorry it‘s not compatible

Ricardo Rodrigues
3 months 21 days ago

The built in 3.0 zigbee gateway will be compatible with tuya plataform?

3 months 21 days ago

Hi Ricardo, sorry that it can not work with tuya platform

3 months 20 days ago

Hi. Original SONOFF NSPanel violated EU socket dimensions, so that I had to cut the corners to fit into 60mm socket. Did you fix the housing in Pro?

3 months 20 days ago

Hi Artem, we have optimized the structure of NSPanel Pro. Now it can fit into a 60mm mounting box. For more device size information, you can see the end of the Description.

3 months 20 days ago

Can you add native MQTT support for NSPANEL Pro? This would be very appreciated.
Can you share your REST API now, before purchasing?

3 months 20 days ago

Hi Artem, NSPanel Pro doesn’t support MQTT, but it will support HTTP Server in V1.5.0. We will provide open local API and detailed documentation when it is available.

Artem Somushkin
3 months 20 days ago

I don’t see a temperature sensor. Did you remove it comparing to original NSPANEL? It was a quite useful feature.

3 months 20 days ago

Hi Artem, sorry that we remove the built-in sensor because NSPanel Pro will increase the temperature when it is working, the temperature recognized by the built-in temperature sensor will be affected. Therefore, we remove the built-in temperature source, and you can identify the surrounding temperature and humidity by adding an external source such as SNZB-02 and TH series.

Artem Somushkin
3 months 20 days ago

It’s pity. The internal warming could be compensated, as I did on NSPANEL. And as it is this device can not be used as standalone thermostat. External sources require additional hardware and place to install. One of the main benefits of NSPANEL was temperature sensor.

3 months 7 days ago

Hi Artem!
How do you compensate the temperature on the NSPANEL. In my device, the temperature shown is always too high.

3 months 20 days ago

What is the plan as regards when Zigbee 3 becomes Matter or whatever the current name of the successor is?
Also how do multiple Sonoff Zigbee hubs interact. I have a Zigbee basic and it doesn’t work as an extender even though it is powered.

3 months 20 days ago

Hi Eerke, NSPanel Pro will support Matter in 2023. If you encounter problems with Zigbee basic, you can send the recorded video to

3 months 19 days ago

What about previous items we already have such as the Sonoff Zigbee Hub and the USB Zigbee thing?

3 months 20 days ago

really sad to see an integrated Temperature sensor be gone. would love it more with it included 🙁

3 months 20 days ago

Hi aeon, we are sorry that NSPanel Pro doesn’t have the built-in sensor. Because NSPanel Pro will increase the temperature when it is working, the temperature recognized by the built-in temperature sensor will be affected, so we removed the built-in sensor. You can add SNZB-02 or TH series to NSPanel Pro as an external temperature and humidity source. Hope you can accept this way.

Artem Somushkin
3 months 20 days ago

Where can I download CE Certificate for NSPanel Pro?

3 months 14 days ago

Hi Artem, CE Certificate for NSPanel Pro is processing.

3 months 15 days ago

When will the panel to panel communication function be available?

3 months 14 days ago

Hi Ronald, the panel-to-panel communication function will be available in October.

3 months 14 days ago

How does it work when there are multiple Sonoff Zigbee devices? I assume temperature sensors etc. are end points but do the Zigbee Hub and Zigbee-basic etc. mesh with the pro and will they all be updated to work with ‘matter’?

3 months 13 days ago

Why after a power failure, I need to one more time log in to eWeLink app?

3 months 12 days ago

Hi Mati. If NSPanel Pro connects to different Wi-Fi after a power failure, you need to scan the code to log in again.

3 months 10 days ago

how can I set the time from China to Germany and why is there no German setting during commissioning

3 months 5 days ago

Hi Franjo, you can set the local time by setting Time Zone. NSPanel Pro is support German now, please update to V1.3.0.

3 months 9 days ago

Country-specific approvals are needed for devices which are hard-wired to mains supply.
Because this product has no relays anyway, why not power it from a 3rd-party plug-pack? I.e. a 5V USB-charger/plug-pack? How hackable is the hardware for low voltage DC supply?

Marios Mitrosilis
3 months 6 days ago

Hello, I want to help to translate it to Greek

3 months 5 days ago

Hi Marios, thanks for your support, may i ask if you send email to, then she can direclty communicate with you about details via email.

3 months 5 days ago

Hi Marios, thanks for your support, may i ask if you send email to, then she can direclty communicate with you about details via email