SONOFF 4CHR3 & 4CHPROR3 4-gang Wi-Fi Smart Switch with RF Control


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【Independently/Mutual Control 4 Devices】Turn on/off the 4 connected devices separately in self-locking mode. Turn on 1 device but turn off the other 3 devices at the same time in interlock mode. Turn on the connected devices but automatically switch off after 0.5-3600s later in inching mode.
Dry Contact】If your device does not need to be powered through the output of the 4CHPROR3, but only needs to use it as a smart switch to control the line on and off, the 4CHPROR3 is your best choice.
【With 433MHz RF Control】Use your common 433MHz remote control to turn on/off the device without internet.
【Easy To Out-of-Reach Devices】Mounted on the guide rail, convenient to connect and control devices far from the switch.
Works With Alexa & Google Assistant & SmartThings & Alice】You can directly ask Amazon Echo/Echo Dot/Amazon Tap, Google Home to turn on/off your SONOFF devices.

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SONOFF 4CHR3 & 4CHPROR3 are both 4-gang Wi-Fi Smart Switches designed to give you the ability to integrate smart control into your existing home to enable a smart home. Each smart switch has 4 gangs that can be used to control lights and other home appliances at the same time in four areas of your home. There is a major difference between 4CHR3 and 4CHPROR3, which is 4CHPROR3 is designed with an additional function for RF control. The function is purposely adopted to make you turn on/off the device connected with 4CHPROR3 via the RM433 remote controller.

The new improvement on 4CHR3 and 4CHPROR3 compared with 4CHPR2 and 4CHPROR2 is for users to set these 3 working modes on eWeLink APP instead of the hardware itself, easier to operate. So you can enable self-locking mode to turn on/off 4 connected devices separately, interlock mode to turn on 1 connected device every time and turn off the rest of devices simultaneously and inching mode to turn on 1 connected device and then make it turn off automatically after a given time (0.5 - 3600s). For the device away from the switch, you can create a moveable space in virtue of a DIN rail to make them be connected. Simply activate devices through your voice when the switch works with Alexa and Google Home smart assistant.


  • SONOFF 4CHR3 or SONOFF 4CHPROR3 User Manual *1


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

Product Type

4-gang Wi-Fi Smart Switch

4CHR3 Voltage

100-240V AC 50/60Hz

4CHPROR3 Voltage

100-240V AC 50/60Hz (DC: 9-23V)

4CHR3 Max. Load

10A/2200W/Gang 16A/3500W/Total

4CHPROR3 Max. Load

10A/2200W/Gang 40A/8800W/Total

Wireless Frequency

WiFi 2.4GHz

Wireless Standard

IEEE802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz(2400M-2483.5M)

Security Mechanism


Enclosure Material


Switch Channel



145*90*34 (mm)

Operating Temperature


Operating Humidity

5%-95%RH, Non-condensing

Certified Compliance


Works With

, , ,

4CH Bundle


Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Produit super bien

Les résultats de ce produit sont très satisfaisante, il est super bien. J'encourage les gens à le commander pour rendre leur maisons smart.


vsetko bolo v poriadku, doprava bola rychla, dobre balenie tovaru. produkt funguje presne podla mojich predstav, jednoduche ovladania a instalacia. super.

I LIKE IT. A LOT. Love the RF Feature on the PRO

I specifically bought the PRO to replace 4 of the RFR2's that were a clutter under a table. This is so much better.

I am the biggest fan of Sonoff's devices that include the RF function so they can be turned off and on with a 433 MHz remote. And Sonoff's the only company that makes a 8 button remote for 433 MHz RF signals. I have nearly 50 devices installed in my home. Half are the TX/T2 series RF Wall Switch.

I do have one negative comment. The PRO could have been a lot easier to wire if they had continued to use the same wiring as is on the Basic or Dual. For that, I fault them, this is not easy to wire. But once it is, is perfect.

Used as Indicators

EwElink allows you to create a SCENE which is a stupid name really. It should be called "An automation" or "a macro" or something more indicative of a facility that allows you to take action for an event on one Sonoff digital device to another. So, I have already implemented this for 2 situations. 1. As I have a Holiday house with internet access, I can schedule the hot water system (and other things like the outdoor fridge and bug zapper) to turn ON before visiting. Sometimes when returning home, I forget to turn off the schedule so suddenly I am using expensive electricity for no good. So at home, on top of my bar fridge in the living room, (where I frequent often) I have a 4 channel unit as a Display ONLY with Scenes that activate a red light when a device is still ON (scheduled or otherwise). My workshop has a unit which can turn on an expensive soldering iron accidently. (Usually a bad ALexa command). I have added a Scene to this display as a precaution, (despite using "Inching" setting to turn it off after 50 minutes) to see if it has come on without my knowledge. So I have bought more 4-ch units to expand this idea. Big feature is Mains OR low voltage DC so it can be battery backed up or just away from dangerous mains AC voltages. Unfortunately, you cant use the 4 push buttons to do anything useful.

Ken from Adelaide
4 ch pro for more automation options

Like the LV input.
Like the independent dry contact outputs.
Like it only uses 1 Wi-Fi client.
Like the price.
Like that it plays nicely with Samsung and Google home.
Just needed some dry contacts to make my curtains "smart", and easy to operate from phone. Bonus was able to make them automatic at sunrise and sunset. Also linked it to a room light automation.
This piece of hardware opened up many options.
Have used the other outputs to automate my old air con unit.
Sorry no picture of a new box with many wires hanging out of it.
Now to my next project...

Jurgen Borg

Great products. I have been using sonoff products for over 6 years and I’m really happy with result.

4chpror3 cuidado al configurar wifi si tienes RF de movimiento

Me está funcionando muy bien pero he tenido el problema al configurar el wifi de que se ha puesto en modo RF al tener presionado el botón. Y ha dado la casualidad que un detector de movimiento ha saltado y lo ha acoplado al canal. Luego ha sido muy dificil desactivar el enlace con el RF. Las instrucciones para desacoplarlo no han funcionado. Y lo peor es que aunque lo he borrado de la app que se supone es como un reset de fabrica, tampoco ha funcionado. Ni con el reset se quitaba el RF. Al final he conseguido quitarlo pulsando el botón aunque no conforme las instrucciones y después de infinidad de intentos. Recomiendo desactivar los sensores de presencia mientras se configura este aparato. Por lo demás ahora funciona perfectamente. Gracias.

Ben Innes
Poor features in software

I bought this unit to control 3 central heating zones plus a hot water circuit. However, the software limits you to 8 'actions' maximum. So the most you can do is switch each channel on/off once per day. I want to switch each circuit two or more times per day but this is not possible. Also, there is no way to trigger two or more channels from a single action, they each require an individual trigger of which you are limited to 8.
Nice bit of kit but totally held back by the software!!!

Sorry for the inconvenience, our customer service will contact you to help you solve this issue.

José Encarnacao
gostei muito

Muito bom

our swimming pool

very good product
easy to install
to work from the start
quick delivery ...
to manage the lights of our swimming pool, it's perfect

SONOFF 4CHR3 & 4CHPROR3 4-gang Wi-Fi Smart Switch with RF Control