SONOFF Works With

leading smart home ecosystems seamlessly

Google Assistant

Amazon Alexa

Samsung SmartThings

Essential Features

Explore more features eWeLink APP gives to SONOFF devices

eWeLink Advanced Plan

Access advanced features on
your smart home devices.

Camera Plan

Unlock premium features to make
SONOFF cams even better.

eWeLink Energy Dashboard

An intuitive way to manage
electricity usage on APP

eWeLink Remote Control

A more reliable 100M local
longer-distance control solution

DIY Smart Switches

Central Control Panel

Smart Wall Switches

Smart Plugs

Gateway & Sensors

Security Cameras

Smart Lighting


DIY Smart Switches

Gateway & Sensors


SONOFF was founded out of a simple need: make your lives easier, smart and better.We have the ambition to design and create the most innovative smart products in a simple and affordable way including Wi-Fi DIY smart switches, Wi-Fi smart wall switches, Wi-Fi smart plugs, Wi-Fi smart lighting, and other accessories to give you a smart home.