SONOFF ZBBridge – Smart Zigbee Bridge


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【Zigbee and Wi-Fi Protocol Supporting】Zigbee’s sub-device itself is unable to communicate with WiFi devices, a ZBBridge is needed to enable Zigbee devices and WiFi devices to communicate and create smart scenes.
【Strong Connectivity, Limitless Possibility 】The Bridge supports adding Zigbee devices up to 32 that SONOFF has released, like S31 Lite Zigbee smart plug and ZBMINI-L DIY smart switch, making your home smarter.
Long-distance Signal Transmission】Worry-free that the Zigbee signal quality is affected by the wall. The communication distance between two adjacent devices is 80m. Add a plug-in sub-device on the Bridge and it can act as a router to extend Zigbee’s communication range.
Camera Binding】You can add a camera to the Bridge or the sub-device, then view what happened in your home via either of them.

Note: SONOFF Zigbee Bridge is discontinued, you can get SONOFF Zigbee Bridge Pro which supports adding up to 128 sub-devices with strong connectivity

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Make Zigbee and Wi-Fi Devices Interact

Whether Wi-Fi or Zigbee your devices support, now you can control them together on e-WeLink APP via the BridStrong Connectivity, Limitless Possibility

The Bridge supports to add Zigbee devices that SONOFF has released, like S40 Lite Zigbee smart plug and ZBMINI DIY smart switch, making your home smarter.Long-distance Signal Transmission

Worry-free that the Zigbee signal quality is affected by the wall.Add a plug-in sub-device on the bridge and it can act as a router to ensure communication between the Bridge and the battery-powered sub-device.Pairing Quicker, Waiting LessHands-free Control from Smart Assistants

Turn on/off Zigbee devices or ask for the temperature or humidity with your voice? Connect Alexa or Google Assistant to simplify your daily life.A "Removable" Control Helper

Pairs SONOFF SNZB-01 Wiress Switch and the Bridge, you can control the connected blinds via the switch in any corner of home.Deliver the Comfort of Home

Connect the Bridge with the SONOFF SNZB-02 Tem.&Hum. Sensor to detect the real-time temperature and humitity of your home, then you can turn on/ off theMovement Enables Your Light On

Works witch SONOFF SNZB-03 Motion Sensor to make your living -room light automatically turns on when you go into the living -room in the evening, no darkness before you.Your Action, Just Like A Switch Button

Wish the hallay light turns off when you close the door and leave home?SONOFF makes your idea into reality.Quick to Find the Targeted One in Groups

Wish the hallway light turns off when you close the door and leave home? SONOFF makes your idea into reality.Support Adding A Camera on Bridge or Sub-devices

You can add a camera to the Bridge or t he sub-devices, then view what happened in your home via either of them  

SONOFF ZBBridge Smart Zigbee Bridge Zigbee Smart Home Hub Zigbee 3.0 APP Wireless Remote Controller Smart Home Bridge Works With Alexa Google Assistant

SONOFF Zigbee Bridge is the heart of smart home that enables you to remotely manage a variety of Zigbee devices and sensors for monitoring and control purposes of home, and allows you to create smart scenes to make Wi-Fi and Zigbee smart devices communicate to access a smarter home and control them all using the eWeLink APP. ZB Bridge can connect up to 32 sub-devices, directly connect 32 end-devices or 32 routers, or end-devices and router total 32.  Supporting SONOFF ZBMINI-L Wi-Fi Smart Switch, S31 Lite zb smart plug, SONOFF Zigbee wireless switch and sensors like temperature and humidity sensor, motion sensor and wireless door/window sensor can be connected with the Bridge to give you the possibility to create various scene linkages. As for more supported devices, the Bridge also can work with one-gang smart switch, temperature and humidity sensor, motion, wireless door/window sensor and water sensor that are certified by Zigbee Alliance. One-tap pairing all sub-devices, faster than Wi-Fi pairing. It supports to add a camera on the Bridge or sub-devices, convenient to view your home on any one of them. Can also command Alexa or Google Assistant to voice control your home.



Additional information

Weight 45 g
Dimensions 62 × 62 × 23 mm

Product Type

Smart Zigbee-WiFi Bridge


5V 1A

Wireless Connections

IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHZ, Zigbee 3.0





Working Environment


Certified Compliance


Customer Reviews

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James in Texas
Not always there

My bridge keeps dropping offline.
I have to unplug it and let it reboot nearly daily.
My wi-fi system is an Asus mesh with 2.4 and 5g and i have bonded the bridge with the network.
The hub is less than a meter from the router, so distance is not the problem.
You may have better luck.

Euan Tennant
Slow to release firmware

It has been over one month since Sonoff committed to release new firmware to address several issues yet the firmware has not been released. If you are in search of dreadful support then I highly recommend this product.

Jo Dy
Mqtt/Zigbee bridge using Tasmota and HomeAssistant

For now ZBBridge is paired with a Sonoff SNZB Door sensor. I am using Tasmota firmware that allow MQTT communication to HomeAssistant.
The door sensor let me know if I forgot to close the garage door 🙂
I have few other Sonoff Basic with Tasmota and T°,H% and barometer on I2C bus.
I can measure temperature/humidty inside the "garage", switch on/off a small Heater in front of the dehumidifier.
Thank you for your great products, I am very happy with 🙂

Tutto ok

Prodotto arrivato nei tempi stabiliti tutto ok

Marco Rochat
Temp system

Easy to install, price reasonable.

You can't go wrong.

I have been using the Sonoff products for many years and have installed hundreds of their units. Their Zigbee products are great, easy to set up and are a breeze to integrate with Home Assistant. Over time they have proven to be reliable and value for money. Setting up the ZBBridge requires no skill and does exactly what the specifications state.

Works okay

This is my second. I bought and setup 4-5 of the wireless buttons. I set one up in my garage about 30-35 feet from my main bridge (which is 3 feet from my router). The Sonoff ZB Bridge could not maintain a valid signal to the wireless switch 30 feet. So I had to come back and buy another ZB Bridge and install it in the garge just to have the $8 switch work.

My 4th Gen Echos and Smartthings Wifi hubs support ZB, but not Sonoff ZB. hmmm

SONOFF ZBBridge - Smart Zigbee Bridge
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