SONOFF TH Elite Smart Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Switch


【20A Max & Dry Contact Output】 Support to connect 20A Max high load, dry contact output.
LCD Screen】Real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity data, the screen refreshed every 5S.
【6-Month Temp & Humi Historical Data by Hours】 Support to review the temp & hum history data by hour, day and month. Past 6-month history data can be exported in .xlsx format and accurate to hour.
【Local Automatic Control】Support LAN control, automatic control is more reliable. You can set 8 automatic control programs for you to save electricity bills and create comfortable surroundings.
【Voice Control and Query】Work with Alexa, Google Assistant, you can query temperature and humidity values by your voice.

Note 1: THS01 and DS18B20 (RJ11) are the sensors of RJ11 jack, just plug into TH Elite to use.  MS01 comes with a free RJ11 adapter to fit for TH Elite.
Note 2: The RL560 is the new sensor extension cable of RJ11, it can connect the SONOFF temperature and humidity sensors to extend your device’s distance.  DS18B20, THS01 can be extended to 60M, and MS01 soil moisture sensor can be extended to 10M.
Note 3: If you already have the 2.5mm Audio jack sensor (Si7021/AM2301/DS18B20) and want to use it with the new TH Elite, you can click to buy the RJ11 adapter.

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SONOFF TH Elite is a Smart Temperature and Humidity monitoring switch based on ESP32. With an LCD screen, TH Elite keeps monitoring the temperature and humidity in real-time, once they reach your preset threshold or the device's on/off state changes, you will receive the push notification on the phone. Support to connect 20A Max high load equipment like electric floor heating. You can replace your dry contact outputted traditional thermostat with TH Elite, to control the combi boiler or any other systems controlled by the ordinary switch. TH Elite support to review 6-Month Temp & Humi historical data accurate to the hour. In the smart scene, temperature, humidity, on, off support setting as the trigger, on, off, invert as execute actions. Support adding SONOFF devices to Home Assistant for control and automation through eWeLink add-on. TH Elite turns your traditional thermostat into smart, automates your irrigation system, and gives you an easy way to monitor the temperature and humidity.

SONOFF TH Elite supports three kinds of temperature monitor and humidity monitor sensors—THS01 Temp & Humi Sensor, DS18B20 waterproof Temp sensor, and MS01 Soil Moisture Sensor. The sensor connector is upgraded to RJ11, supporting hot-plugging making the connection more stable and reliable.

The RL560 sensor extension cable can connect the SONOFF temperature and humidity sensors to extend your device's distance. THS01, DS18B20 can be extended to 60M, and MS01 Soil Moisture Sensor can be extended to 10M.

THS01 Sensor

  • Sensor Type: Temperature & Humidity sensor
  • Connector type: RJ11 4P4C
  • Temperature Measuring Range: –40℃~+85°C
  • Humidity Measuring Range: 0~100%RH
  • Cable Length: 50cm

DS18B20 Sensor

  • Sensor Type: Waterproof temperature sensor
  • Connector type: RJ11 4P4C
  • WorkigTemperature: -55℃~+125℃
  • Length: 50cm

MS01 Sensor

  • Sensor Type: Soil Moisture Sensor
  • Humidity Measuring Range: 0~100%RH
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0℃~60°C
  • Cable Length: 50cm

RL560 Sensor Extension Cable

  • Conductor resistance: max.10Ω
  • Insulation resistance: min.5MΩ
  • Length: 5m cable length & Max. 60m extendable length.


Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
TH Elite

16A, 20A



THR316D Input/Output

100-240V~ 50/60Hz 16A Max

THR320D Input/Output

100-240V~50/60Hz 20A Max




IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz

Dry contact

5-30V, 1A Max

TH Elite Working Humidity


TH Elite Working Temperature

-10°C~40°C (14℉~104℉)

Supported Sensor

THS01, DS18B20, MS01

THS01 Working Temp


THS01 Humi Measuring Range


DS18B20 WorkigTemp


MS01 Humi Measuring Range


MS01 Operating Temp Range


RL560 Conductor Resistance


RL560 Insulation Resistance




Security Mode


Works with

Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant

Casing material


Product Size




Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Jeff Allen
Not very compatible

I bought this because I wanted the TH10 and I wanted to use it with, in local mode (my application should NOT connect to the cloud). Because the TH10 is no longer available, I had to buy this model, and it did not work out of the box. With a lot of debugging and code changes, it sort of works. The only answer I got from tech support (it was from JL) was "UIID 181 protocol document is not in the recent update plan, but if more users are used, we will also raise the priority."

If you need to use this in non-cloud mode, I recommend you wait until the developer docs at actually explain how to do so.

David Habbick
Great idea badly executed.

This product seemed to be exactly what I needed but the refresh rate is AWFUL. It updates every HOUR. For a battery device this makes sense, but for a powered device it is a STUPID DESIGN. I am also not convinced of the accuracy. The history is either daily or monthly, so if you want to compare two or three days, you have no chance, this is another dumb idea to not include weekly history chart. If anyone has found a product that does what this does but better, let me know so I can upgrade.

antonio visone
It can be improved a lot!

A) I give three stars because every two days or so it loses the wifi connection and I am forced to turn it off and on again in order to review the wifi.
B) by turning it off it loses all temperature and humidity recordings.
C) it only records one temperature and humidity value once an hour

It can be improved a lot!

We have already reported the issue to our technical department. And we sent you an email with the solutions; please check your email and see if it helps. For the offline problems, we need a video to check the wifi indicator when it is offline, please send us the video to our email.

Mikael Hammarbäck
Great product, but could have improvements

This is a great product that I would give five star if:
- It had backlight for the display. Hard to read out without great light in the room.
- It had protection for the cables. Hard to install it open safely on a wall for example. Wish the lid would cover more and also give some pull protection for the cables on the insulation.

I like that there is now a log for the temp and humidity.

Robert B.
Great improvements. Needs a little more.

This product is great. I used a TH and a PWR to control a two speed pool pump. Now I can get the pool temp through my Alexa.

The wire connectors cover is a pain to open. That should be redesigned. I trimmed off the bottom two tabs to make it a little easier.

Also, for some reason neither of this two devices can be added to widgets in the app even though the previous models can be. Wish that can be corrected.

Lacking in features & readings confusing.

Out the box some of the graphs were missing & after one hour, very broken up, yet the logs/history was all correct. On the history i couldn't find out if the reading where average over 1 hour or a high or low on the hour. The display needs a back light "Maybe a short press of the on/off button. The Si7021 temp/humi sensor needs to be mounted vertically as both my 2 sensors read 10 deg F higher when testing on my work bench & laying horizontally.
Got lots more potential.
Needs backlight
Needs a temp log every time there is a change of 1 deg This would be better if user could set the amount of change. & not every hour.
Needs earth terminal.
These units need to be enclosed as the live terminals are still accessible.

For the problem, we already forwarded it to our technical department. And we sent an email to you about the solutions, please check your email and test whether it would help or not. Please don't worry, we will try our best to help you solve the problem.

Etienne Stieger
Excellent Product - some suggestions for further improvement.

This product has some long-awaited improvements over previous version. The increased power handling and LCD interface, plus the new connector, is a fantastic upgrade.

I would however suggest that all single-device switches with a high poer handling capability, also be equipped with a power measurement capability such as the POW switches. This is because customers can benefit from being able to individually measure power consumption of devices that can draw large amount of power.

gray bale
Excellent Product, getting better every time

These actually paired to router within 3 minutes. All 4 I bought worked first time.

Fast shipping.

Great that you have 24hr data on screen.

Fantastic improved in using RJ11 connectors for sensors.

1 - No earthing terminal
2 - No humidity contact
3 - Cable cover already damaged trying to get them off.
4 - LED's not bright enough to see (power, pairing).

Varouzan Torossian
Good product but

The product is nice but if it has some more it will be excellent a) calibration of the sensor from the app(if existing I didn’t find it ). b) back light c) an optional box that can include cables to installation for example in a room .I am sure that you improve this product as you do always

José María Gallardo
A step forward

Basically it works fine. The new graphic interfaces in App it’s an good advance. The new case and item to fix to a DIN it’s really better than before. And dry contact and display do it much more usable I misa a display backlight.

SONOFF TH Elite Smart Temperature and Humidity Monitoring Switch
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