SONOFF T4EU1C – 1 Gang EU Wi-Fi Smart Single Wire Wall Switch


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【No Neutral Wire Required】Single live wire smart switch, no need to confirm the wiring of your home switch or rewiring, just to directly access the original wiring.
【Touch Panel】Tempered glass panel, anti-scratch, and anti-fingerprint. Sensitive touch sensing, easy to clean.
【LED backlight】Weak LED backlight, easy to locate but hard to disturb.
【Fully Functional】It has all the most basic functions, like remote APP control, LAN control, timing schedule, smart scenes, share control, etc.
【Voice Control】Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, SmartThings, and Alice. Just speak out your command, the smart switch can turn on//off lights as you say.

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Single Live Wire Design, Easy to Install

No need to rewire, directly replace your old wall switchYour Home Lights Before Your Arrival

No dark house awaits your run, only a warm one comforts your tired dayAppear at Home While You're Away

Time schedule keeps your home safety. Set a time to run on the living room when you're not home, making your home appear occupiedWorks With Alexa/Google Home...

Compatible with Alexa and Google Home to realize hands-free voice control, release your handsSmart Scene for Smart House

Under this mode, more SONOFF devices can be triggered on or off via a tap on eWeLink AppDevices Work Normally under the Abnormal Wi-Fi Network

LAN control still allows you to control devices when the network is not availableDevice Sharing Made Control Easier

Share the device you controlled to your family and they can also manage it in a quick waySync Status in Real Time

Show the device on your phone, convenient for you to always know whether it is on or offAdd an Old Phone as A Camera

Connect with your old phone to make it serve as a camera, to monitor your home

SONOFF T4EU1C Wifi Wall Touch Switch 1 Gang EU No Neutral Wire Required Switches Smart Single Wire Wall Switch Works With Alexa

SONOFF T4EU1C is a 1 gang single live wire EU Wi-Fi smart wall touch switch that doesn’t require a neutral wire, being installed easily without rewiring your existing wire. It is compatible with tungsten, LED and CFL lamps. The unique toughened glass panel is heavily-duty enough so that it still keeps a new and clean outlook after being used frequently for a long time.

The LED backlight comes with a weak brightness based on the previous versions, which you will not be disturbed but quickly locate the switch at night. Designed with touch buttons which are tested repeatedly to ensure a superior sensitivity and make the switch always respond to your every touch quickly. App remote control support to manage home appliances to turn on or off at random where you are, making a lighted home ready to welcome to you when you come back home at dusk. The kitchen light is still on after a meal but you are immersed into the movies and don’t want to leave the sofa, simple to talk to the connected Alexa and Google Home, it will turn off the light instantly once listen to your commend.

Timing schedule is an absolutely decent choice at the moment you need to turn on devices in advance, or just forget turning off. Set a scene for your devices in your home, and tap the on/off icon once on the scene mode to turn on or off single devices or all devices of the entire home, no need to operate over and over again on APP. Plus, share the device with your family to grant the control ability to them directly, simplifying the pairing and adding steps. LAN control allows you to control connected devices even though there is no internet in your home. Struggle to recall whether you turn off light when on the go, just find the answer on sync status, on or off, know instantly.
NOTE:The package contains anti-ficker module:avoid LED lamp flashing, pay attention to installation instructions.


User Manual

Additional information

Weight 183 g
Dimensions 102 × 102 × 46 mm

Product Type

1 Gang EU Wi-Fi Smart Single Wire Wall Switch

Wall Switch Standard

EU Version

Wall Switch Gang


Max. input

AC 180-240V 50Hz 2A

Max. output

AC 180-240V 50Hz 2A


IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz


ABS V0+tempered glass panel


86mm x 86mm x 35mm


LED lamp:100W, Incandescent lamp:300W

Operating systems

(Android4.1 & iOS9.0) or higher

Certified Compliance


Works With

, , ,

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Hein van Wijk
very nice switch

the switch works as promis and the installation was simple as wel as activating this device.

SONOFF T4EU1C - 1 Gang EU Wi-Fi Smart Single Wire Wall Switch


Saif Al Qamzi
Very Useful device.

I was always looking for an auto switch to turn on & off the light without reaching it, and finally, my dream came true when I received (SONOFF T4EU1C). Also, it was very easy to install without paying the extra cost to an electrician. So now I have a smart switch at a very cheap cost. What a deal.

Tanja Plisnić

Great, easy to install. Only very slow touch

Mihai Mesaros

Everything good except for the touch, not so responsive

Прикольный выключатель.

Выключатель легко устанавливается и так же легко настраивается, отлично работает с Алисой. Верхний светодиод очень яркий, по этому при установке закрыл его кусочком изоленты. Сама кнопка тоже светится, но не так ярко

Pascal Delord
very good

very good product, works perfectly and easy to start

Doesnt work

I was in contact with support with 30+ emails. It seems to have to install it you have to install the anti flicker module behind the switch between light and switch. In Germany and probably worldwide this doesnt work. Maybe misundesrtanding. Module is maybe wrongly manufactured or support didnt know what to suggest anymore. I cant send it back in Germany because support time was provided in more than 14+ days (8 days for initial support e-mail). So no 'Widerruf" possible. Bought 2 switches. 70 Euros lost. Thanks a ton!

Sorry for the inconvenience, our customer service will contact you to help you solve this issue.

Elegant and Functional

Excellent. It works with a single thread, non-neutral input/output and apart resistance between output and neutral to ensure the minimum current that makes it work. So I 've replaced a normal switch with no need to pass any more cables. Design as above. Highly recommended.

SONOFF T4EU1C - 1 Gang EU Wi-Fi Smart Single Wire Wall Switch
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