SONOFF SwitchMan R5 Scene Controller


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【Scene Control】All SONOFF devices can be controlled by setting the smart scenes when the internet connection is available.
【”eWeLink-Remote” Control】Control the device which has the eWeLink-Remote gateway feature even offline, 90M remote control without Network.
【Multi Trigger Ways】Trigger the smart scene by clicking, double click, or long-press. Up to 18 trigger actions to set different scenes.
【Two-way or Multi-way Control】Simple way to achieve two-way or multi-way control by eWeLink-Remote with M5 smart wall switch.
【Free-wiring Stick-on】Pasted with 3M adhesive or easily use by Magnetic attraction.

Note : SONOFF M5 smart switch and S40/S40 LITE smart plug are “eWeLink-Remote gateway, which can be used with R5 remote controller to realize two-way or multi-ways control without wiring even M5/MINIR4/B02-BL/B05-BL/S40/S40 LITE is offline.
*Learn more about eWeLink Remote Control.

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When you have too many smart devices, and they are distributed in different rooms but don't want to control them through your phone? You need an R5 scene remote controller at this time, R5 can be added to the eWeLink-Remote gateway to control all devices in the eWeLink APP using three trigger ways in the scene.

SONOFF R5 is the module that can transmit the “eWeLink-Remote” signal, we also named it “eWeLink-Remote sub-devices”. R5 scene remote controller can be added to the smart devices featuring the "eWeLink-Remote" gateway, like M5 smart wall switch, MNINIR4 smart switch and B05-BL smart LED bulb , can not only control all products with eWeLink-Remote gateway when there is no network connection locally but also controls any other SONOFF smart device in the smart scene when there is a network connection. It is "eWeLink-Remote" Control, click to learn more.

Use R5 with SONOFF M5 Switchman Smart Wall Switch, the same light can be controlled on both sides of the room even when M5 is offline. Never worry and spend time on two-way or multi-way control wiring. You can stick R5 on the wall as a switch, or take it off as a remote controller. One eWeLink-Remote gateway can add up to 8 R5 scene remote controllers!

Package includes :
1 * R5 Scene Controller
1 * User Manual
1 * Button stickers
2 * Screw


User Manual

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A


Power supply

3V button cellx2

Battery model



Dim Gray

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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Mario Bianchi
Great product from ITEAD allows to trigger up to 18 Scenes

Very pleased with the scene switch being able to connect to a Dual R3 as an ewelink remote client is very useful for retorfitting regular blinds to motoried blinds, avoiding to use wiring for the manual control.

Daniel Rossi
Great product

Easy to install, easy to ise

Veli-Johan Veromann
Versatile, Functional, No-fuss installation

Put it next to your NSPanel or Switchman M5 switches with the attached sticker and it looks exactly the same, can't tell that one is screwed inside a wall and the other just a thin remote. 6 buttons with press, double- and triple click + presshold actions give way too many possibilities to reasonably remember. Luckily they provide a sticker sheet that helps remember what button did what.

Integrates easily with Home-Assistant and is very responsive, I have set up 1 row as Android TV volume level, and it works without noticeable delay.

The white version was well worth the wait, wish they had released it sooner.

Michael R
One of the cooler sonoff devices

This thing is pretty awesome. One of the cooler devices for the sonoff ecosystem. You can assign up to 3 different scenes per each button. One click. Hold click. Double click. Requires a device that works with ewelink remote devices......once its configured u can assign it to any device regardless of where it is

Descarregando a bateria em menos de 7 dias

Comprei o produto, instalei e até aí tudo bem. Só que em menos 7 dias as baterias descarregaram, comprei novas achando que as que vieram no R5 já estavam fracas, só que as novas também descarregaram em menos de 7 dias.

Erik Spangler
Expected better quality

The idea for the product is great but the plastic looks and feels cheap and the click sound is bad. After pressing the button it stays on its place instead going back to the middle. The magnets of the holder are too weak. I really expected more quality after the other good products i had

Paulo C.
6-in-1 Controller

Like all Sonof products, this switch is very practical, you can assign the control of 6 devices of your eWelink ecosystem and assign 3 functionalities for each button, that is.
Convenient by putting it in a strategic place to have it within reach if you don't want to yell at Alexa to turn on or off a device. Highly recommended.

Saif Al Qamzi
Useful Light Switch

it's easy and fast to connect and saved me time and money.

Pasquale Lombardi

Articolo arrivato in tempo breve,venditore serio ed affidabile .

Reviewer avatar
Satyajit Mishra
R5 is a Scene Controller, Done Right

The R5 is a great companion for M5 as well as any other "eWeLink-Remote sub-devices" supported devices. Opening the back side provides access to the batteries (Yes, the batteries were included) & it was a bit tricky for as I have large fingers & I lack finess, but other than that the R5 was great. The buttons' tactile feedback matches the M5s'. There are total 6 buttons on the R5 & each button can be clicked, double-clicked or long-pressed. The pairing process was smooth & extremely fast. There was a paper tab that you need to pull out before using the R5. To pair this, you need to go into any already paired Sonoff device that supports "eWeLink-Remote sub-devices". For me it was my M5. Inside that you need click on the 'Plus' icon on the top right & then you need to press any one of the buttons on your R5 within 10 seconds (A Round Timer will start). After that you need to name this. And the pairing process has been completed. Now you can see your newely added M5 on your dashboard. You can press the buttons to see if they are being registered within the app. When wew push any of the buttons it shows a red light as the indicator.

1. The device to which your R5 is paired to, does not need to be Powered-On for your R5's Scenes to work, but the device in your Scene that you want to control also must be an "eWeLink-Remote sub-devices" supported device in this case.
2. R5 can control other "eWeLink-Remote sub-devices" supported devices through Scenes even when the device to which your R5 is paired to is Powered-Off & there is no Internet Connection.

1. If you were to delete your R5 for any reason, all the Scenes that you have created using this device as 'IF' triggers also gets deleted.
2. If the device to which your R5 is paired is Powered-Off, then your R5 triggered Scenes which are created to control non-"eWeLink-Remote sub-devices" will not work.
3. R5 can't control non-"eWeLink-Remote sub-devices" which do support LAN (without Internet) from a Scene if there is no Internet connection.
4. If you are already inside the your R5 in the dashboard, then it doesn't show any button press being registered (although your scene will work accordingly); it updates everytime you enter or exit your R5 in the dashboard. Also you can view live updates if you are in your dashboard.
5. If you remove the device (Delete it from your eWeLink Account) to which your R5 was paired to, then your R5 is also removed along with its scenes. Even if you re-pair your "eWeLink-Remote sub-devices" supported device to your eWeLink Account, your R5 will not be added automatically. You neeed to pair your R5 again.

P.S. The Channel Naming of the R5 is weird; the Bottom Left to Right Buttons are named Channel 1, 2 & 3. But the Top Right to Left Buttons are named Channel 4, 5 & 6. For me this felt weird.
Also currently, the R5 is not getting discovered in Home Assistant; so using it outside Sonoff's ecosystem is not possible.
If you try to pair an already paired R5, it will remove itself from the previous paired devices; basically it re-pairs itself to the new device.

Although though I pointed out more cons than pros, I absolutely love the R5. It serves my purpose well & it looks nice along side my M5s. YouTube video placeholder
SONOFF SwitchMan R5 Scene Controller